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  1. Thank you brother, It’s interesting what you’re recommending me, hopefully it will be affective. I will try to talk about this to my psychologist and see where it will go. All my prayers.
  2. Salam alaykom, I’m seriously fearful, I’m in the worst situations. I’ve extreme intrusive thoughts of shirk in my mind and mostly during prayer. I am not able to say the word Allah because a lot of images are trying to be associated with. I can’t pray correctly it takes almost an hour to finish. I can’t do dhikr, read quran proprely because of the extreme thoughts I fear my salat has been corrupted. I know I’ve talked about this issue in the past, but these days it got really worse and I’m seeing a psychologist, I’ve seen him only for just 2 sessions, we haven’t started yet any therapy just " questions/answers " about my life. I’m tired of suffering. Anyone know how to get out of this calamity? I tried meditation a bit, but thoughts are like stuck. Muslims talk about Allah, but I feel like I am so ignorant about Him. I know about the concept of Tawheed, but I am not living it because of the hard obstacles I am going through. Any advice plz?
  3. Wa alaykom esalam, you are right brother you’ve told me this before, but after months I’ve read that shirk is to sin against God am I right? The verse, I am not surely right according to my understanding it speaks about those who sinned against themselves. So this is where I started to raise questions and got really scared. You tell me if I’m wrong brother.
  4. Great advice thank you brother.
  5. Wa Alaykom esalam dear brother, I am speechless, your words went through my heart, may Allah prepare for you a seat in Jannah for what you just said to me. It’s so dark being lonely and feeling like doors are closed infront of you, it’s hard hearing such words, when the only words you hear is from the shaytan. This is a gift from Allah what you just brought to me. I am thankful. And in your case for how long did you deal with these thoughts? And for how long did it took them to go away?
  6. Thank you for your answer brother, but I’m suffering because of my mental issues and fear that I’ve committed something unintentionally. I have wasawas since last year and can’t take them off. While doing remembering Allah I’m scared that I’ve associated the dhikr with the images without knowing. I have been scared and anxious about the future
  7. What about the verse that says God forgives all sins except shirk? Is it before death or after? And does He forgives even done by a muslim?
  8. Maybe I have OCD, but the problem I didn’t know how to deal with these thoughts so I started interacting with them. Like when shirk thoughts popped in my mind, I would say that the face of someone’s man coming in mind and trying to mess up my faith, that it I would give it a name like " oh that’s the Imam Mahdi (ajf) " to change to what the shaytan is trying to do and have an appreciation or a good idea like trying to switch a bad idea into a good one, but it just got worse, I don’t know if you understand me. But then later I started having more and more of these thoughts, faces of men considered as Imam Mahdi (ajf) to be considered as astaghfirullah and my mind would go crazy. Because I gave it a good idea I appreciated them, trying not to have bad ideas and shirk thoughts that’s what I was trying to get away from. The problem is because I interacted with them, every time I want to connect with God, these thoughts were all the time popping and it got a mixed, weird, scary, really anxious vibes of what to do??? I was like I tried to maie it look something else, I liked it because I associated the thought with Imam Mahdi (ajf) but then I trying to remember Allah and still having them thoughts got me anxious, I was like damn I can’t take off the " likeness to the Imam ". UGHHH it’s very mental torturing. I don’t know if unintentionally did shirk while remembering Allah because I showed love to the thoughts by naming it the Imam Mahdi (ajf). I am sooo scared and lost, my mind is really corrupted.
  9. Salam, yes you are absolutly right. It’s a lot of factors in my life and mental health issues that affected my mind and soul. But I’m just scared that because of my corrupted mind I did shirk unintentionally. I know despairing from God’s mercy is the second sin. But what should I do if I have committed unintentionally shirk because of so many problems in my life? Am I going not a muslim anymore and going for hell forever?
  10. Salam alaykom brothers and sisters, I’ve been really worried since the past few days because of my corrupted mind. I always get images of human beings in my mind that are all the time in my head that I can’t remove and whenever I try to do dhikr they are here. I’m scared that unintentionally I’ve done shirk. It has been killing me. Even when I’m not paying attention and doing dhikr I get these thoughts. I try to not to think of anything but they are legit stuck in my head feeling as if I’ve commited shirk without realizing. I do believe in Allah as The One Lord the concept of Tawhid, that there’s nothing like Him and He’s like no One. I have been struggling a lot for years as depression, loneliness, overthinking all the time 24/7, having a failure life, always doubting my self in everything, I don’t know of that has to do with whatever I’m going through. But you might have an idea because of my past posts of what kind of life I’ve went through. I know I’m not alone, but I’m struggling to get closer to God. I always have these images since a year, I’m worried for my future if I will go to hell forever.
  11. Salam, yes because I know there isn’t just me who’s going through that and I needed to reach out, knowing many feel this way. To be at least a voice of the voiceless, to show hope in all of us that Allah is The best planner, He is preparing something which is unbelievable. In dark times, I always remember the story of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (عليه السلام) all the years he spent in prisons. His patience, his optimism, his obedience and no matter what he accepted whatever happened by being grateful. You are all in my prayers.
  12. Thank you, I do definitely relate my situation through your words. It isn’t easy honestly. To be surrounded by people and still feel like a stranger, it shows the lack of closeness in relationship, even the ones I consider them " close ". It’s really a feeling of loneliness. I hate it, you want to be close to someone, they offend you unintentionally just by being yourself. The judgment they have on you, the differences and indifferences makes you feel like you have no choice to isolate your inner self, chain them or suppress them, because no one understands you. I hate to isolate myself in my room for hours. There’s a toxic vibe to which I attach myself to the comfort zone. It’s a dream killer, but it’s like a bad friend who accepted you. I don’t want to be accepted, but just I want a real connection. Not to be treated as a another face in the crowd. Not be treated as someone they " know " who is this person is. I don’t also want to hang with " closes " ones who use you as a pillow to cry on their problems. To not even look up after you, not ask you " how are you?" with sincerity that is leaving the " you’re just a hanger with us. I don’t want to be accepted, I want real connection. I want people of quality, but I have to ask myself, am I also " that type " of person? I guess by realizing how I am with others, I could give an yes answer. But maybe I’m doing something that is leading to such type of relationship. I don’t know I guess I got to meditate upon that. Jazak’Allah Khair.
  13. Salam, Thank you for sharing inspiring words. Insh’Allah I will work with it. It’s not easy. But I do believe Allah azwj will help me and all the believers who are going through those situations. Jazak’Allah kheir
  14. That’s very nice to hear this, may Allah bless you with the best mash’Allah and ease your affairs. You are in my prayers too brother. Read the verse that will help you in preach truth to others, say the things that Allah will want you to say: رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي أَمْرِي وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةً مِّن لِّسَانِي يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِي Translation "O my Lord! Widen for me my bossom (grant me self-confidence, contentment, and boldness); And ease my task for me; And make loose the knot (i.e. the defect restricting speech) from my tongue; So they may understand what I say"
  15. Salam alaykom guest Salam, how are you doing? It's been a year you've posted this post, I'm wondering how are you doing? Have you felt any change, are things better insh'Allah? You know, I'm going through exactly the same thing as what in your post you described your situation. I'm sorry to hear what you went through or maybe still going '' hopefully not'' through this.
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