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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://en.wikishia.net/view/Ninth_of_Rabi'_I This is all changed most scholars say we can't do this publicly but people still record and upload in Iran YT
  2. https://www.al-islam.org/ask/what-is-eid-al-zahra-as-about-and-is-it-permissible-to-celebrate-it/sayyed-mohammad-al-musawi
  3. Brother can you show evil he curses because I remember when I watch him someone said do you hate iran he replied how can I hate a shia country. The most religious and righteous ans also said he wants to live in Qom. I just gave example of Abu lulu but I can give you another example sistani RA he was explaining what's eid el Zahra and somewhere he said imam zayd was mourning for 80 days than he smiled when al muhktar took revenge for fatima al zahra SA http://www.duas.org/eidzehra.htm But it's all you If you have been in kashan you will know, if you listen to ziyrat Al Ashura you will know. I asked for a question was wonder because I see shias named khalid, Walid, Saddam they all have bad history. On eid I don't recommend you go to husyania you might get hurt from the nashed.
  4. I can list of hips of scholars who say his a great person also RA
  5. What's wrong saying RA? So many people say it. So you don't celebrate eid al Zahra? Abu lulu done us a great favour
  6. Learn from hurr AlTamimi ibn Yazid LA Hurr RA went for the truth instead following his dad LA to kill imam hussain AS
  7. Can someone name their child after Abu Talib AS and Abu Lulu RA?
  8. If you follow imam khamenei and imam sistani, eid is on Tuesday [for people living in Australia]
  9. Also on instagram imam khamenei said moon not sighted https://www.instagram.com/p/CdBlFiFoHR_/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=408863354396429&id=100058183025520&sfnsn=mo I think imam khamenei eid is on Tuesday
  11. Yes that's what I thought too, reasons for most sunni don't enter because of this hadith and other hadiths. Abdullah ibn Abu Mulaika reported: Aisha returned one day from the graveyard. I said: Oh mother of believers, from where have you returned? She said: from the grave of my brother Abdur Rahman ibn Abu Bakr. I said: Did not the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) prohibit you from visiting graves?. She said: yes, he prohibited us at first and then he commanded us to visit them (Sunan Al-Kubra Al-Bayhiqi 6659 - Grade sunni sahih (sunni authentic) Al-Albani).
  12. True one good example other sects, women aren't allowed to visit graves
  13. Latmiya isn't just for imam hussain for example this month ramadan there was lots of latmiya on imam ali AS. So my view not scholars view, I think it's permissible its not like music, Muslims on ramadan they still listen to music.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they existed before because what would prophet adam eat if he was over 30 meters tall, you think he eat 1 lamb than his full?
  15. Islam prevented humans of eating or drinking or using every thing that is harmful for health and the more harmful the prevention of its cause would be more serious until it reached the level of prohibition. Imam Khomeini (may Allah’s mercy be sent on him) said:" Eating what is harmful for man is forbidden."[1] It is clear that the criterion for being forbidden, is to be harmful, whether by eating or other ways, there is not difference. Cigarettes are one of those things that’s use is harmful for man’s health, but is this damage so much that using it would be forbidden or not? It depends on people and different conditions. Ayatollah Kamene’i answered a question about this and said: “The rule with various levels of harms that followed by using tobacco, are different. And in general, if the using of tobacco was that much which caused a remarkable harm for the body it isn't allowed. And if person knows that by starting smoking it will reach that level, isn't allowed.”[2] [1] Tawdih al-Masa’il (?), ruling 2630 [2] Ibid, ruling 1407 All smoking causes harm before they said cigarettes doesn't harm, now everyone knows it harms samething with vapes.
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