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  1. waleikum salam. have you done some bloodwork? maybe your iron or vitamines are low. second: start small. If you have fallen out of love with your imaan then read the book: secrets of divine love. It's not a book to gain knowledge or something, but imo you will start appreciating your deen again and maybe find motivation to do your prayers.
  2. waleikum salam. I don't think you should be stressed this much. You didn't know it was haram, now you think it is haram and want it to be removed. Enjoy your travels and when you come back you can always remove it. It's not worth stressing over right now and it's also not permanent since you're able to laser it off.
  3. Late reply, but as someone who moved out (not because I wanted to, there was no other option), moving out is overrated. Yeah, you learn a few basic skills but imo you can learn that at anytime and everywhere. I wish I could stay home for uni: cheaper, family, no time spend on cooking; cleaning; dishes, you don't feel alone. Pros: moving to a big city you have more activities to do with friends Cons: you don't really have a lot of time to do those activities Overall, staying home is the best thing you could do if you have a nice study space.
  4. In the West it's more harder to marry for a shia, given the fact that sunnis are in the majority.
  5. It really depends on the whole situation and isn't as black and white like the answers in the polls are suggesting. But, I do feel like if the man works and the woman doesn't, then it's fully logical if the woman does most of the work in house. This doesn't mean that the man get's so sit on his butt on his days off tho. The last option is my ideal.
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