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  1. Every year I go iran, I live australia to feed family. I'll soon retire live iran for my whole life. I'm not permanent living in Australia which is a sin if you don't.
  2. Idk what happened to this world people complaining about one person how they died which there isnt clear evidence also comparing scholars cursing them when no one talks about Pakistan shias getting attacked left right every day. No one talks about Morocco shias etc also no one talking about these women protesting iran going naked. Youse aren't here for islam yous here to follow your dreams, but not thinking the after life. These people are the same people who also cursed the martyreds which none of us have the right to do that, none of us done jihad or joined military. These are supportes of shah, enemy of waliyat Al fiqh they call iran government kufr. No one talking about how American soldier killed iraqi women yesterday.
  3. If sistani was a supreme leader you probably wouldn't follow him because he follows the haq. When imam mahdi comes out, him don't force the women with hijab
  4. You and Shah supporters, you have no respect for Sistani for comparing waliyat Al Fiqh Ayatollahs, they all same, do you compare 1 imam and other imam. Killing punishing what ever don't forget what imam mahdi will do, it will be a better place everyone will be wearing hijab 100% correct, he will bring back all shria laws, which some sharia laws no practiced today but he will bring back all the sharia laws, Torah laws etc. In your view it will be stricter, in my view and followers of the marja will be normal not strict. You choose follow shah and Western life or follow 1400 years of prophet time, basically do you want to waste your life for hell?
  5. Salam, there is hips of hadiths contradictions, this why shia we never say we have sahih books because it's written by non infallible. There is hips of contradictions I can list that hadith is wrong or they tryna insult prophet family for example in bukhari says that prophet Muhammad said follow quran and Ahlulbayt and you will never get lost, in some translations instead of Ahlulbayt, says sunnah. Secondly like insulting prophet saying he married Aisha age of 6. There's too much. Bukhari never narrated from his teacher Imam zayn Abdeen and Imam Hadi both were alive at his time.
  6. But imam Ali is a shaheed which means his in heaven next to Allah.
  7. Imam Ali AS never named his kids after the Caliphates the names were common. Imam Ali AS never gave his daughter to umar. We pray direction to Kabba. We believe Imam Ali AS is the successor of Prophet Muhammad SAW because there's evidence from bukhari that prophet Muhammad said Ali Mawla second I have left you 2 things the Quran & Ahlulbayt. I can list more if I wanted.
  8. Salam https://www.instagram.com/tv/CdtT1JmD2ej/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= does anyone know khamenei and sistani view on this. For example saying ya ALI directly to imam ALI instead asking for permission from Allah. In this video is amnar correct according to khamenei?
  9. https://en.wikishia.net/view/Ninth_of_Rabi'_I This is all changed most scholars say we can't do this publicly but people still record and upload in Iran YT
  10. https://www.al-islam.org/ask/what-is-eid-al-zahra-as-about-and-is-it-permissible-to-celebrate-it/sayyed-mohammad-al-musawi
  11. Brother can you show evil he curses because I remember when I watch him someone said do you hate iran he replied how can I hate a shia country. The most religious and righteous ans also said he wants to live in Qom. I just gave example of Abu lulu but I can give you another example sistani RA he was explaining what's eid el Zahra and somewhere he said imam zayd was mourning for 80 days than he smiled when al muhktar took revenge for fatima al zahra SA http://www.duas.org/eidzehra.htm But it's all you If you have been in kashan you will know, if you listen to ziyrat Al Ashura you will know. I asked for a question was wonder because I see shias named khalid, Walid, Saddam they all have bad history. On eid I don't recommend you go to husyania you might get hurt from the nashed.
  12. I can list of hips of scholars who say his a great person also RA
  13. What's wrong saying RA? So many people say it. So you don't celebrate eid al Zahra? Abu lulu done us a great favour
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