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  1. Believe it or not, idc. Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows, i do not have anything to prove to anyone for myself. HE'S THE ONE, MY WITNESS OVER EVERYTHING.
  2. Yes indeed. But it seems that hypocrites here are unaware about Shiism itself.
  3. Not entirely true brother, we often refer and try to find bases of our explanation in your books just to make you realise the TRUTH. Why do you not understand. What do you know about the pen and paper hadith Raziyat Yawm al-Khamis ...? P.s.: NOT A SINGLE SCHOLAR FROM ANY SCHOOL OF THOUGHT HAS CLAIMED THEIR BOOKS TO BE COMPLETEY "SAHIH". EVERY BOOK NEEDS TO BE REVISED AND EDITED BY NOT JUST A SCHOLAR BUT EXPERTS FROM THE SCHOLARS.
  4. Two/three in thousands. Additionally, there are different topics related to Qur'an which were raised by two/three shia scholars, but the rest didn't agreed to them, so that surely doesn't represent the entirely thoughts of ahl-e-tashay. So then do not you think that the discussion for the suckling verses should also be considered by your side. Why do you tangle the words of the mother of mo'meeneen titled by you.
  5. Brother, im born sunni, id have read only our books initially but the questions created by that were resolved in a manner that i found the truth. Do not be stubborn, do not be biasedz, shias are able to locate hadiths which support their ideas whereas ignorance is being displayed by other school of thought which spread things like, "do not read their books", "do not listen to your shia friends", "never believe shias", and rest i believe you know.
  6. By my side, i do not consider this as an argument rather it's just a discussion. Which by ahl-e-sunnah is always avoided and thus the "misconceptions" created for disturbance in Islam wins! And we are providing reasons for all ehat we say and not just in air. Im preparing for uh the list of events occured after Holy Prophet(saww) the conversation/discussion is not biased rather one or the other person here are doing some or the other research on certain topics and if they fall into error then i guess moderaters are here to help. DO NOT ASSUME EVERYTHING ON YOUR OWN!
  7. Fyi, Yk what why this is being said? This is because, the four main hadith books(and even four imams considered by sunnis) were living during the period of strong and tyrannical abbasid rulers.(google about abbasid rulers of that period)
  8. Are you serious? Have you ever studied deeply, what exactly happened in Karbala with Imam Hussain(عليه السلام). And yeah not just this you should research on every single incident which occurred after the death of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saww).
  9. Indeed! Just think about this deeply. Then what is the role of ahlulbayt(عليه السلام) according to you brother? P.s.: im not saying to follow blindly any "saying" which just simply mentions that it is said by Rasool'allah(saww) or ahlulbayt(عليه السلام) without knowing whether the chain of narration is weak or strong, it really matters! Theres infact more research, i aint sure about rest of the process.
  10. Well brother, of course, we are not held responsible for others. But spreading the THE TRUTH and THE RELIGION OF ALLAH-ISLAM is something which falls into our duty as Muslim, as mo'meen. P.s.: I personally have learnt arabic for this part!
  11. Completely agreed! Yes indeed, but as you mentioned that many don't know arabic, so the brother @Muslim2010tried to say this only(if im not wrong) that they completely rely on what their community scholars explain to them, i.e. without using any logic or reasoning. And of course those who misspell, no comments, Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows best.
  12. About MATAM I heard this story, it goes like They were the shias who killed Imam Hussain(عليه السلام) and then they realised what they've done and started making an apology by performing "matam", i.e. MATAM=MAAFI(FORGIVENESS) I was like................
  13. To a greater extent, Some think shias worship ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib(عليه السلام), and the moderates among shias worship Allah but do not believe in the message of the prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).). And shias CURSE the Archangel Gabriel for betraying what he was entrusted with. This is absolutely not correct! (I read it in a book)
  14. Proud of you brother! May Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) reward you. It is very imp to unveil this stuff, as this is the only thing creating worst barrier for the people with reasoning. I wonder those who are already learned like given high status of sheikhs, how do they do this? Why do not they try to spread the TRUTH.
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