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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what if a product contains whey, and we dont know if the rennet is from a pig or not, do we have to check every time by asking the manufacturer ?
  2. what if we cant feed the cat halal food because its not available or we cant feed it homemade food or halal meat because it gets sick from it ?
  3. can I touch and do tayammum with a stone which has been made from the sand or clay of Karbala, if I am impure, will that be a sin, if I need to pray with tayammum ?
  4. can we touch a cat which eats non halal meat (not pork), and non halal meat is najis, so how can we have the cat in the house if its mouth is najis and it cleans itself with its mouth, and that makes its body impure.
  5. can you buy your cat food which is not halal (not pork), to feed to your cat if buying haram meat is not allowed ?
  6. can i rub the turbah on my hands and use that dust for tayammum, if not are there other ways ?
  7. is doing matam (beating chest) too hard allowed ? and also is tatbir allowed ?
  8. Can you break up a turbah for tayammum and press your hand on the dust of it, and then do tayammum with it ? and if not what are the other ways you can do tayammum with a turbah ?
  9. what if i dont need it ? can I still strive to get it ?
  10. but does the saying mean you are not allowed to have more wealth than needed if it says family needs ?
  11. and how can I do them with the ones that are not from Karbala ? and I have a couple of them
  12. can i do tayammum with a turbah from karbala ? and if i can how can i do tayammum with them ? i have a couple of them, and also can i do them with the ones that have Islamic writings ?
  13. https://www.al-islam.org/greater-sins-volume-1-ayatullah-sayyid-abdul-husayn-dastghaib-shirazi/first-greater-sin-shirk
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