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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. lool ur such a loser haha. uve been going around asking people to visit ur blog. leeewseer. lol

    anyways if ur reading this it means ur back on sc n u failed to stay away. lol

    have a good/holy time in iran n iraq. pray for mee n my fam.

    tc wsss


  4. only if you send some money in to this bank account number 2346 89.....



  6. actually hes a student of ahmad deedat. and ahmad deedat himself said "what i learnt in 40 years, zakir Naik learnt in 4". i have heard this too mant times. its famous amongst shia n sunnis.
  7. two very good posts, and very good points touched on the second. dingdong, if Iran or any country allowed just any person to come in and settle they would be pathing the way for self destruction. the country has been under sanctions for decades, they have poverty in areas of the country, whith this in mind, while their own people are having troubles how can they open the doors to immigration. you can live and work in iran, so what if you dont have citesenship rights, they dont stop you practising your Islam, so if you really wanted to go to be in an Islamic enirovment than the citezanship issue wouldnt matter. look at it properly with an open mind, think of all the political/economical/state security implications that aer involved, and as Thurston said, not even major western powers are able to cope with the problems of mass immigration, my own country, Britain, for example, is facing a huge immigration problem, they ccan no longer cater for all the immigrants flocking in, the country is spending millions supporting immigrants when there are british born people living beneath the standard quality of life. if you Truely want than u can stay where u are currently and still practise Islam, u can make efforts to revoloutionise your area, the reason we are scattered around is so that Islam can spread to every ends of the earth. if we all gather up in Iran than what will happen to the rest of the world. hmm. dingdong, i think its abouttime you boght some solid proof of where Islam demands that a country allow anyone to inhabit it, or that a ruler is obliged to allow just anyone to live in his kingdom. the population now is FAR greater than the population in those days, and in those days it was every man for himself, the government did not do all the work a government today does. first lets prove that it is un islamic for any country to put restrictions on people mirating there, and look at the proof in context with this day n age. than we can carry on. my non-iranian cousin owns a house in Iran, as do many of mine and my fathers friends, they live there and have been living there dome for over 20 years. like i said i know people who ahve lived there for most their life times and some of my dads friends still live there, the ones who moved there during the revoloution. and u can study there for ever, there is nothing that says you can stay 5 years. look at some of the ulema there in iran, they migrated from Iraq, and still live in Qum or Mashad.
  8. i feel ur pain. im male but i think i need to start wearing hijjab coz im getting to much attention from all the females, n too much hatred from the guys. damn being buetiful is a curse n blessing at the same time. well im not complaining. B)
  9. hey. how are u??

    lol haha at my comment on 8th july. who did i flirt with??? lool

  10. ok, nevermind, my dad translated it.
  11. Salam Alaikum. i was wondering if anyone could take the time out to read through this speech by Syed Khamanie and tell me if he mentiones womens rights anywhere in the speech. i dont want the whole speech translated, just any part in which he mentiones womens rights. i am wondering if the leader has said this in his speech: "We cannot be too insistent on the fact that the [only] condition to be a mufti [to be able to issue a fatwa] is to be a man, indeed it may be so that in certain areas it is just women who are to be able to issue fatwas". may Allah reward you for ur effort. jazak Allah. ws
  12. ouch. well to be honest its what i expected. a shame tho.
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