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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What exactly does it mean by negative thoughts? So if a person has bad thoughts and the fluid discharges but doesn’t want the thoughts, does that mean climax? i’ve been struggling with being junub or not for sometime and avoiding these thoughts are not easy
  2. Asalam alaykum then in case it is discharged when the woman reaches sexual climax and complete sexual satisfaction (orgasm), it is impure and causes janābah. What exactly does climax etc. mean here? Can someone please define it, not the word itself but the meaning here. I get the feeling that i’m junub alot these days so this may help. Thank you
  3. Sorry for this dumb question but what if you’re not even sure if you doubt or not? i hope this question makes sense. I think it makes me anxious and afraid. I’m scarred like what if. I’m sorry if i’m bothering you.
  4. Should a person that doubts whether or not she/he is in janabat do ghusl? Like if you’re not sure if discharge is from janabat or not? (This question is from a female)
  5. Asalam Alaykum i have gotten very waswas and doubtful for sometime now. I think that almost everywhere is dirty and i try to avoid touching places. In my prayers and wudu i doubt a lot and keep asking questions. A little while ago i started to doubt my religion so i felt scarred and guilty, i cried and went on the internet to get help. After a little time it went away i think it can be because i tried distracting myself(i don’t remember but i think this is what i did).I doubt a lot and say “i think” a lot because i’m afraid that it will be a lie. My doubts for my religion have returned but this time its different. I didn’t cry or anything but i feel scarred and i don’t really know how to describe it. I do the same things i did like praying but it’s kind of like i’m hesitating. I’m scarred that what if my words in this topic is a lie. if you have an advice please write it down, in sha Allah my doubts go away and my faith returns stronger than ever. May Allah be with you.
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