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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes exactly, like astrology, palm reading, cristal reading, showing off, saying that without someone something wouldn’t have happened but it’s Allah(azwj) that all good are from.
  2. Salam Alaykom, Question: Can Allah forgives a muslim if they commit shirk? I know Islam is submitting one’s self to The One, but let’s say they committed it. I know in the Quran God says that He won’t forgive shirk. I see some brothers/sisters saying yes and some saying no. I’m confused.
  3. May Allah reward all you brothers the best, this gave me peace to my heart al hamdoulilah. It’s the most beautiful thing I ever heard. Also I found this from a brother who sent me this. https://www.al-islam.org/ask/why-is-shirk-such-a-major-sin-against-god-that-he-will-not-forgive-despite-his-unlimited-compassion-and-mercy-when-for-sins-against-other-people-we-are-asked-by-god-to-seek-their-forgiveness
  4. I need more conviction, because I see others saying no. Could you?
  5. No I don’t want to despair of the mercy of Allah. You are right, I did it ignorantly and Allah knows it. Imagine 2 pictures with the same image. These 2 pictures one I look at it the way I want to, personally and the other is legit what is interpreted/represented by let’s say the artist. I chose to do the tattoo with the first view of the image, but because of the second image it started to corrupt everything. I know it’s haram what they believed, but my perception of the first image isn’t to what I’m holding, I just see the second on me, I don’t believe it to be true, absolutely not. It’s bothering me so much, but I will follow your true dear advices brother.
  6. Actually I knew what it represented, but I knew it later, but the picture I saw it before and loved it. I already had a personal perception on it. With research I later knew and thought to myself, I’m muslim I don’t believe it’s true even if the painting is recognized as astagfirullah, every time someone asked me about it, I told them what personally I had as definition, because of my intention thought it was halal the way I looked at it, even knowing well it’s haram what christians believe. Everytime I looked it, I knew the each hands were represented but didn’t believe, until I started to get closer to Allah, realized my tattoo is shirk, haram and done ignorantly, now I just see what legit the painting is represented, I’m scared and fear all the time, I only see shirk nothing more. I’m not back to my previous intention because the intense of this tattoo.
  7. Did I commited an act of shirk?
  8. Yes, never I will do such ignorant act, But I’m scared, does Allah forgive this type of thing? Am I considered a mushrik? I’m very scared all the time.
  9. I wanted brother, but I’m traveling in few days so I have to do it later, going to a hot country isn’t the right time.
  10. Actually I didn’t know it was haram, I thought it was okay the way I saw it, then way later I knew it’s haram having this tattoo.
  11. I loved the painting, I saw it as just 2 hands, not saying it’s the hands of God and adam, but simply like how I personally wanted, buttt then I realized why did I still do it even after knowing it’s haram?? I started to doubt myself. Now I only see it as the way christians consider, but not believing it is true.
  12. Salam alaykom, I’ve been suffering for a good moment about a tattoo I regret alot, you’ve probably saw it on my earlier posts, but it’s the 2 hands of painting of michelangelo. I did it with a the idea of each 2 being so close to each others that they barely touch having this symbol of " hope ". I did some research and knew the painting was meant to be astaghfirullah the hand of God and Adam(عليه السلام), but I did it anyway not caring, not believing in it, always having the principal idea, but everytime I looked at it I jnew it was labelled as what christians believe, but denied reality of shirk, I didn’t know it was haram to put it as a tattoo. I am scared that I did some shirk, I regret a lot. I don’t really see it as I used to before, now it’s labelled as " the painting of michelangelo, 2 hands of astaghfirullah and it’s shirk and haram" I feel like my intention wasn’t sincere, I doubt myself and I’m stressing all the time, crying and depressing as if death is ready to take me soon to be tortured for ever. Plz help, I want to get it off with laser, but I can’t I’m traveling soon for a whole month and I’m tired, really tired. What’s going on?
  13. Salam, According to scholars it is halal with requirements obviously, to be both in public places, no touching/ flirting and should be done for halal purposes.
  14. Wa alaykom elsalam brother, you're are right Allah looks at the intentions of someone. Fear and so many mixed emotions made me lose sight about it and I should never let that happen again insh'Allah. It's accumulations of so many things and I'm fighting it everyday, it's harder when you're not working or studying and most of your time you spend it alone, in your comfort zone, what automatically will happen? Start thinking, about the past and future and forget the present, the shay tan whispers you so many things and start to become in a vicious circle of toxic energies. I'm daily like this, it's harder done than said but I'm fighting, insh'Allah He will help me and I know He is, that is all this is temporary, I know the sun will shine sooner or later. But I have to be patience and keep my hopes. But days are long, fights are hard and I get dragged easy in dark clouds. I pray Allah for the best to all believers, words can't describe how reality is, I know many are going through that I pray for you dear brother and all my dear muslims for the best. Everyone is going through a battle in silence and only The Only One knows what's goin on. All my prayers for you, thank you for being there it means a lot.
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