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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Let's say for "variety" or "spicing up their life". Not out of necessity, but out of lustful desire.
  2. As the title says, is it possible for something halal to hurt me spiritually? I ask this in the vein of aestheticism, doing away with desires, being minimalistic in your desires and what you own. Could having something that you're allowed to have distract you from spirituality, even though you're allowed to have in the Shariah? For example, let's say you have a wife you love and enjoy. She's your favorite human being in the whole world, and she loves and supports you, and you love and support her. Though you take up another wife, and this wife although beautiful, does not surpass the beauty, personality and love as his primary wife. There's no woman in the world that could match her, in both your love to her, and her qualities. But despite being halal, this second wife distracts the man away from the one she loves the most. This then separates him from the one he loved the most, but at the same time, not be close to the second wife, as he loves his primary first wife more. He did something that was halal, though, it ended up hurting him. Would you say his desire for a second wife was made out of greed and lust? For he had everything he needed in his first wife, and took a second wife for variety and only for the purpose of variety and being with someone different. In the end, because of his actions, he even felt separated from Allah, along with his wife who was a treasure to him, and he lost two bountiful treasures for taking up a second wife. Though he did something that was entirely halal, though this had consequences, a spiritual consequence from being separated from Allah for his actions, and a material consequence for losing with most beloved wife, being left with the second wife he does not love as much. But if this action was permissible under the Shariah, how could a halal action have terrible spiritual and material consequences? To note, I am not implying that I'm trying to say that polygamy is bad, this was simply an example. But the question I'm essentially asking, is something that's halal and permitted to do means that it won't have spiritual and material consequences? Even if the way a person does it everything in a halal way? In the example I set, was the husband being greedy and lustful? Did he do something bad? Both to his wife and to Allah, did he also actually damage his spirituality in doing something halal? Would you say what this man did was a product of his ego? That he was doing something spiritually bad, despite being halal? That he succumbed to lust and greed by taking up a second wife, despite it being halal? Do you think this man was not a man of asceticism despite doing that? That he was not moderate, despite this being halal? Do you think that taking up a second wife in this example could have been spiritually bad, despite being halal? Note: The example I used is a hypothetical situation and has no bearing on my real life situation.
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