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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaykom, I really need help I’ve been thinking about some past actions that I commit and I’m depressed for thinking of the fact that some of them involved riya’. I just recently knew about this minor shirk, it’s killing me. I sometimes used to do an act of worship to show-off and later I would feel bad about it because there’d be a mix intention to Allah and eyes of people. I repented seriously and I need to know do Allah forgive someone who did Riya? Plz let me know, I’m panicking just reading ahadiths about becoming a polytheist. Help
  2. Salam Alaykom dear brothers and sisters, I pray insh'Allah you're all doing well, I would like to share with you an important thing that I have found to be very useful for all of us who's struggling with all kind of problems in this world as well in the hereafter. The link is down below. Powerful dhikrs/supplications to 100 problems as: Why are my payers not answered? My prayers are often Qadha (belated). Fajr prayers often get ' Qadha ' because of oversleeping. Can not wake up in time for Tajjahud despite being aware of its importance. I have not ab
  3. You are right sister, al hamdoulilah. Thank you for your kind help and advices, may Allah be please with you bihaki mohammad wa ali mohammad.
  4. Wa alaykom salam brother, I’m thinking about seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist to see further about those thoughts/whispers because they are still coming time to time, but what’s specifically going on is that I repeat words that are the opposite of what’s whispered to me. It’s quite helping but I’m legit stuck with the same words in my mind, I feel I can’t think of anything else except them to not let unwanted thoughts to come.
  5. I have a question concerning my state, I was thinking about helping someone and all of a sudden a thought came my mind that was " If I was god what would I say " astaghfirullah I was scared I already was struggling with shirk whispers and I want to know it I an going to be held accountable when I believe in tawheed and refuse shirk thoughts or whispers from shaytan?
  6. Salam alaykom brothers and sisters, I am panicking I need help recently I was trying to help someone with a problem and without realizing there was thought that came in my mind that said « if I was god what would I say » astaghfirullah I panicked because if this thought I don’t know if it’s the shaytan or me but I am so scared I’m panicking if I did shirk, plz help
  7. You are right brothers, I really didn’t know what happened and it just started to scare me because I take shirk as a serious thing so I thought I was doing shirk. But I will take his whispers easier insh’allah. Thank you may Allah bless you
  8. Thank you very much brother, you brought ease in myself, Al hamdoulilah on His Bountiful Mercy. may Allah reward you the best of rewards. I heard about it honestly I either can’t self-diagnose to say if I might have an ocd but with my mental issues I have intentions to see soon a psychiatrist and a psychologist. May Allah be with you.
  9. Salam alaykom everyone, I want to know about our thoughts, whispers that we have in ourselves specifically the ones we don’t want them, I am scared because I am trying to not have bad thoughts which go against islam and Allah. the shaytan keeps whispering me, but then it keeps creeping in my mind and I try to forget them/ignore them, but it’s like if we are told to not think of a car, our mind automatically will think of it and that’s what he’s been doing I get scared that maybe Allah will punish me for them. Is there a way to purify our mind and have a pure self?
  10. Thank you everyone I may Allah guide us all bihaki mohammad wa alii mohammad. I want to know are we held accountable for our thoughts even tho we’re trying to not have them?
  11. Salam alaykom, I will make it short,but it’s been a week I’m just mentally, physically, emotionally tired and sad, I’m crying everyday, I don’t eat well, I’ve been having unwanted thoughts that are against Allah like shirk and words that just goes against Allah I feel ashamed of myself, I feel that I’ve done something really wrong I do believe in Allah, I make the most to make Him proud of me, I believe in Islam Al hamdoulilah. I have an ugly background but after many times trying to get out of my addictions and bad habits and many times repenting, I sincerely repented to Allah that I won
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