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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can anyone post Sayed Sistani's rulings on praying behind Sunnis, or a link to them? (i.e. what to do whilst praying behind a Sunni Imam). Had a look on najaf.org, but didn't find anything, but think I've seen them somewhere before. Thanks.
  2. I'm fairly sure Qadha can only be done after. Also, it is a sin to deliberately not pray on time, no (without justifiable reason)?
  3. MashaAllah, you have a great desire to learn. You may get some answers here, but I would recommend that, particularly for the ones regarding your job and the loss of your friend (my condolences - perhaps you could start a separate thread asking people to recite Fatiha?), you should talk directly to a Sheikh if possible?
  4. "Caps" means you are shouting, and is not appreciated by people. It is also more difficult to read.
  5. Haram to eat food prepared by non-Ahlul Kitab? Only if they touch the food with wet hands, right?
  6. I did feel tricked when I found out Santa wasn't real. It's wholly unnecessary to dupe children. When they eventually find out, they may well feel disappointed. We shouldn't lie to our kids.
  7. Thank you very much to the link to his lectures - I only made it to a few of them, and they were top quality. Recommend all who can to watch them and attend the upcoming sessions.
  8. From Sayed Sistani's website, on choosing a marja, found here, under "Dialogue on following a jurist": "You may ask a committed Muslim who is known to be of impeccable character, trustworthy, just, knowledgeable and expert in knowing the scientific level of people in a particular discipline. Popularity of the jurist which sets him in a different league from his peers, so much so that this leads to certainty as regards his juridical prowess and knowledge, is another avenue." There may be other 'conditions' out there on how to follow someone; I was under the impression that one should ask two people, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can clarify.
  9. It's nothing to do with Hezbollah. Anyone promising you a 40% annual return should be viewed with an eye of scepticism. I sympathise with the people and, considering the man appeared pious can to a degree see why they gave a lot away, but it pays to not be naive.
  10. Salaams, I usually keep out of these topics as I have no knowledge to confer, but I will share my personal experience on this issue. I had gone to Hyderi on Sunday evening and they announced towards the end that the Imam Ali (as) Foundation had issued a statement, which they promptly put up on the screen and read out, typical of the great organisation shown by the Khoja community. After the duas for the eve of Eid, I got home and discovered that Stanmore had announced otherwise, so I watched the video on their website, transcribed by Sheikh Shabbir, I think in the first post of this topic. I will not comment on Mustafa Jaffer's motivations, but it is nonetheless the case that his statement did cause me personally to doubt the reliability/credibility/competence of the Imam Ali (as) Foundation. Whatever ones motives, however pure they may be, one also has to consider the consequences of ones actions and how they will impact on other people. It is therefore important to consider how one speaks. For me personally, after watching the video I was thrown in to much confusion; as I say, Mustafa Jaffer's statement caused me to be very sceptical of the Imam Ali (as) Foundation statement. Alhamdulillah, I contacted Sheikh Shabbir and he offered to speak to me on the phone. When we spoke, he explained to me the opinion of the Foundation in an unbiased, constructive way, in order for any confusion to be removed and for me to make my own decision. Apologies for taking up your time. I just wanted to add my experience, which I'm sure many others had, with the video of Mustafa Jaffer pouring doubt and (frankly, disrespect) towards the Imam Ali (as) Foundation. Sheikh Shabbir had mentioned that the quote he gave was "just one of many messages I and others have recieved from people within the Khoja Community", so wanted to add my voice as one of those messages (apart from the fact I'm not Khoja). Mustafa Jaffer was at best naive to think that what he said - and how it was said - would not have this effect and therefore should have very much more carefully considered his words. Wasalaam, Gareth EDIT: As a side note, my interest in astrology is limited to occasionally looking up at the stars and marvelling at the signs of Allah (swt). Alhamdulillah, I live in a village so there is very little light pollution, allowing good visibility on most nights. I was slightly confused, then, when people looking for small objects in the night sky decided to go to an airport. Allah (swt) knows best.
  11. I'd like this clarified. I am under the impression that, as with anything najis, you would just need to wash the najis part of you and that it wouldn't break any wudhu that you have. Say, for example, you have wudhu but then change a baby's nappy and get urine on your hand, if you wash your hand, you wouldn't break your wudhu. Ofcourse, wudhu can be broken, but I don't think it is merely broken by touching najasat.
  12. Smiling even when sad can actually make you happy.
  13. Salaams, It varies according to who you ask, so we shouldn't give blanket statements. Say, "Eid is today", fine, but say according to which scholar/school of thought, or whatever.
  14. ^ Sheikh Jehad Ismail popped to my mind straight away when reading this topic, as someone who is nearly always smiling. Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani is another one, as is Sheikh Ahmed Haneef. Many other 'lesser known' Sheikhs that I know are always with a happy disposition, particularly Sheikh Ayyub Rashid. Just looking at him makes me smile. It appears it might be more prevalant among certain backgrounds than others.
  15. I bow to superior knowledge on this one. However, when debating with someone who takes an alternative account, one could say 1 - This is our tafseer on the verse. 2 - Even if you don't accept ours, your tafseer doesn't give her any merit anyway, so there's no benefit to your argument from it.
  16. ^ Learn some manners before you start to try to propogate the message of the Ahlul Bayt.
  17. Salaams, Seeing as we all claim to be on the right path, why don't we all practise what it teaches - akhlaq? :) Anyway, "He said can "can you tell me anywhere in the Quran where Allah (Sawt) has vouched for and then the person is condemned?"" Well, you already quoted at least one verse to him where she is criticised. Also, the vouching for is not a positive, even from his perspective - it is just a non-negative. If that sounds confused, basically, the verse he quotes in her defence doesn't in itself give any merit, it simply says she didn't do anything wrong in that instance - it doesn't praise her. Also, on his general topic, I don't think you'll get many mainstream Sunni sheikhs who would say that Aisha was as 'good' as Khadijah (as), who sacrificed everything for the Prophet (saw).
  18. Can someone explain the Qur'anic verse a bit more clearly? I can't read the Arabic, and it isn't explicit in the translation that it talks about temporary marriage. Many thanks in advance, Convert.
  19. I can't work out who was sent 50 books - seems a bit of a problem with the filter! Could you say who it is? Thanks.
  20. If she was not pre-pubescent when the marriage was consumated, then it is not paedophilia.
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