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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I can only go by what I am being told due to my lack of knowledge which is why I’ve reached out. he’s 27 and his family have a business in the city. Lebanon is in an economic crisis as I’m sure you know so their business isn’t doing its best at this current time.
  2. Thank you for your message. I have spoken to him about your words and words from others and even found some sources to back up my words. he said that if he does something that does not follow his mother’s wishes, it is haram. And to marry a woman without a hijab is haram. I feel I am not experienced to go against his words. He has lived his life with his family and religion. how can I question his life’s teachings and upbringing. I can’t. I hope he will see the right path to stick by his child and me. We are constantly crying to eachother in the realisation t
  3. I will definitely be converting to Islam in the future for my own reasons, not for the marriage. I have said this about not wearing a hijab around my family and wearing one infront of his. he doesn’t like the idea. He said if we are out with my family and his mother facetimes or calls and asks for pictures, what will he do. Also when our child grows up and can communicate, will our child tell his family that I don’t wear it in my country. he said if there is a slight knowledge of me taking it off then that will be him out of his family. His family is known in lebanon for being high
  4. I do understand where he is coming from too. His mother has been sick for a long time and is getting worse. She relies on him more than her other sons. He is the youngest and takes care of her the most. it’s going to break her heart and he will lose them all which also breaks mine. I am actually a single parent now and I guess I should have known better but precautionary measures were taken both times and resulted in a child previously, so maybe it is gods way of telling me that I am to be a mother again. I wouldn’t be able to go to Lebanon. I cannot leave the country wit
  5. And this is why I have turned to this post. I have received so many mixed opinions and paths to take. abortion, marriage, becoming a single parent, conversion, converting and wearing a hijab but leaving my family. his parents and correct or his parents are wrong. I want to find an answer where I can fully justify my reasoning. I still don’t know Islam well enough to quote. my ideal would be to convert and create a loving family together like we planned within Islam.
  6. I have spoken to him about this option but he feels like he is deceiving his mother and also his religion as following extremely strict Shia rules the men in his family have to marry a girl with a hijab or it’s not permitted.
  7. Good evening everyone. I am in a bit of a situation and I was wondering if anyone could advise or help. For over 1 year now I have been in a mu’tah marriage with the love of my life. He is Shia Muslim and I am Christian. I am slowly learning about Islam, falling in love with the faith and was looking to convert but not with a hijab as I will be disowned by my family. I know there are a lot of Muslim girls without. (I mean no disrespect by this.) He lives in Lebanon and I am from the uk. His family are very religious Shia Muslims and his mother said they will disown him if we mar
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