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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is lust a sin? No, it's normal. The person who feels lust is not a sinner until they act out on it and cheats on their spouse. Same with homosexuality. Some things cannot be legislated. If a person feels n his heart that there is no God, you cannot force them to believe that there is. You can attempt to reason with them and hopefully convince them that there is a God but killing them will serve no purpose. It will forever rob them of the chance of getting to heaven.
  2. Don't feel bad forte, it's not you personally. ;) Rather you will find it's the pack mentality which, unfortunately, rears it's head when their perception is that Islam is questioned. You'll get used to it.
  3. They weren't Christians in Ruwanda as Muslims like to proclaim. They did not slaughter in the name of God, that was tribalism. I was attacking those who committed those horrific acts in Nigeria, not all Muslims or Islam! As often happens here, many Muslims take it personally as though it was an attack on all Muslims. I would think we could use a discussion board to discuss currents issues without trying to whitewash these events by projecting the attention elsewhere.
  4. If your second paragraph was all you wrote that would have been great but you preface it with an attack against US and making a point to mention your assumption that US soldiers are "overwhelmingly Christian." That had NOTHING to do with the situation in Nigeria where Muslims went on a murderous rampage against Christians because of cartoons. Can't you see how unfeeling and hypocritical that makes your attempt at sympathy/condemnation seem?
  5. My parents in law happen to have spent their lives as missionaries in countries throughout Africa. I have more than an iota of understanding about Africa, tribalism, history and culture, so you are the one guilty of drawing conclusions in ignorance! Address the issue and tell us what you know about the cartoons and the barbaric actions of these Muslim lowlife who burned down more than a dozen churches and businesses and brutally murdered people in churches, for the simple reason that they were Christians?
  6. The difference is that we believe God will punish people for their "sins of the flesh" one day. Our job is to show them that God hates sin but not the sinner and help them change their ways.
  7. Address this article instead of deflecting attention away from it or get lost! :mad: Start another thread if you want to discuss other issues. Your lack of heart is obvious and sickening!
  8. Not only Wahabi's are terrorists. You're here aren't you? ;)
  9. Excuse me, but these Christians had nothing to do with the cartoons which is what this is all about! I would say they were indeed innocent. We can expect no outcry from from the likes of those like yourself, who would rather trivialize these horrific acts by making a statement like you did. The bottom line appears to be that you can't find it in your heart to feel anything for anyone who isn't a Muslim. :mad:
  10. Christians Targeted as Bloody Cartoon Violence Continues By Patrick Goodenough (CNSNews.com) - More than two dozen people have been killed in another weekend of Muslim rioting linked to cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, with the most serious violence occurring in Nigeria, where Christians bore the brunt of Muslim anger. At least 16 people were killed in the country's northern Borno state, and Muslim rioters also torched more than a dozen churches and businesses linked to Christians, according to police figures. A Nigerian national daily newspaper, This Day, reported that Muslims armed w
  11. Because Tehran is concerned about an Iraqi Shia regime that might not be under its control. Some time back Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shahwani claimed that raids on three Iranian safe houses in Baghdad uncovered a large cache of documents with names of Iranian contacts, locations of safe houses, telephone numbers, and photographs that document Iranian destabilizing campaign. These documents revealed that Iran had funneled $45 million to terrorists inside Iraq as part of an overall destabilization plan.
  12. I don't know about the Talmud, but it's not in the Torah either.
  13. It's not in the Bible. Not in the Old Testament neither in the New Testament. :no:
  14. Why? Nothing states that Khomeini's speeches have to be censored. If he made them, what's wrong with people reading them?
  15. Prove that Khomeini's speech was a fake and not authentic. 2. Hamas has killed many Americans in their attacks. Remember the Hamas attack in the cafeteria at Jerusalem's Hebrew University. 4 American students were killed. Also, when the lowlife attacked the pizzeria (Sbarro's) an American young lady. There have been many others. 3. The money was designated for the Palestinian authority before the elections and is still sitting in a bank account. So what if Israel gets more money. Who we give money to is our business. Do Islamic countries disclose how much money they give to the Palestinians?
  16. Salah, I can see where you're going with this but I can only speak for myself and my denomination. We don't approve of the use of drugs, alcohol or any substance taken that may cause addiction, including gambling. We do believe in dressing modestly, however, we will never embarrass those who come to church dressed otherwise. We would rather have people sit in church seats on a Sunday morning than stay at home. We concentrate in spiritual growth and building lives that bring honor to God. When we focus on cleaning up the inside, the outside is a matter of course and will fall in line eventually
  17. ^ Hi, SR, Glad you liked your commentary. You're preaching to the choir here. I believe most people on this board don't approve of the riots either. :)
  19. ^ A person who converts to Christianity does not need to prove a thing to you, AZ. Surely you suffer from too much self importance. Come to SC indeed! I have no desire to use something like this as a propaganda tool. Issues regarding people's relationship with Almighty God is not some kind of petty game. I'm speechless.
  20. We accept the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses as applying to all humankind. However, the dietary and ceremonial laws of Moses only apply to the Jewish people. The Jewish people agree this is so. The time when Jesus turned the water into wine was at a wedding. Probably his sister's wedding. I say that because Mary (His mother) came to Him with her concerns and surely that would only be of concern to her if it was her daughter's wedding. I could be wrong but it's not an important issue. However, there were wedding celebrations in the NT like we have today. Traditions are often cultural an
  21. ^ To express outrage is perfectly acceptable, and Muslims have every right to do so. Tell the Newspaper and the readers that Muslims are offended and deeply hurt by those images. Explain to them on a level the can relate to why this crosses a boundary for Muslims. Most people don't intentionally want offend and hurt people they don't even know and will offer an apology when the offense is explained to them, but the way Muslims reacted does not invite dialogue at all. It comes across as radical, extremism which is something they believe they need to take a stand against. Miscommunication and m
  22. Is a true Muslim what is seen on the outside or what takes place on the inside? Only God knows the true heart of man, so when did He give you special qualifications to judge? These people were born and raised Muslim. They prayed 5 times a day, went to Mecca, gave to the poor but finally decided they'd been duped. That Mohammed is not God's messenger. Their words. Since you believe you're divinely qualified to judge, your call.
  23. Likewise, the entire Arab and Islamic world sides with the Palestinians. Typical Islamic trait, dictating to the world who they should and shouldn't befriend, where we should and should not provide support, what cartoons are acceptable and what are not, but they are free to do whatever they please and don't dare question them. Hypocrits! :angry: All the Gulf States and Muslim countries have ever done is use the Palestinian issue to further their own agenda. They provide them with bomb making equipment and guns to further those ends. However, if the Muslim world does fund Palestinians then
  24. ^ Exactly! Apostates, as they're called, often get killed, and at times their extended families pay the price for their conversion. :cry:
  25. A cleric stooping to hiring a hit man to have someone killed is beyond comprehension. I'd like to see Muslims call for people like this guy to be removed from their Mosques. Wonder if we'll ever see that day? :( He should put his money to better use by helping the earthquake victims in Pakistan, who are still in dire need of assistance.
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