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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. I too am a revert. I am currently taking 5 online hawza courses through https://www.hujjahseminary.com. I highly suggest it as they sponsor you if your going through financial hardship. Otherwise each course is $100. Best of luck with everything!
  2. I am not sitting around waiting for the Mahdi’s reappearance as I spend every day researching and taking 5 hawza courses online. With that said, I am with you that its important to spread islam in the west. As an ex-liberal (before reverting), I find it a lot easier converting liberals than the Christian conservatives who are in my family. This might be different for others. That is why I prefer living amongst the secularists who to me are more open minded than the close minded Christian conservatives that think allah is a “moon god“ or is a “dark religion“.
  3. I am for secularism. Until the reappearance of imam al Mahdi, I do not trust most of the “Muslim” countries. Most of them are pushing a theocratic or aristocratic agendas that go contrary to the teachings of the imams. I also find interfaith dialogue is a lot easier in a freer and open society.
  4. Will the soon to be PM of Israel be worse than Netanyahu? He believes in destroying al aqsa mosque and replacing it with the 3rd Jewish temple. Will this trigger the imam’s reappearance?
  5. That’s the case with me. I don’t want to disappoint Allah while at the same time I’m well aware I do not have sexual attraction towards women. I want to marry so badly to get rid of the loneliness. But if this hadith is true then I want to know how he did it.
  6. I’m listening to the audiobook of “Then I was guided” and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to increase their iman.
  7. The Zionists are worse than the Nazis. To be obsessed with enslaving the gentiles is a dangerous mental illness and unconscionable. I feel bad for the anti-zionist jews who need to be guided to Shia Islam inshallah.
  8. You can find the 12 imams in the Torah. Personally that gives me 100% proof that Shia Islam is the truth.
  9. I think this is very positive because Muslim and Christian dialogue will prosper with the two biggest leaders coming together under hope and optimism rather than suspicion and fear of the other.
  10. If we Shias are supposedly ready for the imam to reappear then where are the 313 of his closest companions?
  11. Imam al Mahdi will attract non Shia born Muslims thanks to the help of prophet Jesus. Together they will call upon the righteous worldwide to unite which will include both born and non-born Shias. Remember the Mahdi is a universal savior for all of mankind not just for Shias. It’s that Shias know who the messiah is unlike other faiths.
  12. I can see where your coming from. Let’s not forget the imam Mahdi will also attract non Muslims to the faith to compensate for the fake Shias from within. So it will all balance itself out in the end.
  13. I am struggling with mental illness and I hope to God it’s not also jinn possession.
  14. Your right I need to do a better job initiating. Although I did contact 2 brothers to see if our masjid is open and I have yet to hear back from them. So I’m going to try moving and seeing if there is a different community that I would be better accepted in.
  15. SA everyone. Where do most Shias live in America? I am considering moving to Michigan this summer Inshallah and would like feedback. Thank you all and God bless!
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