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  1. Salam Alaykum I'm still kind of young and I'm researching about Shia and Sunni and the differences. Something that bothers me is that when the Prophet saww said that only 1 of the 73 sects will be going to Jannah it will be the majority does that mean Sunnis will be the saved sect because they are like 80% of the Muslims? Another thing that I wonder about is matam during muharram because it is crazy to see people beat their chest until they bleed or pass out and say it is permissible, I am aware that people used to slap themselves when in grief but they didn't do is as a ritual like many of us do now. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.
  2. Salam guys. For 2 years i have been struggling with masturbation addiction, specifically with adult videos. I had a 50 day long streak but now i can barely do 3 days. Any Advice? Thank you and please remember me in your dua
  3. Salaam Dear Brother in Islam, I have one more question if you dont mind. Do you why the Holy Prophet saww didnt divorce Ayesha if she was a disbeliever?
  4. Assalum Alaikum I have a question, if Aisha was a disbeliever why didn't the Holy Prophet sawa divorce her?
  5. Assalamun Alaikum, My Sunni friend asked me a question when I showed him the verse from this verse from the Qur'an: (66:5) ''Maybe if he were to divorce you, your Lord might grant him in exchange wives better than you'' My friend asked ''If Allah threatened to divorce her(Ayesha) why didn't he? I had no answer, so I was wondering if anyone can give me the answer please.
  6. Thank you so much may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) reward you with Jannah
  7. Assalamun Alaikum. I am a teenage Shia boy who is doubting faith after I questioned alot of shia things, if someone can please answer these questions it would be a HUGE help: 1.Why do some shias beat their chest really hard resulting in blood coming. 2. Did ayesha really order for arrows to be fired at Imam Hasan (عليه السلام) funeral and if yes where is it in sunni sources 3. What were the crimes of Khald ibn Walid( what did he do bad)
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