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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The best thing that can happen is world end. Thats it.
  2. Only evil people want this world to stay forever so they can enjoy their evil luxury lives
  3. I have no hope. My only hope is in world war 3. I just want the end to come. Sick of this world seeing people living in a mansion while i can't get things i want and deserve. At least if everyone came together and fought back agaisnt [edited by moderator] propaganda i would be happier. But not even muslims are doing enough to destroy them
  4. I don't mean literally . I know its very hard in today's time. I mean lets mass flag posts and profiles that promote degeneracy on youtube and social medias and we need to spread the world. The social medias and youtube support the world zionist [edited] agenda. If we do this maybe we can open the eyes of others to show cruelty of the zionists. Because by doing this to the enemy . They will get angry and show their true colors. And the whole world may finally go agaisnt them. I can't count on other religious groups to do this as they are close minded when it comes to this zionist thing. So i can only count on muslims. We need to make a difference. If we don't start we never will. Also we should also mass flag all profiles we see . It doesn't matter their religious background. For example not only people from christian background commit degeneracy but I've seen muslims in the west as well(although a much smaller number do degeneracy compare to other religious groups) support lgbt on profiles. So lets mass flag all of them. We push away the [Edited] agenda and zionist
  5. We will have it soon and be ready. For the end draws near
  6. Life has become pointless now. Things are only going downhill. All we can do is warn people.Lets all wait for the ultimate judgement to come.
  7. I don't know bout that. Maybe where u live only its like that
  8. @notmeheavy censorship is what we need. This way the next generation will have a fresh new mind not involving any degeneracy
  9. Many of us are not caring about other societies decaying. We are only looking at our society decaying because we don't realise society decaying in other parts of the world will affect our society more. clearly establishing an islamic government is not enough. Else saudi arabia would not face issues like having pop music and samba dance in its land which is agaisnt islam. So what do you think is the solution in your own mind. My only solution is to block all social medias and youtube alike. Only allow things like news,sites that contain information etc.. if someone wants to be entertained then go out for a walk instead of youtube. Which am guilty of using a lot and everyday
  10. I like this site because here people are agaisnt sexual immorality and I've met a few single Muslims on this site who are like me single and are not having it easy in society. Because being single in a westernised society is not easy with the oversexualisation and all. And on other sites that are non muslim. People are more tolerant to sexual immorality. Thats why this site is better. But unfortunately this site seems to be losing views amd becoming less active
  11. you are joking right? at least your country has freedom economically.
  12. why don't you go to south asian muslim country?
  13. and now some christians will probably think that i can get comfort through there words like its enough. well guess what so do the athiests and muslims comfort me when i tell them am ill. words aren't enough. you are suppose to show more hospitality to a brother in your faith
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