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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, thank you! I live in Perth, Western Australia I don’t really care if the community recognises my marriage and I can do my legal (like under my country’s laws) later, the most important thing to me right now is it is recognised by Allah subhana wa’tala. Now I have turned back to Islam I feel horrible guilt everyday knowing I am doing wrong. We are actually engaged and we were planning our legal marriage but had to keep putting it off due to Covid, I have my wedding dress in my closet I was going to wear it (it’s modest oddly enough even though when I picked it I don’t think I was thinking about that!) and I just want to wear that and put hijab on and do our Islamic marriage in our home with my two boys there watching. I didn’t know if that was an option though. But from what the replies are saying it sounds like it is which I’m grateful for. For our legal marriage now due to our financial situation we were just going to go to the courthouse and we wouldn’t be able to have our children there and I felt really sad about that because I want them to see us get married and set an example for them so I feel like I can do this and set the most important example - getting married Islamically to adhere to and obey what Allah subhana wa’tala has taught us to do. thank you again!!!
  2. Assalamu alaikum, I am a Shia revert, I have been Shia for years but a while back I lost my way and I met my now partner and we have a son together and also my older son sees him as his father. He was not Muslim at all but since I have started to find my way back to Allah subhana wa’tala, alhamdulillah, my partner has learnt a lot about Islam and I explained that I have to find my way back to the right path and unfortunately I will have to choose my faith over my relationship. After he learned some more about Islam he said he wanted to revert, like I had done, and I’m really happy and excited about this. He has reverted now and I know we have to get married - in an Islamic way - because I do not want to live in this disobedience of Allah subhana wa’tala and I want to show my two children how to be good Muslims. Sorry for the background information! I’ll get on to my actual question now: we live in a city that has no Shia mosques. I’m not joking. There’s like only a couple of mosques here and I’ve actually never been them because I was anxious, the Muslim community here is small and not many reverts and I have been looked down upon by the Muslim community here and really not accepted even when I was practicing and doing my best. We need to get married, I would like a permanent marriage because we were going to get married legally anyway before, we are already engaged in a western sense, but I don’t really care about that so much at the moment. But without a mosque to go to and without a sheikh, can we even get married?! Permanently and validly? I looked on Sistani’s website and I was confused. I was in a mutah marriage before with a man who really did introduce me properly to Islam, this was a long time ago now, and now I don’t even know if that was valid - we didn’t have witnesses. But I was told then that for mutah we didn’t need them. But for permanent marriage it’s my understanding we do? Do they need to be Muslim? My family is not Muslim. Do we need a religious leader like a sheikh to make a permanent marriage valid or not & to do the contracts…? I feel silly asking these things like I feel I should know it but anyway. I’m hoping someone can help me out. What does a couple do if there is no mosque or sheikh…? Like I said there’s a couple of mosques but they are not Shia. Can a permanent marriage & ceremony be done without this? And like I asked also for witnesses, can they be non-Muslim because my family is not Muslim and neither is my partner’s family. Thank you for reading and I hope I don’t sound really dumb and I hope I can get some clarity and we will be able to get married inshallah!
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