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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Admin I am very sorry to waste your time but could you please change my name to: Abdullah08097
  2. Sadl(open hands) vs qabd(folding hands), I recently started researching on folding hands in prayer and I really do not understand why it is so unclear, did the prophet pray with open or closed hands. If we ask any shia scholar they will say that folding hands is bida' invented by the second caliph(some say the ummayads) But what kind of evidence is there for this. There are no reports in sunni books that would say that qabd is bidah and there are no strong reports from the imams that talk about this. This site shows why all of these shia hadiths where the imams say that folding hands is prohibited are false and weak: https://shiareformist.wordpress.com/2016/01/17/part1-takattuftakfeer-folding-hands-in-salat/ So if it really was a bidah why did not the imams talk about it, According to many narrations from the imams women should fold their hands in prayer and according to many narrations the prayer for men and women is basically the same. But wait here is whats really confusing, There are no strong narrations that the prophet folded his hand in sunni sources according to this maliki site: http://www.muwatta.com/ebooks/english/qabd_and_sadl.pdf Can someone give me clear evidence and proof for what is bida', either the prophet prayed with open hands or with closed hands or he did both, In any case there should at least be a hadith where the prophet or imams tell us to pray with folded or unfolded hands or if we can chose and both are equally valid.
  3. In the name of God I am very confused about imam shafii, why did he not become a shia and why did he respect the caliphs if he loved the prophets family??? In His book "when power and piety collide" Seyyed mostafa qazwini writes: "the two differed regarding Ahlul Bayt - al-Shafi’i was in fact sympathetic towards their cause, while al-Shaybani(shafiis teacher) was not."[Page 144] "It is worth noting that al-Bukhari and al-Muslim did not narrate any hadith from al-Shafi’i - not because he was inferior in knowledge, but because he had inclinations towards the school of Ahlul Bayt. He said that Ali b. Ali Talib had the right to leadership at the time over Mu’awiyah and his companions, who were the group that began the assault on Islam. He displayed love for Ahlul Bayt and the family of the Prophet and proclaimed, “If anyone who loves the Ahlul Bayt is a rafidi (a rejecter of the three caliphates) then let the whole world witness that I am the first rafidi.” Such statements not only led to his arrest as mentioned before, but also resulted in silencing his books of hadith."[page 144] and "and was used as a derogatory term to insult the Shia. 19 Imam al-Shafi’i composed a famous line of poetry regarding this subject in which he said, “If rafidah be the love of the family of Muhammad, then let the jinn (spirits) and mankind bear witness that I am a rafidah.”"[page 134] So Imam shafii was oppressed because of his views in favor of the ahlulbayt and he loved the family of the prophet. Then why did he not become a shia and why did he believe that Abu - bakr and Umar where great companions and pious Muslims. If he loved the ahlulbayt and was knowledgeable and the two caliphs where bad people and enemies of the ahlulbayt why did imam shafii not speak against them and why did he still respect the two caliphs. Also according to some hadiths Imam shafii calls shias disbelievers. It does not seem logical for imam Shafii to love both the caliphs and the family of the prophet if the caliphs where enemies and opressed the ahlulbayt. and it also does not seem logical that if shias are followers of ahlulbayt and shafii loved ahlubayt then he should have become a shia and not called us disbelievers. Can someone please explain this, I am relatively new to Islam and I am trying to learn more and I can not understand this.
  4. 1. It has no basis on Shia Islam and most scholars I have heard say that it was an innovation. You can read more about why tatbir is an innovation here: http://tatbir.org https://www.ihrc.org.uk/news/articles/11959-why-we-should-ban-tatbir-and-zanjir-in-our-centres/ https://en.wikishia.net/view/Tatbir 2,3. It has nothing to do with your faith. there are different theories about history even among our own scholars, there is no reason to doubt in you faith because of that. You need to start researching and learn the base for the differences. https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-encyclopedia/major-difference-between-shia-and-sunni al Islam has a great section dedicated to this https://www.al-islam.org/explore/shia-and-sunni Khalil Jaffar has a good series of lectures about the base for the differences. https://www.al-islam.org/media/search-orthodox-islam-111 also reading the Quran can help a lot in times of confusion. Hold fast, all together, to Allah’s cord, and do not be divided [into sects]. Remember Allah’s blessing upon you when you were enemies, then He brought your hearts together, so you became brothers with His blessing. And you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, whereat He saved you from it. Thus does Allah clarify His signs for you so that you may be guided (Quran 3.103 by A.Q Qarai)
  5. In the name of god the most merciful I feel like todays muslims are not reading enough books and that has some negative consequences, and for those muslims who wish to read books about their religion they will have a difficult time finding them. When I accepted islam I had a hard time finding good books about islam that are available in normal shops. Of course most books are available online-pdf but It is a lot easier to read them physically and then for example give them to a friend so more people can benefit from the knowledge. My goal with this is to make a list of books about islam that are easily available in non muslim shops for example amazon, ebay,. Etc. So that those muslims that do not have the opportunity to buy from muslim shops can buy these instead. Most of the books are written by shia authors but some by sunnis and sufis. Many new muslims have a very hard time finding good books so I hope this list will help. I have not read all of these books. This list is in no way complete I have written what I know and I hope that other people can help by posting their recommendations and their opinions on the books. 1. Quran Translations: Most translations are from our sunni brothers and those usually only have minor differences with the shia school of thought so there is no problem in buying them. Good Sunni quran translations: Abdullah yusuf ali- Written in old english, otherwise a very good translation, some minor errors. Also the commentaries have been changed so I only recommend the translation. MAS abdul haleem- It is written in simpler english, it has some minor errors otherwise it is very good and easy to read Good shia translations: Muhammed habib shakir(M.H Shakir) – Some say he has copied parts of the translation but there is no copyright in islam so that is not important. the translation is in relatively simple english and it is seen as the best translation from the shia. Ali Quli Qarai- Also a very good translation, Ali Qarai has translated many books into english, the quran translation is written in simple english and is easy to read. Other translations: Arthur Arberry- made a very good translation, he was very good at translating the same word in arabic into the same word in English. However the book is written in older english(thee, thy ..) so it can be difficult to read if you have English as a second language. tafsir(commentary): The Study Quran- It was made by many people one of them being Seyyed hosein nasr a Shia-sufi. The book contains a extremely good and accurate translation but also commentary. The commentary is written by different people and it contains commentaries from shias sunnis and sufis. It is a great book if you want to learn more about the quran and also learn about other Muslims opinions from different perspectives. Understanding surah yasin- written by sheikh. Bahmanpour and it is a commentay on surah yasin. The illuminating lantern, A commentary on the 30th part of the holy quran, by habib al kadhimi- 2.Biographies of the Last Prophet(peace be upon him and his family): The message by jafar subhani – considered to be one of the best biographies of the prophet((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) by a modern shia scholar that is available in english. Muhammed man of god by seyyed nasr – a simple biography of the prophet, It is very short and basic Muhammed by yasin T. al jibouri – also a biography of the prophet 3.Books about other prophets( peace be upon them): Gods emissaries by rizwan arastu- It is a very detailed book about the lives of the prophets. The base for the book was the quran and then he has used hadith to give more details. I think it is one of the most popular and well written book about the prophets by a shia scholar. Mary and jesus in islam by yasin jibouri- The lost testament by mahdi moderassi- a critisiscm of christianity 4.Books about islamic sects: When power and piety collide by mostafa qazwini- a critisicm of caliphate and he wrote it in response to the hate that is against the shias today. Islam by seyyed hosein nasr- A introductin to islam and different schools of thought. Succesion of the prophet by wilferd madelung- A study of islamic caliphate 5.Books about mystisicm: Kernel of the kernel by muhammed husayn tabatabaei- A compilation of his lectures he gave on mysticism and spiritual wayfaring, It is relatively expensive and I have not read it but I have heard a lot of good things about it. Light within me by M.H tabatabaei, M. muttahari, R.Khomeini- a very good book Secrets to divine love by A. Helwa- I think she is a sunni but the book is not controversial and it Is good. 6.Books about tawhid: Allah by yasin jibouri- contains the names and attributes of god. Essential tawhid by sayyid abul qasim radhawi Blessed names and attributes of allah by Abdur rahman kidwai- Is one of the most popular books about tawhid among sunnis. Daily wisdom: selections from the holy quran by Kube publishing- short selections from the quran 7.Books about The twelve imams and ahlulbayt( peace be upon them) : Kerbala and beyond by yasin jibouri imam ali ibn musa by yasin jibouri- biography of the 8:th imam Who Is hussain by mehdi saeed hazari- from medina to karbala in the words of imam husayn the hidden treasure, lady umm kulthum, daughter of imam ali and lady fatima by jaffer ladak- bioghraphy of lady umm kulthum. 8.Books about being muslim in the west: advice for youth by sistani- muslim in west by Seyyed hosein nasr- a very good book about how muslims should see the west Shia muslims: our identity, our vision, and the way forward by sayyid M. B. kashmiri - 9.Books by christians that are suitable for muslims: Gods undertaker by Professor John lennox- the book talks about mathematical problems with evolution and also why monotheism is more suitable with science compared to other views. It is a highly recommended book for anyone wanting to learn more about how ridiculous atheism is and the lies spread by the new-atheist movement. A lot of books have been written by disccovery institute, They are christian that support intelligent design which is not completely compatible with islam but their books contain very good criticism of darwinism. 10.Other books: 101 ways to concentrate in prayer by Ali hilli- a book about how to achieve higher concentration in prayer. Talal alie turfe has written some good books Muneer al khabbazz has also written some good books. Practical advice by abathar tajaldeen The doctor and sheikh debate- I have not read it and I could not find it in pdf format but it seems interesting. Also if you buy a good book do not keep it on you bookshelf instead give it away to a friend and tell Him/Her to give it away after reading it. If you like comment you thoughts about these books and give your recommendations on good books about islam that can be bought in non-muslim shops. I know that this was a very short list but I hope you will benefit from it.
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