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  1. Watch the boys and girls of Dar es Salaam as they pay tribute to the great sacrifice of Imam Husayn. Nauha recited in English and their mother tongue of Gujarati.
  2. A nasheed to know about our 12 Imams
  3. In honor of Imam Sajjad
  4. I AM SAKINA Listen to Bibi Sakina's lamentations after the events of Ashura and the response of her true follower.
  5. Salaam A latmiya/nauha about the event of Karbala. Kindly watch and share your opinions
  6. English latmiya about the Tasbeeh of Zahra in Karbala by Lady Zainab as. Based on the popular farsi latmiya by Hajj Mahdi Rasoli
  7. Salaam https://youtu.be/LCr7ua9v3m8 *The Month Has Come* - Inviting the world to our unique grief. An English latmiya video to explain to non muslims the concept of Muharram and why we cry every year.
  8. Salaams Based on the popular Farsi song about Imam Reza. As a pigeon I want to fly Breaking shackles that hold me by To reach your dome anyway To meet Imam Ridha everyday If I could breathe your air everyday At your haram, salaam I would say I would no longer be lost in such a place I am living with lies in disgrace Actions are catching up to me I need your help so that I am finally free
  9. I believe they are powerless and unable to do anything except by His permission. And with His permission, they are able to do anything. But ultimate power is with Allah. How is this decreasing Allah's power or uniqueness
  10. Oh the Princes of Baqi Your graves are dusty and alone Oh the Princes of Baqi Laying broken under the sun Oh the princes of Baqi Up to this very day and year Oh the princes of Baqi After death you they still fear Oh the princes of Baqi Where you are buried we agree Oh the princes of Baqi At least those pictures we can see Where is the Sayyida Nabi's daughter, where is she buried Hasnain's mother, where is she buried No one knows! Would love to hear your feedback, criticisms, suggestions. Jazakallah
  11. Sorry, was away for a bit. Inshallah will be having the video on God in around 4 weeks time. The channel URL www.youtube.com/akhwayn
  12. This is a 'gotcha' type question such as being asked, 'Yes or no, do you still beat your wife?'. The question is based on a false pretense to start with. I will be releasing a series of short talks on my youtube page explaining such questions in an easy to understand way in the next few weeks. Take a look and subscribe inshallah :-)
  13. Bulls eye! Keep up the daily prayers and start paying your debt :-)
  14. Firstly I applaud your courage and stance to go out of your way to pray when it could have been so much easier to not pray. May Allah continue to guide you help you in your journey. For what its worth, a dry najis washroom should be ok to pray in under normal situations as well as long as you and your clothes are dry and the sajdagah/turbah is not najis. However, the importance of prayers is such that for instance when time is running out and one has only najis clothes, then one may even pray in that state!
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