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  1. Hello, I don't know where to begin My parents are very bad to me. They make me lie. I love the scholars. However my parents insult the scholars and call them horrible things, when I mean horrible I mean to the extent of calling their wives the b word. I don't know what to do. My parent has called me horrible things which have degraded me and made me feel worthless. My parent has done actions to me that have degraded me such as spitting on me when I was a young child. I wish I could have lived the life of some of you who have good Muslim parents. You guys are very lucky. You guys are really really lucky. I wish so much that I could've lived the life of you guys. Since a young age I have seen my parents lie daily. I have seen them get into many fights. I have seen my parents gaining money from haram means and I have consumed that money when I was a young child. They purchased haram food and my parent drank haram beverages. My parent made me hold a cup for him so he could pour liquor in it. They would listen to haram music and watch haram things. You guys are very loved by you parents. I feel like I'm worthless, I just want to hide in a corner. My parent have also did things that are very in humane like pouring drinks on me. I have been hit in front of my grandparents when I was younger. The thing that aches me a lot is when my parent makes me fill an application with false information so we can gain money for things like rent. If I don't do it my parent calls me very bad words. Sometimes I lie in order to prevent filling the application, such as saying things like it's giving me an error. Sometimes I have to fill them and now when I get older I will have to pay the organization which I stole from by lying. My parent called me very bad words in the house of some of my family members. This has degraded me a lot. Some other things have been done to me that I don't want to mention. I want to leave my house but I'm young and I don't have money. I also have younger sibling. If I leave my sibling wont have any good influence, and what if my sibling god forbid follows my parents bad way. I have sinned so so so so so much. I have picked my acne sometimes due to stress. My face has scars. I don't have any Shia friends where I live. Please don't report this comment to anyone like the police. I don't have any thoughts like hurting myself. Thank god I have all necessities such as a bedroom, water, food, clothing, healthcare , etc. however my mental state is terrible I suffer so much. I have so so so so so so so so so much waswas. I wish someone would be my friend and hug me. Inshallah you guys will all continue to live great lives. Please please make duas for me. If you know a very pious person like a scholar please ask him to make dua for me. My name is Hassan. You guys have great lives Alhamdulillah but I really don't. Can someone please help me and be my friend. Sorry if I wasted you time. I hope you guys are successful. Can someone also tell me what it feels like to have good Muslim parents? For example mothers who wear hijab and parents who pray. I just want to know how it's feels to have good Muslims parents even if I don't physically experience it. My parents barely taught me Islamic things. I don't recall my parents even teaching simple things like wudu and namaz. I don't recall doing one prayer with my parents. Now I have qadha namaz's and fasts to do. Please help me out
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