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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A point that i haven't seen mentioned is pornography addiction and how it affects a huge part of the population. It makes people develop bizarre fetishes going against their own nature. The reaosn this happens is because like other drugs the body develops tolerance so an extremer dosage is needed, with porn this dosage is through more disgusting and shocking clips. Given enough time many porn addicts eventually start watching stuff outside of their sexual orientation. I have read many people say this aswell. Some dude thought he was gay because of it but when he quit the addiction his natural
  2. Just because your opinion is unpopular doesn't mean it is correct and it seems as if you think that. You aren't any better when your only proof is that "guys trust me they hate us why they wanna help us?" it is just a clear example of what is known as fear of the unknown.
  3. Did someone seriously say that people who take the vaccine will follow yazid? Yeah i can feel it, my iq is dropping each moment im on this thread.
  4. Being wealthy itself isn't good or bad it's just holding a lot of value. It can give power though and not many people are fit for power. So it depends on how you are as a person. If you can hold wealth and use it well it will fuel you to be closer to Allah, if you can't hold wealth without it corrupting you it will just fuel you to become more distant from Allah
  5. The soul isn't part of the body so how is something injected into your body gonna make your soul evil.
  6. cool i also got vaccinated and got none. My guy.... do angels have human bodies that they need vaccine? What did you try to prove with that. Even if the answer was yes would that mean anything. 313 will not neccesarily be vaccinated but even if some of them were would that ruin them as a person? If some of them were vaccinated would that change anything? Also i don't think there are restriction during war times but you are living in some modern society without war. You aren't out there sacrificing your life fighting for the Imam so you can't even compare urself to that. Militaries are
  7. I used to lift weights a lot but my relative body strength wasn't good. Im around 90 kilos and 6'1 and i could barely do pushups because im heavy so i started doing knee pushups some months ago and im doing diamond pushups now so definitely improved there. Also started running outside because of it and i could barely run a km but within a few weeks i ran 8 kilometers. If i was consistent with my pushups i would probably be doing one arms now but im slacking with them. Sometimes i do them once a week only i need to get better at it lol.
  8. I dont know much about him other then that he is libyan. Can you clarify why he is a bandit?
  9. im afghan but i think guys from other muslim countries can agree with me on that.
  10. I think it is because how in our culture fathers show no love at all to the kids. Our mothers give us a lot of love though and our fathers none at all so we develop a special connection to our mother. This was atleas the case for me. Even though i wouldn't consider myself a "mama's boy" i would always place my mother above any other woman. She raised me despite all the hard times and showed me love and no woman will ever be able to do the same to me.
  11. Hahahahha brother well said this comment alone raised my respect for you a lot. I dont know who it was but someone on shiachat once said something like "people now a days think not being able to cook or clean is a personality trait"
  12. i would say we are in the 3rd one because our lives are getting easier and men get weaker
  13. Yes you can. Although there is many benefits and many blessings to getting married it is not wajib and you won't go to hell for not marrying. If you can live that lifestyle and want to then go for it but if you are having issues with that lifestyle then get married.
  14. The reason people fail at 90 days, 100 days, 500 days, 1000 days or 1 million days in is because they STILL want to use. When they still want to use they are likely gonna fail unless they change their mind. Users who quit after 200 days or 600 days dont succeed because of the time. They succeeded because they KNEW that they ended their need/wanting/desire for porn or drugs. I have tried quitting using willpower and i had many urges and failed many many times but when i used this method properly i didn't have a single one. The reason to get rid of addiction isn't easy because of the
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