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  1. Is being vegan and Muslim compatible?
  2. I have bought ‘The Quran A new translation by M.(عليه السلام) Abdel Haleem’. Does anyone know if this is a good translation or does it not really matter. this is a link of the pdf: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alaa-Aldahdouh/post/What_do_you_think_about_the_relations_of_any_sort_if_there_are_between_Religion_and_Violence/attachment/59d6216579197b807797fca4/AS%3A296403323637760%401447679467133/download/the_QURAN-abdel-haleem-ebook-english.pdf
  3. allāhumma ṣalli ʿalā muḥammadin wa-ʾāli muḥammad O God, send blessings upon Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad.
  4. I am asking this question since the purpose of life for a Muslim is Worshiping Allah.
  5. Due to growing up in the UK, we have never taught about the soul and we are taught about the brain instead. I want to know the proof that humans have a soul which lives on forever.
  6. I am trying to become religious, but I manage for a couple of days and then fail, by missing a salah. I need some advice. I have bought an English translation of the Quran which I am reading.
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