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  1. Again lol. If I cannot find support here then I will leave. You can remove all the videos you want.
  2. It's ok brother. You do not have to waste your time trying to help me. If you don't think I'm genuine then its ok.
  3. This video is just the tip of some points that make me consider leaving. I have lots of issues with both Sunni and Shia beliefs but overall I may be leaning towards the sunnis. here's some of my issues with Shiism: I can't find any authentic proofs of conterversial subjects such as the attack on fatima's house by Umar. It seems made up unless someone can prove it. I have seen "Ayatullahs" like Syed Shirazi (Not makarem) being accused of collecting funds from the UK and US to corrupt Shias and Islam. I would usually treat this like nothing and stop following such people but some of the top Ayatollahs and Scholars have regularly visited Shirazi and his family such as the Qazwini family who are very popular and known world-wide. Taqiyya and hiding beliefs from Sunnis makes no sense Islamically to me. These are just some issues.
  4. I'm just having a ton of doubts. I have problems with some sunni beliefs as well don't get me wrong.
  5. I've watched this video a few times and to be honest with you guys, it's made me seriously reconsider whether or not Shiism is correct. I mean all the things he lists in the video I've never seen a Shiite response to this to it. I'm starting to think Sunni's are correct and we Shiites have been mislead. If anyone has a response to everything inside this video then please let me know. Until then, I may convert to a Sunni in the near future if I don't find haqq in Shiism.
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