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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Let’s have an honest discussion. let’s also put all pride and stubbornness aside, because I do not talk with those two qualities nor can we understand each other if we do. quick summary, and sorry for the grammar I was raised “Sunni” studied Islam for myself after high school and learned so much more than anyone has ever taught. and after my studies I have concluded, it is literally haram to call yourself a Sunni or a Shia or anything other than a MUSLIM. I also believe anyone who doesn’t agree is not educated enough about Islam, or psychologically has missed an important fact about this Sunni Shia debate. my thoughts is that all the extra stuff doesn’t matter. as a Sunni I was never taught about umar and the other guys (I honestly forget their names) nor about Ali. as a Muslim it’s clear what Allah wants, it’s your submission to him and him alone. from my experience, sunnies don’t care that much about the sahabas nor ahlul bayt, but they still call them Sunnis. So they are uneducated. shias care too much about ahlul bath and many other extra unnecessary things (in my opinion) my point and question To Sunnies, why do you call yourself a Sunni? To Shias, according to my studies of the Quran, I could never a day in my life think about Imam Ali or Ahlul byt and still make it to Heaven. So why do I need to? - My question to all, calling yourself a Sunni or Shia helps separate Islam, when all the difference is small factors. do you think you will be sinned for separating Islam? I have not called myself anything other than a Muslim for the last 6 years and spread my knowledge to both parties when I come across. Do you understand where I am coming from? - besides religion, I am very psychological when it comes to most things in life. Religion is one of those things where I have noticed most praise with pride. Which will keep them blind to a lot of things. There will ALWAYS be those people who hate the other group. If you are one of those people. allah guide you inshallah. if you are not, then please either convince me of your Point of view with facts, only from the Quran and Muhammad. I really don’t care what happened afterward, as the things that will be mentioned will change nothing about how I view ISLAM but will be small practices that are STILL THEN DEBATABLE but another time.
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