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  1. my parents got divorced and both remarried to the people they wanted. ever since this happened, i have faced the worst and toughest issues regarding step mother and etc.. my father was physically and mentally abusive to me.. and so was my mom (before the divorce happened). now i belong to a syed family & amidst all the tensions at home..i found an amazing non syed BUT SHIA guy online. His family, his knowledge, his personality everything is great! However, both of my parents disapprove of him cos he isnt syed.. i even told thta our marja (sistani) has said it doesnt matter..but bc of society and cultural norms, they dont want me to do it... now although i argued and said that i will get married to him (since my older brother is in support of me and he said he will do the nikkah and everything in place of my father; as my father said i have no concern with her, so my older brother can decide for me) but the thing is i cant stop crying on how my parents can do this to me... my mom even called my mother in law and told her i am a disobediant child and etc etc!! although my mother in law is a very educated women so it didnt bother her at all,, bu still i am crying over how can my own mother do this!
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