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  1. Salam, This question is going to be confusing. I have been told about what has been going on among young muslims in universities/colleges and was wondering if this is even valid. A young Shia man and woman do mutah marriage to get to know one another in a halal way (which I think is unnecessary). However, because they are trying to find their potential spouses, they want to be able to still get to know other people. So they make this a condition in the mutah. The condition is that the wife allows the husband to get to know other people and vice versa. It’s like an open marriage. I’m pretty sure in my right mind that this condition is pointless, and doesn’t make talking to other people any more halal or haram than it is without the mutah. However, does anyone know if this is valid and even counts? Please advise.
  2. Salam, Just wondering if according to Shia scholars, the way of performing salah by sunni muslims is acceptable in the eyes of God or not. Does the prayer count and is it valid? I know there are different things in contrast to the way that sunni's pray that deem the salah invalid according to some scholars but would anyone be able to break this down for me? I know this is a very vague question, but I would really appreciate as much information as possible about if performing Salah the sunni way it is valid or not. Thank you
  3. I am a 25 year old woman who is a divorcee. I have been looking for a future partner and began speaking to a good man who is Shia. We both live in different cities, I live in Canada and he lives in the US. Many of my friends have gotten married to people in the US and I have seen it workout great for them. We have been speaking for 4 months now and we are very compatible. I come from a Sunni family and I myself have become Shia because I did a lot of research and wanted to this for myself. Regardless of whether I marry this man or not, I have become Shia for myself. He is also 25 years old. His parents do not want us to get married because I am a divorcee, and because he is still young and my family does not come from the same socio-economical background as his. He comes from a family of doctors and he is becoming a doctor as well. His parents also don't like that my family is Sunni. Me and the him have spoken about everything, including our values and how we choose to raise our children. As well as finances and what type of life we would want to live. Everything matches up for us including our personalities, but his parents don't want us to get married. I could not find anything online, but I just want to know if in Shiism there is a specific guide to choosing a spouse? I watched Sayed Mostafa Qaswini's videos on marriage but none of it made me feel like we should not get married. My family is very supportive and are very open minded. They do not mind if he is Shia or if i am Shia or if my future children are Shia. Are his parents right in refusing to allow us to get married? I hope someone can help me out with this. Thank you.
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