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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. when you make someone sad, they have to forgive you or else they will have all your good deeds for themselves in the hereafter, but what if you apologize and they still didn't forgive you, but you pray to Allah to forgive you; will that work?
  2. Is it true that the souls is able to travel around the world, or visit their family for 40 days after their death?
  3. Everytime Im done praying, I remember all bad memories; for some reason the tears wont stop coming. it mostly happens when Im about to sleep and when I pray. Do you know whats the reason behind it?
  4. why is this dunya so hard, why wont Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) stop testing me
  5. i know why, but I cant say it publicly.
  6. i dont know why they show so much hate, i think they are jealous
  7. yup, shes a year older then me and the other one is 2 months younger then me.
  8. Sorry this is about witchcraft again but I'm against it!! I just wanted help with how I should protect myself from it, there are these 2 people that are trying to do witchcraft on me
  9. I am a sayyid shia muslim, but i'm not sure what the word sayyid means, do you?
  10. There is a dua for guidance to the right path Our prophet Muhammad (sal Allah hu Alayhi wa Sallam) taught his companions and followers to follow istikhara when it is hard times, and you are about to make a crucial decision. As the literal meaning, it is nothing but looking for the answers to the questions that have arisen in your mind. Allah is the only one who can show you the right path, even if it seems that there is no way out. Hence, all a person requires is to have faith in the holiness of Allah. Istikhara is done by performing a prayer known as salat e istikhara for the dua for guidance to the right path. We have given the step by step instructions that you need to follow strictly for the fulfillment of the dua for guidance to the right path: First of all, you have to perform ablution. Make space for prayers. Also, make sure you have found the right direction that is Qibla. Start to offer prayers. Now, perform the recitation of Surah al Fatiha. Do the recitation of Surah al Kafirun. Now, recite surah Fatiha again and then recite surah ikhlas. Now, perform the supplication of the istikhara. You are free to repeat the whole procedure no matter how many times you want. Follow the procedure mentioned above with a pure heart to get positive results from the dua for guidance to the right path.
  11. how do you block or ignore someone here?
  12. mehh, im specific when I ask my questions
  13. Is it permissible to eat frog in islam?
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