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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think they are just dragging this on to exhaust Iran. Funny how the people who withdrew from the nuclear deal are now demanding the other side is the one who comes back to it.
  2. So in Ghazni Province, 13 Hazaras (9 men, 4 women) were killed by Taliban fighters. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/08/afghanistan-taliban-responsible-for-brutal-massacre-of-hazara-men-new-investigation/ I'm not too surprised of this, and the war crimes against Afghanistan's minorities to get worse. I pray from my Hazara brothers and sister, and hope the best for them. But I suppose this is the result of an extremist group that executed up to 15,000 Hazaras during its reign in the 90's. Eternal Prayer to our fellow Shia brothers in Afghanistan.
  3. So much for "Women's Rights" https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/28/asia/afghanistan-women-kabul-university-taliban-intl/index.html
  4. They want to see America fall and a supposed utopia appear. I don't like the United States Foreign Policy, but this pathetic supporting of the Taliban, which isn't even Muslims in general, It's a lot of Pakistanis that support the Taliban that is just sad. Apparently people have lowered their standards so hard cause of their extreme hatred toward America that they'll support a extreme terror group. This same extreme dark hatred is what caused people to join Daesh and Al-Qaeda.
  5. They haven't changed. Same Taliban from the 90's. They already implement their extremism in provinces that have been under Taliban control longer. They haven't implemented their anti minority laws or anti women laws yet because that would cause a civil war in Afghanistan, so they playing it chill. But they are already forcing women out of their banking jobs, just wait a few more years.
  6. The problem is there is a lot of misinformation in the states, that spread lies. and sadly a lot of people just decide to close their eyes and cover their ears to any information, claiming they are free thinkers. It's ironic, because the people who go around claiming anti vaccine sentiments are vaccinated themselves. Society should usually be encouraging towards a good thing like being vaccinated but that isn't the case in the US. The US government should crack down in misinformation more, Pandemic syndrome is another thing. Just people having too much fear during a pandemic, as you can see with anti-mask and anti-vax movement.
  7. Most Muslim countries that supposedly "enforce sharia law" are mostly corrupt, or have worse living standards due to bad system. Afghanistan is a nice example of a country ruled by a supposed "Islamic regime", while the Taliban throws acid in the faces of women that attend school, trades opium, and oppresses Afghanistan's minorities. Another one would be Iraq, You can totally practice Shia Islam under ISIS. It really doesn't matter what country you live in. As long as you can practice Islam freely, You can live in any country. There is no such concept as an "Islamic country" that you must move to just because there are supposed "Muslims" in it. Are you going to ask people in Lebanon to leave Lebanon because it's split between different religious groups?
  8. Yeah, I agree. People who are LGBT in reality are just confused and have been tricked by constant indoctrination by the media, press, and schools. When you teach little children in schools that "being gay is ok" and reading books with "two moms", Of course you'll start confusing the child. Before you know it, Children start identifying with 20 different genders and sexualities. So really, The whole LGBT Agenda is just an agenda to confuse people.
  9. Haha. Well This is a funny one. Fun fact: Iran has the most transgender people in the world. Iran doesn't allow homosexuality but it allows transgenders for some reason.
  10. Afghan here, The Taliban taking over the country is truly sad. The Taliban is notably Anti-Shia, which has left many shias displaced. Pray for Afghanistan ;(
  11. I don't really think you read my post. I said we all have predetermined preferences, In the same way that we prefer one would prefer vanilla over chocolate. It's a sort of preference we have that is independent of genes, however still predetermined. Anyway, I suppose the best answer would be above, that as long as you don't act out on it, it's fine.
  12. No, I mean If the roles were reversed biologically, as in Allah made it in reverse.
  13. Hmm. Now there is an issue with this argument. Yes, There are no such thing as the "gay gene". But on that note, There is no such thing as the straight gene as well. There isn't a single gene that determines sexuality, which is what I think a lot of people here are making the mistake of. If it weren't the case, then there shouldn't be homosexuals in Islamic societies that everyone is straight in, and is socially the only thing acceptable, but they are homosexuals? It really just comes down to what preference you are into, which is what they mean by "born gay", So sexuality would technically fall under the spectrum. It, For example, would be like If 9 members of a group like Chocolate Ice cream and hates Vanilla, and one person like Vanilla Ice Cream but hates Chocolate Ice cream. It would be impossible to force the person to like Chocolate Ice Cream if he doesn't like it, but would it be alright to tell him he's not allowed to have Vanilla because it's not normal? Now reapply this to homosexuality. If most people are straight, and there's a person that is gay, how would this hold? It's where the other argument comes out, "If sexuality is a choice, then why don't you try and be gay", which they would say applies back to them.
  14. Indeed. Let's say for argument sake, that they can reproduce, and heterosexuals can't reproduce. What's the argument now?
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