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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Their teenage son was the first to convert. The parents had concerns with the influence that some hot headed Muslim youth were having on their children, especially their son. When he started hanging out with kids from our church they were pleased with the change in him. Our church has a youth center open 24/7. Children are encouraged to come off the streets, get help with homework and make something of themselves. Their son began helping out in some computer class and after a few months he converted. At first the parents were angry and quite disturbed but that has changed. Wishful thinking o
  2. No, it's being smart. Why should we fund a terrorist group just because they're democratically elected? Especially those who hate us, have murdered our people and will use our money to fund their activities, which includes their goal to destroy the State of Israel and ridding Palestine of Jews, which they have written into their Charter. The terrorist loving Palestinians elected Hamas. That's their problem. Hamas managed fine without our support in the past and can continue to do so now. There are plenty of oil rich Islamic countries who can step up to the plate and help their brothers turn th
  3. Typical response. Your main purpose when replying to posts is to launch personal attacks. The reason why I choose to ignore most of your posts. You're so mean spirited that I know how difficult it is for people like you to focus on content but give it a try. You'll notice when I was referring to the US doing what no Islamic country was willing to do, I was not referring to the overthrow of Saddam at all. It was in reference to the attack on Kuwait and the US response to that incident. The US did not intervene militarily in the Iran/Iraq war as you claim. If you care to do a little research y
  4. You know nothing about my neighbors. They've been Muslims a lot longer than you have. They both come from Islamic countries (Iran and Iraq) where all their family are Muslims, so I would say they do know true Islam. Both of them are physicians and smart enough to make their own decisions so speak for yourself, but with them, no brainwashing took place.
  5. ^ You are so boringly repetitive. I keep thinking you'll surprise us with something original but that's probably too much to expect from a mean spirited brown nosing liberal. Oh well.
  6. My neighbors down the road just converted to Christianity and they are in full agreement with closing the doors to immigration from the Islamic world, telling us that there is no doubt about it, there are Muslims in this country, who live among us but hate us, and want to kill us. One just had to look at the posts on this board by Muslims living here to know how the majority feels. We don't need immigrants entering this country, hating it and us. That's assinine! Keep them out and kick them out!
  7. Danish pastries are yummy but, somehow, ordering a rose of mohammed conjures up different images. Mohammed's Rose. Is this a person or a flower? Suddenly I've lost my appetite.
  8. Muslims were the ones who attacked us first on our own soil! When Islamic countries harboring the masterminds, refusing to hand them over after repeated requests, you think the US should apologize? Saddam invaded Kuwait and they asked for help and the America stepped up to the plate, so excuse the US for doing something that no Islamic country had the guts to do. :angry: We were patrolling a no-fly zone to keep Saddam from totally wiping the Kurds in the north off the map. Also, he was sponsoring terrorism and paying out large sums of money to families of suicide bombers everytime one of th
  9. Anyone like to bet on the chance that Jews around the world will riot, burn and kill? How about the chance that people in the west will burn down embassies, Mosques or other symbols of Islam? :shaytan:
  10. Jarvis, you nutter!!! This has nothing to do with this forum! I love it anyway! :D
  11. How about the Israeli child who has lost an eye or limb due to a Palestinian suicide attack? How about the Israeli child who witnessed a Palesinian blow himself up and kill his mother, father or grandparent. How about the Israeli child who witnesses the terror of a Palestinian entering a barmitzvah and opening fire. Or the Israeli eating in a restaurant and witnessing their friends and family being blown to bits. Or driving home when a suicide attack occurs and having peoples body parts slide down their windshield? Suicide bombings are a way of life for innocent Israeli's. Don't forget, they,
  12. ^ You're right, it shouldn't be happening. We have to stop giving justification to violent acts like these by playing the blame game. The bottom line is there are evil people in this world who do evil things. That's what this is all about and it needs to be dealt with, which, hopefully it will.
  13. The men were praising the US policies? :huh: Seems like you missed the point completely. Actually, truth be told, it was all about Islamic indoctrination of hatred beginning in childhood. You probably find it boring because you're so used to listening to this indoctrination. However, to those of us in the dark, it's not at all boring - it's enlightening - quite an education in fact. :shaytan: The men mention receiving death threats. You know how some Muslims are, and I certainly don't want to be responsible for further endangering their lives in any way.
  14. Moderators, please delete this post. I thought better of it after watching the video again. I don't want to further endanger these people's lives. Besides, I posted it in the wrong forum. ;) Thanks.
  15. Those pictures were taken at the same time as the first Abu Ghraib pictures in 2003, by the same people who have already gone to trial and are serving prison sentences.
  16. Chilling. Apparantly there are many more tapes. It's going to be interesting to hear what they reveal.
  17. Mohammed was a prophet, he is not God. I've been told that Islam means submission (to Allah). Is this the way Allah would have people behave? Perhaps these people who turned to violence, destruction and murder should not be called Muslims but Mohammedans. There is nothing wrong with loving your prophet, but don't you think the best way to show your respect for Mohammed would be to set an example by acting like he would have acted? Just imagine if Mohammed were able to look down and see the the way the people are reacting with violence, destruction and murder, would he feel these people have do
  18. I agree, there's a serious lack of respect for others beliefs. Insulting another's religion touches people on a deep personal level and is never wise. However, Muslims scoff and insult other religions constantly so what makes them think it's their place to set the rules as to who or what is off limits? :no: I think the violent response of Muslims around the world to the cartoons and the obvious lack of intervention by Islamic governments sends a clear message about Islam and violence. That's what the cartoons were about. Mohammed is synonymous with Islam and the cartoons were intended to depi
  19. Surprise, surprise! :rolleyes: Offending their delicate sensibilities once again, how sad. *not.* Tell that to their president who just has to open his mouth and the offenses roll out. Tell the Iranian people it's a two-way street out there. If they can dish it out they need to learn to suck it up. :!!!:
  20. More than hypocrisy is the gall of the Islamic world issuing decrees to the world outside Islam on what can be printed in cartoons and what can't, when their cartoons are often anti simitic, depicting Jews, Israel and others in any insulting way they choose. Mohammed is a prophet of Islam NOT any other group of people on the planet. To try to dictate to the west is not their place. You talk about hypocrisy? Where was Muslim outrage when Muslim officials blocked the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building and let them burn to death because their faces were uncovered? Wh
  21. Can someone remind these idiots that the Danes were responsible for the cartoons and not the Jews. But then why should we be surprised, the Jews will ultimately be responsible, one way or the other! :wacko:
  22. Where are you commanded to hate any people, be they kufr and kuffar? Who commands it?
  23. Also, anyone can go to any number of news sites and find his speech (if you're interested). It's not censorship at all. CNN has it's own interests at heart and they know people will flip the channel if they show the entire boring speech. Every time the poor moron opens his mouth, the same rhetoric spews forth. It must be tough being Ahmadinejad. I mean, he's not smart and he's not funny and there's really not much else he can do, he's so obsessive compulsive, so he goes on and on like a stuck record. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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