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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lets give some credit here. At least a Jew has the freedom to criticize his own people and government. He also has the freedom to speak the truth as he sees it. Look what happened to Salmon Rushdi when he tried to do the same thing about Islam. If a Palestinian tried to do the same thing he would probably be called a "collaborator" and executed without a trial.
  2. We created all the evil in the world didn't you know? Even the things that are good and turn bad. It's all America's fault. When people's hearts turn towards bad things, don't you know, America causes that to happen? We are so powerful are we not? What a crock!!! Why don't you find something uplifting and encouraging to write for a change. Doom and gloom all the time. You are so depressing. Now, let's wait for all the praise for the "enlightening information." Anyone?
  3. Another article you might find interesting: WHO KILLED MUHAMMAD AL-DURA? BLOOD LIBEL -- MODEL 2000 Amnon Lord Muhammad Al-Dura, the poster child of the current Palestinian uprising, was not killed by IDF gunfire at Netzarim junction, according to an inquiry by the German ARD television network based on a study by Israeli physicist Nahum Shahaf. Shahaf analyzed all available unedited videotape from the area of the event, spoke with IDF soldiers and photographers who were present, and concluded: The Palestinians, in cooperation with foreign journalists and the UN, arranged a well-staged prod
  4. Also, we need to remember that in chapter 3 Habakkuk is not prophesying. In the first two chapters he is interacting with God, but in this chapter it is more like a self contained prayer psalm, intended to be sung with stringed accompaniment.
  5. This is my first posting on this board and I have to start somewhere right? I am glad to hear some voices of reason here and not everyone calling for "death" and killings. How can anyone think and act fairly when they are controlled by hatred and anger all the time? That cannot be done because those people are unreasonable. I know that from my own experience. We need to control our feelings and not let them control us. May God give you all peace and joy today.
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