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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What’s the point if he/she doesn’t believe in it
  2. What do you make of this then @Zaidism? Seems to me they were pining for the caliphate?
  3. If the West is going to force their LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ agenda down our throats we deserve to at least have a space where we can voice our concerns
  4. That’s what he’s saying, no? That if there are multiple people pining for caliphate, conflict will ensue. What I’m more concerned about is how those fighting for the caliphate settle this dispute among themselves? Since divine appointment is absent how is Imamate determined in this instance? And who will have the final say on the matter? The populace? Jurist? Tribes?
  5. Can everyone stop overdoing it with the reactions and instead refute him/present arguments as to why you disagree because some of us really want to see both sides of the debate. Thank you @Ansar Shiat Aliand @Zaidismfor this constructive dialogue
  6. I mean ultimately you’d have to see if the costs of you staying and studying in your current place of residence or back home outweigh the benefits and vice versa. If you choose a degree in IT, languages or business, and resolve to stay in your current place of residence until you graduate and return home thereafter, you’d need a degree that can be both adaptable and recognised in your home country. However, if you find yourself leaning more towards law and/or journalism, I think you should draw up a makeshift plan to outline what career path/s are available for you upon graduation. The problem with law, however, is that it is very regional, in that you won’t be able to use the degree elsewhere without engaging in further study (since you will be learning about legislation and instruments specific to one location)
  7. Have you considered English though? It’s a universal language so your degree will be very versatile since English is needed virtually everywhere
  8. Also, a collective dependence on the physical apparitions of Angels and Divine messages is very problematic since it would mean that Revelation will be circumscribed by both time and space. As we know, Islam is a universal religion applicable to all eras. If Revelation is indeed a phenomenon physically witnessed by the naked eye, that would confine Islam exclusively to the people present at that specific time. Inevitably, the Divine Message will be spread by word of mouth, thereby inexorably making room for hearsay, fabrication and corruption. Instead - adding onto what brother@Mahdavistmentioned - the Quran sealed the Message so man could not obfuscate, fabricate, conceal or alter its contents.
  9. فَيَا لَكَ مِنْ لَيْلٍ كَأَنَّ نُجُومَهُ

    بِكُلَّ مُغَارِ الفَتْلِ شُدَّتْ بِيَذْبُلِ

    O what a slow-moving night

    The stars are frozen in the sky

    As if to Mount Yathbul tied,

    With ropes twisted tight 

    امرؤ القيس Imru’ Al-Qais

  10. Guess we’ll have to die to find out I’m kidding lol good question
  11. Wa alaykom al salam, What degree options are available for you if you stay?
  12. Salam sis, is it possible for you to share why you almost left Islam? Do you have advice for those who intend to learn hadith but are afraid they’ll go down a rabbit hole?
  13. That’s why I asked if justice is absolute and universal because if it is then to date there has obviously been no Mahdi to ensure it is securely established. From your responses I have come to understand (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that Zaidi Imams through their remarkable exploits have established some justice in their respective eras and locations (an example being Imam Khomeini (r)), hence becoming ‘Mahdis’ in this sense. If my understanding is correct then I take back my assertion that the guidance of leaders is non-existent as it is unfounded and incongruent with the Zaidi understanding of justice. How will he (initially) be known though? By calling to himself and subsequently revolting?
  14. Is this a hypothetical? As in there ought to be a Mahdi present in every era? Because in practice the guidance of a Mahdi or multiple Mahdis in different eras (as per the Zaidi understanding) has been largely absent. Sorry I just wanted to clarify, when the concept of justice is mentioned with respect to the Mahdi (عليه السلام) (or, like I said, Mahdis according to Zaidis), is it universal? As in does the justice of this guide stretch across all parts of the world or is it confined to one geographical location? The reason why I’m asking this is because I would argue that it is only the Mahdi (عليه السلام), the one chosen by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), who is able to establish absolute justice without it being confined to one place.
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