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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm not against the boycotting and peaceful demonstrations, I think it's good. I'm just interested in what the prophet's (saww) response might have been.
  2. He definitely wouldn't have laughed about it. You really think he would have laughed at people mocking the beloved of Allah (swt), the greatest man to have walked on the face of this earth? He would have been hurt by it, no doubt about it. Not hurt for his own sake, but hurt because he felt sorry for the people who did it and hurt because Allah (swt) is displeased by it. It's sad really, the prophet - who defended the human rights and dignity of all human beings equally is being ridiculed by those very people. I must say that it's equally sad that people ridicule our beloved prophet Jesus (as) with highly offensive cartoons on a regular basis. We Muslims should be protesting about that too.
  3. Well ofcourse he would have tolerated it. There were so many occasions where people insulted him, threw stones at him, threw rubbish at him, cursed him etc and he treated them with kindness in return. So there's no question about that. However, I think it's got to do with alot more than just personal insults. If his followers wanted to take revenge/some type of action, do u think he would've allowed it? Obviously he wouldnt have allowed them to do anything violent, but possibly some other action which would clearly communicate that what they've done is really bad.....
  4. (salam) As most of you know, there has been much controversy lately regarding the cartoons of the prophet (saww). There has been a variety of responses/suggestions from the muslim world - from boycotting to protesting to education and even threats etc. Now, my question is, if the prophet (saww) himself was here, what do you think his response would have been? It is relevant to mention here the stories of the Jewish lady who used to throw rubbish on him, the Christians who prayed in his mosque etc. We all know what a peaceloving man the prophet was. NEVER in his life did he fight an offensive war - violence was always the last resort. Anyway, what do you think the prophet (saww) would have done. Replies appreciated (salam)
  5. is it haram to pierce your belly? ive heard piercings are halal in general but belly piercing is a lil more dangerous. fatwas from a variety of marja would be good, thanks :)
  6. nice point u raised, i wanna hear people's thoughts on this
  7. yeah but its not just about her earning more than him, its also about what the guy would do when put in this situation, aswell as about her being in such a prestigous job compared to him being in a blue collar job so yeah, i specifically wanna know ur thoughts on this particular situation brothers
  8. I have a question for the brothers.....lets say a girl is at uni doing her medicine/law/some other high paying job degree (which means she will be making alot of money later on) and she decides to marry a guy who is a plumber or a mechanic or something like that. This means she will be bringing home most of the money and be the main provider even if they work the same number of hours. My question is, if u were that guy, would it bother you? or would u not care, or would u get another job, or would u be stubborn and insist that she leave her job and that ur income will be sufficient to provide for them. this question encompasses the issues of both the wife working outside the home and also earning more money than the husband, so think carefully about ur answers
  9. how about chicken stir fry and fried rice.....or even just vegie stirfry
  10. Hey ppl, im having a mental blank. Just a question regarding salat. You know when u go on sajda then u come back up and go Allahu akbar, astaghfirallahu wa rabbi atoob illay Allahu akbar and then u go on sajda again. When u come back up the second time r u sposed to say Allahu akbar again or do u just go straight into alhamdulilah ashhaduan laillah haillallah wa ash haduana muhammad an rasool Allah etc (my example is obviously referring to 2nd and 4th rakat but my q applies to all rakats) Thank u
  11. Just take it outside.......not with ur hands obviously, but with a broom or something
  12. I asked someone the other day who their marja was and they seemed offended. It never even occurred to me that people would be offended when asked. Alot of ppl are though, I think. How do u guys feel when someone asks you? Comfortable/uncomfortable?
  13. No. I forgot to mention something. Some of u might fall into more than 1 category. For example, you may fall into ''I am a male, I am married to more than one person'' as well as ''I am a male, I am married with children''. In such cases, vote for the option that appers first on the list. However, some of you may be divorced and you may also fall into another category. If the other category is ''I am a male/female, I am single and looking/not looking'' then choose the option ''I am a male/female, I am divorced''. If however, you are divorced and also fall into another category apart from those two, then choose the other category. In other words, the option ''I am a male/female, I am divorced'' is only for those divorcees who are single and looking/not looking. Alternatively, you could post your marital status up.
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