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  1. Yeah unfortunately they will be making the passport and it will most likely be digital. Although, Danes are not forced to take the vaccine per se, but if they want to eat at a restaurant for instance, they must have taken a Covid test in the past 48 hours whose result is negative. So far, the final decision has not been made, since Denmark is still focusing on vaccination. I doubt that governments will directly force its citizens to take the vaccine. They will just make your life way more difficult and put many more restrictions on those who are not vaccinated in order to indirectly coerce them into doing so. Don't forget the social aspect and how big of an impact that can have on people. Those who are vaccinated will start to look down on those who didn't, making them appear as outcasts. It's already happening now.
  2. Pretty sure theses are sunni hadiths. They have some interesting ahadeeth about dajjal, ya'jug wa ma'jug (gog and magog) etc.
  3. Have any of you seen this trailer? It looks very promising so I'm really excited. The release date is still not precise but according to the producer it will be done within 2-3 years.
  4. Studying for my exams . Apart from that, I will insha'Allah do a complete reading of the Quran (khatma), practice my tajweed and read some Islamic books. May Allah cleanse our hearts and instill enlightenment in us in this holy month.
  5. We can already see the gradual normalization of pedophilia, and the indoctrination of sexual perversions into the minds of children. Kids in kindergarten are being taught about drag-queens and gender-neutrality. Absolutely sickening. "But if they do not respond to you - then know that they only follow their [own] desires. And who is more astray than one who follows his desire without guidance from Allah? Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people." [Quran 28:50]
  6. Wa alaikum al salam. Your criteria is healthy and there's nothing wrong with it, it is what most men want. However, when the time comes and you meet a woman, be sure to discuss these requirements with her prior to moving forward as others have mentioned. Do not just suddenly tell her that you expect her to wear hijab when she didn't wear it when you met. Perhaps you can reach a middle ground regarding some of your demands, such as not having male followers on Instagram instead of completely disallowing it. As for your odds, they aren't great, but if Allah wants it for you and you are sincere then insha' Allah you will be blessed with a happy and healthy marriage.
  7. No. We simply make a distinction between the companions based on their character and actions that were committed during the lifetime of The Prophet (S) and after. There are many companions that we revere and respect. This is a very baseless and bold claim, do clarify. If you are asking about an ayah which explicitly mentions Imam Ali (عليه السلام) by name then there is none, however the concept of Imamah can be proven. Now let me ask you, if The Prophet (A) gives a command to the Muslims, is he speaking out of his own or is he being commanded by Allah?
  8. Nowadays, the problems don't even stop at just finding a partner. All sorts of problems arise after the engagement period. I've seen couples break off their engagement over the most ridiculous reasons, "I don't like floor color of this weeding hall", "I want a $16k wedding ring, excluding the $20k mahr" etc. and the worst part is that the parents encourage it. Sadly, many Muslims in the west started to view marriage as a medium for bragging and have very unrealistic expectations which further complicates an already complicated issue.
  9. @guest 2025As far as I know, it means deliberately turning your head to look at something else during prayer.
  10. AS Question: Is it permissible to invest in companies who deal in part, in intoxicating drinks without the possibility of separating one’s investment from that of the others in that line of production? Answer: It is not permissible to participate or deal in the production of intoxicating drinks. Source.
  11. The only thing Muslims in the west study, is medicine . I don't see why you're giving up on perusing medicine, as Abu Hadi mentioned, you can avoid the problematic areas unless you specifically choose to work in an area where said problems arise.
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