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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That wasn't my question but also please support your answer. Our brothers and sisters who are seeking knowledge (and everyone) should know the source.
  2. 21 would have no meaning and if anything that's just an American thing. Maybe puberty in general would be a bigger thing for us because it's when they would fast fully and have other obligations they have to fulfill.
  3. Is it true my husband could marry my neice as a second wife while married to me? He and I are not related at all and she would be my siblings daughter. Please support your answer. Thank you.
  4. You need to look at your intention, if you are using these people as an easy option, that doesn't really give a good look to you as a person imo.
  5. Thank you. I think you just have to be careful of your wording and if this is your true intentions, don't consider any reverts because that would be unfair. I do have a fellow convert friend whose husband married again after her and he was a born Muslim and so was the second wife but she learned so much about Islam from his other wife that it worked out well. Another possibility for you :)
  6. Having the preference is fine. But your second reason being that you worry having two revert parents would give a child more chances of leaving Islam is quite frankly ridiculous and insulting. As a revert, I wouldn't mind if the other person wanted a born Muslim so long as they didn't even pursue a conversation with me if this was a clear preference because that's wasting my time. Out of the dozens of families I know with both reverts as parents, one revert as the parent or two born Muslims, the only children (now adults) that have swayed far from Islam or how they were raised are the on
  7. Your aim shouldn't be befriending them. Your intention should be clear to them. Most importantly, if they aren't interested or reject the idea respect it and leave them alone.
  8. Congratulations on addressing this, its great When I converted I was told its find to have notes or such with you until you have memorised them.
  9. I've seen intersect marriages work and not work. I would also worry about a culture clash if you aren't from the same one. From what you said I think you already have children so if you ensure that the sunni man won't interfere with how the kids are raised as shia then thats going to help. Just check how he reacts when you dsicusses the sect and child raising and such. Also check his future plans. I know a younger man who married an older woman and then in the future took a younger wife. She knew this was going to happen from the beginning though.
  10. You shouldn't ask outright on the first call or in the first conversation, you can bring up the topic and share that previous haram relationships are a deal breaker for you and then say if that applies to you then we should not continue speaking. If you feel hesitation then I would see clarification. Remind them that its an issue for you and not an attack on them regardless of if they repented or not. I personally had the same view and made it clear in quite a direct way that I wasn't going to accept someone who did any kind of haram stuff before marriage. Some people got in
  11. That man should only care about Allah, himself and his family. If he feels he can forgive that, then what others think shouldn't be a factor. Too many cultures focus on what others think and I've never seen a positive outcome when someone worries over others gossiping.
  12. From what you say, it seems as though you shouldn't reconcile with your ex wife for the obvious reason being you don't seem able to handle the responsibility that a permanent marriage gives you. Let her live in peace and stick with muta until you are ready to be responsible for another person fully. Consider this episode a lesson.
  13. I don't believe we can say all men are not monogamous by nature. There is definitely benefit to polygamy both for males and females. Some men are more aware of the fact that they are made to practice a polygamous life and if they communicate that with their wife then on their happy way. I personally think we need to help the men who want to be polygamous more so that there isn't issues when it happens.
  14. Considering that polygamy is the right of the man (who fufills the conditions) the wives are in a simplified manner supposed to accept it. If they don't want to then that's also there choice but if the man wants one and he's going ahead, there isn't anything she can do to stop him in a technical sense. Its natural for a man to love one wife more than the other but should he go announcing this or making it obvious by not giving the other her proper rights? Of course not, why? Because this will lead to friction and tension in the home. Just because he loves one more than the other a
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