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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you so much @islamicmusic and @Hameedeh this info and advice from both of you was really helpful. I’m sorry for being aggrieved earlier at a lack of response.
  2. All I did was post a really benign question asking for advice about taqlīd. I had no interest in having a political debate. Nobody has addressed my actual question and I have just been repeatedly attacked and smeared by people accusing me of views that I don’t hold in the least!
  3. Wow! Ok I don’t even know where to start! First of all, you have misread me very badly. I am not a Green Movement supporter, I am not a MEK/MKO supporter, like I said repeatedly I support the ISLAMIC Republic (not the Iranian Republic). I have never uttered such slogans because I fully support Iran’s foreign policy across the Middle East. I support Hezbollah, Hamas and the IRGC. None of my words indicate otherwise. I am a proud Iranian Shia to the bone. Your ridiculous ad hominem attempt to slander me bears no relation to anything I wrote. Next, none of the articles you posted prove that Ayatollah Haydari is not under house arrest. In fact they clearly back up the fact that his office has been closed and his practice has been stopped, due to some of the statements he has made. Like I said I have been in touch with people who have studied under him, who are clear that he is not permitted to leave his home and has been banned from having contact with the outside world. Why are clerics in Iraq campaigning for his release and asking that he be permitted to leave Iran and return there? Are they MEK/MKO supporters too? This is more slander and lies! Astaghfirullah! How can you say this about Ayatollah Montazeri when one of his own sons was martyred in an MEK bombing in 1981 and his other son was blinded while fighting for Iran during the Iran-Iraq war! Do you have no shame?! I didn’t agree with all of his views, but I do not backbite or tell lies about him. Who did you sacrifice in the battle against Saddam and the traitors who supported him? Any of your own flesh and blood? Because if the answer is no one, then he did more for his country than you could ever do! You are right, every patriotic Iranian loathes the MEK/MKO which is why you try to smear anybody who disagrees with you as a supporter of theirs. It is a pathetic tactic, and one which anyone who has any knowledge of Iran’s history and politics can see straight through. I do not know what has led your heart to harden to this extent, but I pray that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has mercy on you and broadens your chest so that you can see that backbiting and slandering is a grave sin.
  4. I am not sure this discussion is going to go anywhere. If you don’t understand why the Sayed’s arrest would not be publicised in Iranian State media, then you don’t have a very good grasp of Iranian politics or the different schools of thought in Qom. It is not only the Shirazis who have been placed under house arrest, it is most often reformists, with Ayatollah Montazeri being a classic example. Sayed Haydari is of course completely opposed to the Shirazis and Akhbaris and is staunchly anti-sectarian and pluralistic in his theological views. The reason he has been arrested is not because he is pro-unity himself but because he gave a very public interview with an Iraqi news channel where he outed other Maraji who claim to be pro Islamic Unity in public and made it clear that they actually takfir Sunnis behind closed doors. You are right that this goes completely against the image that Ayatollah Khamanei and others have tried to cultivate about Shia clerics and authorities in Iran, which is why they have silenced Haydari, as his remarks deeply embarrassed them on an international stage. This was the primary reason for his detention but his questioning of Velayat e Faqih and mandatory hijab hasn’t helped matters. Like I said I love my country and support the Republic (I am so proud that we are the only Islamic country who support the Palestinian people and that we drove ISIS out of Iraq), but I also love the truth. Life isn’t black and white, every government does good and bad things. You clearly have a lot of love and respect for the Islamic Republic despite not being Iranian yourself, which is wonderful but don’t let it completely blind you to its faults. It is not infallible, only the government that Imam Mahdi will establish will be, may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) hasten his return.
  5. I mean you can choose to believe what you want and I understand you might be paranoid about non Iranian news sources. But what about the tweet I posted from Sayid Hassan Mousavi who has been campaigning for his release, as have other clerics? Here are three different videos of campaigners talking about his detention: Like I said my family in Tehran have confirmed he has been arrested and his office has been shut down and I have also been in contact with people who have studied under him who have explained his situation. The video you posted is very old, more recently he has been more critical of the Velayat e Faqih system, he also got in trouble for speaking out about Shia scholars takfiring Sunnis behind closed doors and embarking on an in depth academic study examining the concept of hijab. He has ruffled feathers for many years and now it appears he has been finally clamped down on, like what has happened to Hassan al Maliki in Saudi Arabia for his support of the Shias. I’m an Iranian who supports the Republic not an anti-regime pro-Us pro-Saudi stooge. I understand the complexity of the situation that Iran is in geopolitically and have always supported most of its actions, particularly in terms of foreign policy. What I do not support is authorities in Qom shutting down any reformist or modernist scholarly voices, this goes against the rationality and the concept of Ijtihad that the Shia school of thought itself is founded upon. I wish that they took their cues from Najaf where this does not happen. This is not the first time, in Iran many Ayatollahs have been placed under house arrest over the years. Please do some research, if you do not believe me. (Also just as an aside I really like Alireza Panahian and regularly watch his lectures, but he is not an Ayatollah, he is a Hojatoleslam.)
  6. It has been widely known that he has been under house arrest for many months. Here are some links: https://www.alarabiya.net/amp/iran/2021/01/18/الحرس-الثوري-يفرض-اقامة-جبرية-على-الحيدري-تغريدة-تكشف https://www.nabdalyemen.com/main/2021/01/18/الحرس-الثوري-يفرض-إقامة-جبرية-على-كمال/ https://en.radiofarda.com/a/ayatollah-breaks-with-conventions-triggering-criticism/30921756.html My family in Iran have confirmed this and I have also been in contact with people who follow his work who have explained how serious his situation is.
  7. I wrote about this a couple of days ago but didn’t get any response, so have decided to rephrase it into a few questions. My Marja is Ayatollah Haydari. He is currently under house arrest, which means for several months his office has been closed, content has been removed from his site and is no longer being updated and he has no contact with the outside world. There has been no indication when this situation will end. I have been using his Risalah that was published in English in 2015 and the few istefta up on his site in order to follow his rulings. However this has become increasingly difficult due to there being quite a few topics on which there are currently no rulings published and when a ruling in his Risalah is vague or I don’t understand it, I’m not able to ask for clarification. I have as a result been referring more and more to the rulings of others, particularly Ayatollah Fadlallah as I believe him to be the next most knowledgeable or as knowledgeable. I would in an ideal world continue taking Haydari’s taqleed but one of his conditions for deciding who to follow are “It is obligatory for a Mukallaf to follow (Taqlīd) the one who is the “most knowledgeable”, “most able” and “most competent”. He defines the “most able“ like this: “When we say the “most able” person, we are referring to one that has the administrative ability to answer the questions and doubts of his followers (Muqalidīn) as well as constantly follow up on their affairs and circumstances.” After reading this, I realised I can no longer consider him the “most able” due to the restrictions that are currently being placed on him, am I correct? So am I right in saying that I should change my taqleed to someone who is the closest to be as knowledgeable as Haydari, such as Fadlallah, who would be considered to be more “able” as all of his rulings are published and and he has a team of administrators who are keeping his website up to date and are available to respond to questions? I know it is controversial to follow a deceased Marja but as Haydari is my current Marja and he permits it, (with conditions that I believe Fadlallah meets), am I right in saying this would be permissible for me? PS when I have posted here in the past I have not been able to respond to comments on the posts I have made. I write the comment and it says it is subject to approval and then it just disappears. Any way I can prevent this from happening?
  8. My marja is Ayatollah Kamal al Haydari, who has unfortunately been under house arrest for quite a few months now. As a result, his office has closed, some content has been removed from his site and it has stopped being updated. This means that it has become impossible to get rulings on certain subjects, ask questions or gain clarifications on rulings he has already published. I continue to refer to his Risalah which I think was published in 2015 and the small amount of istefta that is still up on his website and for when there isn't a ruling or the ruling is vague I consult Ayatollah Sistani or Ayatollah Fadlallah's rulings (e.g. on Riba, Ramadan moon sighting or some clarification on Hayd rules). I just wanted to know what others are doing in this situation as I feel I am having to refer more and more often to others and it is becoming a little confusing. I don't really don't want to stop taking his taqleed as I do still believe him to be the most knowledgeable but I also don't know how tenable this situation this as there is no current prospect that he will be released? What has happened to other Marjas who have been placed under house arrest in Iran, have any been eventually released and allowed to practice again? As far as I know no one has announced that he has been disqualified for emulation as has been done with some previous marjas like Ayatollah Saanei. Any advice from those who follow Haydari themselves or those who don't would be really welcome.
  9. That’s very reassuring. Thank you so much.
  10. Jazakallah khair. That was actually really helpful advice, thank you.
  11. I need some help with a ritual purity question as I made a mistake a couple of days ago and don't know if it needs fixing or how to fix it. A couple of days ago my bathroom floor was contaminated with droplets of urine and menses blood. It was very early in the morning and I wanted to purify it as quickly as possible. In my haste though I have suddenly realised that I may have missed a crucial step. My marja is Ayatollah al-Haydari and his instructions in this instance are: "When purifying land, the original Nijasah (impurity) must first be removed thereafter that area should be washed although the method of purifying land differs according to the type of land: 1- Hard land which cannot be penetrated by Nijasah, like ceramic floors and other floors like that. In this case after removing the original Nijasah, pouring water on the impure area will purify it and it is not necessary that the water is completely collected and dried up and even if some remains it is pure." The problem is I missed the first step. Instead of removing the droplets first I poured water directly over them and mopped it up all the water with kitchen paper towels. I then cleaned the affected area with disinfectant spray. I am satisfied that there are no germs left as a result of doing this but did I not actually make it tahir? The problem is since that morning my husband and I have taken multiple showers (I tend to shower twice a day and my husband once a day), so we have stepped over the floor with wet feet and then walked all over the flat on several occasions. So if I didn't make the bathroom floor tahir does that mean that all the surfaces our wet feet touched is now najis? This is basically our entire flat including our bed. Do I now need to burn our flat down? Should we just move and buy entirely new possessions? Ok, seriously, what do in this instance? Try and forget about it because I didn't know in this instance and just make sure to follow all the proper steps next time? Or is there a simple way to fix it? I would appreciate any advice
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