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  1. This also raises the question of how Zaidis will verify whether a person is indeed the Mahdi. I guess they would have to look at the prerequisites of Imamate as per the Zaidi doctrine, which is very stringent and in accordance with Quranic precepts. I also remember (and please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t want to be misrepresenting the Zaidi school) the Zaidi brothers mentioning that every Imam that rises is a ‘Mahdi’ in the sense that he is tasked with delivering guidance and standing against injustice. However, I think all schools can concur with the fact that the role of the Mahdi who will come in the end of times is pretty distinct. But, again, the question of how to determine whether the Mahdi, whose divine appointment is an indisputable fact irrespective of the faith to which one subscribes, is indeed the son of Abdullah or the son of al Hassan al Askari, remains. I’m hoping to understand both the Zaidi and Twelver take on this is. What traits or ‘markers’ will the Muslims look out for to determine who the Mahdi is, according to Zaidis and Twelvers? How will lineage be verified? I do not want to instigate any further discord among the Shia brothers on here, I just want to develop a solid understanding of the positions of both schools with respect to the identification of the Mahdi as per authentic ahadith in each school’s corpus. Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless you all
  2. Found an excellent bookstore with a range of Arabic books, even Shia ones: https://www.neelwafurat.com
  3. So is the twelver definition of the Mahdi
  4. Thank you brother. I was also hoping to find a website which sold Arabic books on contemporary issues, preferably authored by Shaheed Mutahhari, Imam Khomeini or Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al Sadr. For some reason I cannot find any website other than Al Buraq that sells these kinds of books edit: the website you linked also provides a unique range of Arabic books for customers. Jazakallah for your help
  5. Salam I was wondering if any of you could help direct me to a website which sells Arabic Shia books on a range of topics, not just hadith? I have seen an impressive range of books on Al-Buraq Publications but shipping can be a little pricey for those living outside the US. Thank you in advance
  6. http://www.hujjatbookshop.co.uk http://www.shiabooks.com.au
  7. Salam alaykom I am here again with a few questions regarding Imamate in the Zaidi creed So let’s say someone from the progeny of Al-Zahra (عليها السلام) who possesses all the qualities and fulfils all the preconditions of Imamate calls to himself and/or decides to revolt. What happens next - say, after the revolt is over (if there ever was one)? Are there Quranic verses that highlight his role as an Imam? I understand that his goal will be to uphold the Shari’a but as you know that can be very broad. Basically, my first question is what can we expect from him as an Imam, and are these expectations highlighted in Quran and hadith? My second question pertains to accountability. We can all agree that the infallibility doctrine (at least the one Twelvers adhere to) does not inhere within the Zaidi creed. So in this case a Zaidi Imam can err. I am just wondering, if this Imam makes a mistake which he initially thought to be minor, and only later realises its gravity due to lack of foresight, who will hold him accountable for this oversight and resultant destruction? Is there a framework which details, say, the amends the Imam must make to rectify the situation and avoid future mistakes? God bless you
  8. Yes! Whether they’re family-oriented is also a noteworthy trait. What @Guest Tahir has mentioned here is perfect because if they possess any of the traits mentioned you’ll know precisely what mess or quagmire you’re getting yourself into
  9. If they place God in the middle of all their affairs that should be a good sign. One way you can find out about that is really to inquire about their values - are they God-centric? Do they adhere to bogus Godless ideologies or do they believe that Islam is a sufficient framework and way of life capable of steering an individual to success? Ask them about their views on certain social or political issues - it will honestly give you a clear image of who they are as a person. See what they think about gender roles, for example, and how they see mother- and fatherhood operating within these strata. In this way you will know what to expect from them as a parent and spouse. People can sugarcoat things and tell you what you want to hear when you first meet them. But I promise you in due time you will know exactly the kind of vision they possess and whether it aligns with your personal goals. Thereafter you will be able to make an informed decision.
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