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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Have you looked in the Quran for answers?
  2. http://www.asma-lamrabet.com/articles/how-does-the-qur-an-address-the-issue-of-muslim-woman-s-veil-or-hijab/ This is interesting...
  3. Robin


    I have a friend who married happily after the age of 40. Neither had been married before and are happily married for more than 10 years now, very suited for each other. We prayed for God to bring best spouse for years. He was worth the wait!
  4. Robin


    Praying for God to bring you a friend sister.
  5. This is probably a good thing to talk over with a future spouse before marriage, to see if you are on the same page...
  6. Robin


    Thank you. I have read the welcome post and it answered all my questions.
  7. Robin


    I am new to this forum...how do you become 'advanced' member?
  8. This post was a while ago, maybe you are gone now. But I think it is good that you think about life and death and want to better your character, so I am wondering after time has passed how things are going? Have you been able to do this?
  9. Robin


    I was wondering why I couldn't message too...thanks for asking!
  10. I am glad you are safe and have much sympathy for your situation. It must feel like you are never truly free. You have my prayers.
  11. Salam Fizz786, I am glad your situation is improved. Do you feel like you and your son are safe now?
  12. I understand your struggle. For me it came down to being there with my children--time with them has been precious and we have good relationships. It is a privilege and I have loved it and never regretted my decision. Not to shame you at all. It is your decision. (btw I am a doctor of veterinary medicine and was on the way to specializing in surgery--I do not regret financial compromises that resulted from staying home). Also there are 'seasons' in life. When they are older it is easier to spend more time outside the home and have it 'stay together'. You probably know what I mean!
  13. Marhaba Knowledge Seeker, @KnowledgeSeeker36 Isn't Allah merciful? And is He not in control of life and death, being God? Does He not know when you have done all you can?
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