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  1. I’m a Shia but I recommend that you don’t read Al-Kafi. The book has many weak hadiths and if you read it, you wouldn’t know which Hadith is Sahih and which is Da’eef. Rather read Mir’at al Uqool by Al Majlisi, it has all the Hadiths in Al-Kafi with the grading which is way better
  2. I came across this Hadith in Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal (Hadith no 25914) and it’s graded Sahih according to the conditions of both Bukhari and Muslim: Rough English translation- Aisha said: “the prophet was sick and came out with one arm on Fadhl Ibn Abbas and the other on another man. Ubaidullah said that Ibn Abbas told them: “Do you know the other man that Aisha didn’t name? It was Ali but Aisha doesn’t like mentioning him” This proves Aisha’s hatred towards Imam Ali as she can’t even stand mentioning his name Can a Sunni please explain?
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