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  1. How do you know they hate you? Specially if you are just listening to a speaker i dont see why they would hate you? This seems to be very mental. Unless you are being verbally or physically attacked I suggest you dont assume people hate you. I dont smile very often so people can sometimes think im angry but really im just calm. Anything can be a test in the right circumstance its just that poverty and disease tend to be very common types of tests. Even being in good health and economy can be a test to see if you give up Allah when you get comfort. I dont think there are tests specific to kafirs and im sure many prophets dealt with hatred from many people in their community.
  2. there are 2 dangerous ppl in fights. The overall big dude who could toss you around and then the small guy with crazy stamina that can throw kicks and punches. Yeah i agree if you wanna be able to defend yourself boxing or wrestling would be better choices. But strength and size will definitely play a big role too. Otherwise there wouldn't be weight classes in fighting sports.
  3. The reason i started was to be strong and intimidating so people would mess with me less. It did work. You can still tell someone works out if they wear a t shirt. Their biceps, neck, traps and chest will be noticed. My first issue was that my chest popped out on every t shirt a little too much so i had to go up a shirt size. Other benefits are you become more confident. Nobody enjoys looking in the mirror and seeing themselves obese or scrawny. There are also various health benefits you can guess but i wont go into detail with them as you probably know.
  4. not everyone has enough space in their home to have a home gym. I think the haram in the gym for women is that many men would stare at them in a lustful way. I do think this can be avoided though if she dresses in loose clothes but most people in the gym wear really tight stuff. Aswell as that some women (not near the amount of men) also stare at the oposite sex in the gym in a lustful way. Its not only men but mostly men who do it. Yeah training with friends can be fun i have done it many times but tbh if you have the option of a home gym that is just a luxury to me. I workout alone in the gym because i cant afford the time do it with a friend and if i could workout at home i would because of how much time it saves.
  5. I will agree on this. 99% of the internet is just garbage.
  6. I live in europe and have grown up here aswell. The thing is if a kid gets bullied for having a muslim name doesnt that mean they would get bullied for being muslim aswell? Should the kids now just go around and say they arent muslim? I also havent seen any parent pick a name for the sake of it "sounding ethnic" but rather because they think it is a nice name. Im sure the other kids can look at your kid too and tell that they are "foreigner" by their looks. My point being kids will make fun of anything and sure as hell will your child face more obstacles for being muslim or wearing hijab than they will having a foreign name. So instead of teaching them to try and blend in with everyone teach them to be able to stand their own ground.
  7. I dont see the problem in wanting to preserve your culture or roots in your children with names. Why are you obsessing over getting accepted by non muslims over something as simple as a name. If a person is ashamed of themselves over having a name like Ahmad or Zainab or Abdullah then they clearly have confidence issues they need fixed.
  8. If you are gonna workout with bodyweight then you need to keep doing variations to make it harder. So if you can do 15 pushups you need to do diamonds and if you can do that practice doing 1 arm pushups etc. that is the only way you will keep progressing for weights you just add additional weight so its quiet simple do pushups before. I also hit the weights before cardio because if i did cardio first i wouldnt have any energy for weights
  9. you are right that women are having higher standards and many of them are superficial like he has to be certain height, earn this much, do this etc. i also feel like many of them want a man with contradicting characteristics like he has to be strong, assertive etc, but also be a servant to his wife which a strong, assertive man probably doesn't wanna be I dont think you should expect working women to pay the bills, the man should pay the bills, unless he is struggling a lot with it then help from wife would be good. If your wife is very into "equality" and stuff ask her to pay half the bills and see if she will still be as much into equality
  10. I thought for some time about this question because its quiet hard. If i didnt do those mistakes maybe i wouldnt have learned lessons from them that in turn shaped me into who i am today. I would advice my past self many things. 1. Know your purpose and be on your work towards that every day 2. Be your own boss and not bossed around by people and things. Could include other peoples expectations, entertainment, life and hardships. I was bossed around a lot by entertainment it controlled me but now i am my own leader and in control and limit my online entertainment to 1 hour a day. Also by people but now i get respected by others i know in real life. 3. Change comes from within, if you keep associating as a person who is weak and not able to achieve your goals then it will be a self fullfilling prophecy. We only do things that reinforce our identity. If we identify as a fan of a certain sports team we will be way more likely to keep supporting them or if we identify as a reader etc. we do those things. Kill your bad identity and become your new good one 4. Focus on the bigger picture. Dont try to do drastic changes, rarely happens and usually it is just an accumulation of small things that build up to a big change. Focus on 1% betterment everyday and review your progress each week and see what went good and what went bad and tweak it. For example i read 50 pages a day now. May not seem like that much but over time 50 pages a day will be 60 books in a year if every book is 300 pages and that is good to me. I started off reading 20 pages but as it turned into a habit it got easy to increase. 1% improvements accumulate over time. 5. Be self reliant. Nobody owes you anything and if you rely on other peoples good will you will be dissapointed in how much people care about themselves more than you. If your gym partner doesnt wanna workout one day it shouldnt ruin you. And you shouldnt expect anyone to save you out of a hole of misery if you are stuck in one. It seems like some obvious "well duh" stuff but not many people actually do this. You will be better off than most people if you do these things.
  11. i did and why do we love prophet(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)? He spread islam to us so he provided our religion to us lol. If he wasnt prophet of islam and didnt provide islam to us would we love him? No. Come on dude.
  12. Apparently ibn uthaymeen believes that Allah jogs based on this hadith i think
  13. Yeah would bother me but you are half white right? So i dont see why it would bother you too much to state you are white.
  14. i am hazara and this has been going on for more than a 100 years. There was a genocide on hazaras in the late 1800s that started it. Around 25-40% of hazaras got killed or fleed afghanistan. Hazaras are easily distinguishable from other ethnicities because of our turkic and mongol ancestry and get discriminated in afghanistan, iran, pakistan pretty much everywhere. Hazaras only got themselves to rely on thats why we also are the group in afghanistan that is fastest growing and are most educated but they are trying to stop that aswell by attacking schools and even schools reject hazara students many times and accept students of other ethnicities even though they have way higher marks. I have heard many stories about opression like this from people i know. A guy i know worked in iran and he got hired as a construction worker because they thought they could use afghans and not pay them. He didnt get paid for many months but eventually he went up to the boss and beat him up with a metal pipe after he said racist things about hazaras. Also from some famillies my family knows how their son was killed by taliban. Many more examples to name but yeah it is not well known as much.
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