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  1. And also what if I do it again, and sincerely repent again will I be forgiven?
  2. Hello, I was trying to resist the urge to masturbate, and then I gave up and then I told myself that if I do this then I will be worshipping satan, but I still masturbated, will Allah forgive me if I sincerely repent?
  3. Ayatollah Sistani says: 351. It is not obligatory on a Muslim to investigate whether or not the medicine [given to him] consists of forbidden ingredients, even if the process of reading a result is easy for him. Does that apply to if I am taking the medicine myself which I have bought for acne and no doctor has prescribed it to me
  4. There many people and some news articles that say ayatollah khomeini was bad and he did bad things, do we have to research and find out if he was bad, And also research if people say that an ayatollah who has died was bad, or an ayatollah who is alive is bad ?
  5. The medicine which I am talking about is called biosplasgen no.20 made by Schwabe Germany and it is made with biochemic salts, so do I need to find out if the excipient or excipients is made from non halal ingredients ?
  6. There is a homeopathic medicine named biosplasgen no.20, that is made of salts, and it says excipients Q.S to 104mg, what are excipients and are they halal ?
  7. the name kali is the same name as one of the hinuds not real gods ?
  8. There is a biochemic salt that has the same name, as one of the hindus not real gods, and what if a medicine contains that biochemic salt, what are the rules of it ?
  9. What if a crisp is cheese flavour and it has cheese in it and it only says that it is vegetarian, can we still eat it ?
  10. Do we need to, and if we do what is the full list of products we need to boycott ?
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