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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Most of the good men". The Problem is, there is a LOT that abuse their power over women, which is an issue that needs to be tackled. So I do think we should help enforce the rights within marriages.
  2. I do agree, There are a lot of toxic men. Sadly This is a massive issue within especially Islamic cultures, as a lot especially Muslim men are just extremely egotistic and controlling of women, and refuse to shift their clearly misogynistic views in the modern era. They definitely need to change their behavior towards women. However, There is another side of the dilemma here, is that a lot of people don't want to shift too heavily into liberalization or else Islam will just stop being Islam, as I'm referring to extreme feminism in the west that says that gender norms are bad, and that females should act like males, and male should act like females, as well as a bunch of crazy stuff like LGBT, etc. There are men that feel that if they try removing their extreme control of women, that they will drag into this sort of liberalization stuff. So now we are on two sides of the extreme, that if we try to liberalize, It might go too far. What Muslim's need is a sort of middle ground, the less of the two extremes. We need to teach men/boys that this sort of views are wrong. We should teach them to uphold male gender norms and such, however we should teach them that these sort of "women must be obedient slaves to men" toxicity is misogynistic and wrong. I teach my children to uphold gender norms, I even make jokes about women's rights just to taunt my daughter and wife, haha. But in seriousness, we are against this poor treatment of women.
  3. In a marriage, the partners should compromise and help each other out, as men should be expected to do work around the house as well. This sort of overly toxic behavior in men should not be tolerated and society should hold them accountable.
  4. I never said fully cut, I said even type 1 harms women. Also, 99.99% of the time, It's meant to reduce women's sexual pleasure, and following that, There is any ruling on FGM removing sexual pleasure. After all, Male Circumcision also reduces sexual pleasure, and it's totally halal. Regardless, The hadiths that say to preform FGM/Female Circumcision are not only unauthentic, but also pretty vague.
  5. Hell, even going saying It's advised seems a little far. I'm pretty sure there are no authentic hadiths that say (at least in Shia Hadiths) that you have to do female circumcision. Also, Even Type 1 does harm the girl, as It's literally still cutting off a big portion of the Clitoris. Which honestly really isn't the same as Male Circumcision, since that's just the foreskin. If you really wanna compare them, then compare it to cutting off the head of the penis, then trying to prevent it from bleeding/stitching it up. I mean, I dunno. It seems very barbaric, no? Just to reduce/remove their sexual pleasure, which on its own should be considered haram.
  6. For example, This Individual (famous muslim preacher, 400k subscribers) claims it's the sunnah
  7. You need to convince your mother to divorce this man. This is not only completely unacceptable in Islam, This is completely unacceptable as a human being. I'd suggest getting some local scholars or imams to help convince her to divorce. Otherwise, yeah I'd say it's the right action to leave this household.
  8. There are no rewards. You just follow the Islamic Law. As simple as that.
  9. I don't know what this means. Do you mean in Marriage? If so there is really no such comparison, since they have different duties. Equality in what? Please elaborate.
  10. Well, This post is very problematic. Now, I DO agree that in a marriage, A women should not overpower a man. HOWEVER, In this respect, is not true in Islam. If you actually mean "slave", then in no way do I agree at all. This is a little over the top and backwards, and I'm sorry, but unless women take abuse, NO women is gonna accept this and not get divorced, especially in this era. Considering the women of this era are far different then the women at the time of prophet, actually scratch that, Aisha literally lead armies. So I'd say that how women were treated during the Prophet's time is better then what your suggesting. Just because Women and Children were beaten to bleeding centuries ago doesn't mean it's alright, and in no way is this related to Islam. Adultery in Arabia was seen as alright before the Prophet, that doesn't mean it's somehow alright. and finally, What your proposing is preposterous, considering it's implying that all men are right and women are wrong. There are a lot of men who are not in the right, in a similar manner to all these feminine boys, and there is women that are in the right. No married man should treat their wife like this. I agree that men should stand up to the extremely soft approach, but this is just unacceptable way of thinking. Please rethink.
  11. So, Female Circumcision is looked down upon by most, although there are people who say its the Sunnah to do so. So which is it? Is it the Sunnah to do this practices? or is it haram to do this? I was wondering on this. Please respond.
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