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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes , God is always there and the effect of your Amaal fasting prayer is matched by sincerity to be quiet frank I personally prefer to do these things when it’s done voluntarily, compulsory is of course good but doing prayers when there is no promise of reward or even acceptance so that by doing it purely out of love and worship toward God recognition of God’s greatness infinity ,not expecting anything in return ,is the best worship , in fact best form of worship and the reward should be that your doing it when others are not when ur not asked to out of your own true desire to worship to God out of recognition and love and submission if we truly recognised God as He should be recognised , if we weren’t veiled with out veils of sin and nafs and ignorance seeking our own self satisfaction instead of God’s satisfaction and God allowed u to view His power His infinity, His infinite consciousness, u would never want to lift ur face from sajdah, in fact it would obliterate u but even to be allowed to glance or view this power of God , His reality , is a blessing in of itself and must be earned , isn’t just given to anyone even people who do extra prayers and fasting and submission, until they do it sincerely plus it’s hard thing to bear , very hard to go back to normal life and be always conscious this, in fact God if He does allow u to view it pulls it back to allow u to get back to normal until u can bear it better and eventually until u can bear it and still function, which is something the imams were given from birth, rest of us have to develop that strength in our soul
  2. I hope u don’t mean the three ,all the problems u see today with muslims and Muslim world boils back down to the three and the ones who followed besides the imam , so we don’t pray for their mercy , u don’t have to curse them but don’t ask for mercy for them
  3. The Jews led the christians astray , they firstly never accepted jesus declared him a false prophet amongst other things far worse then they wrote books with their own hands gave it to the christians to control them and till this day believing Jesus as a god goes hand in hand with believing Jews are gods chosen people so they tricked the christians three times , one that they rejected Jesus, two that they created a religion control the christians and three that’s they brainwashed them and drummed into their heads how the Jews are chosen despite that they openly reject Jesus funny how christians don’t see a conflict of interest in the last of those two, they’re very gullible and naive and not very questioning of what they’re told , just accept it blindly
  4. Honestly will we enter Jannah? forget others ,we got enough problems of our own to think about
  5. It’s not me okay? I wasn’t saying that’s what I want but there is people who have their mind on something whatever it is eyes colour shape I don’t know height ? Weight ? Race? Whatever all I’m saying people just need to be honest with themselves about what they want so there is no misunderstanding, there is no shame for asking for these things, better than on wedding day running away cause u went along with it cause u couldn’t vocalise what ur needs or wants were and was ashamed to say no or what u want that was my point
  6. Ibn mujlim had a bad evil intention and for that earned his place in hell by matching his intention with his action imam ali that day was his day to depart , had ibn mujlim decided not to kill imam ali imam Ali still would have died by another cause , it’s not like ibn mujlim took away God’s intention to keep imam Ali alive or changed God’s intention he just participated in a game of free will and choose badly very badly God just matched them up and free will was carried out however the evil defined the action and set ibn mujlim place and state in soul and hell and also set the place of reward and status for imam Ali both have to have happened by God’s permission
  7. Aren’t u guys paying attention to anything I’m saying evil isn’t evil for God , if God takes a baby’s life it looks evil to the mother who can’t understand why God would cause her such pain but her understanding of evil comes from her lack of understanding of the grander picture , because she only knows what is vey near to her , whereas God is using life and world to cause some effect or carry out a plan and besides nothing dies to God , for example taking a baby’s life doesn’t mean the end of life for the baby it just means life continue elsewhere, to the mother she lost ability to interact with baby but she will be later reconnected to baby in after life or whatever God wishes so technically nothing God does is evil , it’s evil or good depending who it affects and how
  8. Homosexuality is evil, if either of ur parents would have been homosexual you would not have been born , hence the act alone causes loss of life and is anti human , if everyone was gay and God let it play out, humanity would be wiped out in 2-3 generations it would be some cancerous quick end to humans hence homosexuality is wrong in mathematics we always test functions and or equations at their extremes to see what they would do, using the same abstract concept about homosexuality it’s clear humanity would be dead very quickly hence it’s evil and wrong besides if ur willing to sacrifice religion just for sex u already lost a failed test subject its disgusting foul immoral
  9. Evil was evil for ibn mujlim he did what he did and for that he will be burned and cursed forever. So evil is relative, it’s not evil for God cause it doesn’t affect or take away or give anything to God ‘so evil and good is relative to individual the poison that entered imams body was only doing what God created it to do , does that’s mean poison will be punished from not refraining from killing Imam Ali , no it won’t, it’s actually being obedient to God by doing what He created it to do so evil is relative to person , the goal shouldn’t be the means rather the intentions and that’s why God will judge by intentions if for example u gave food to a person with obesity to make him get more food into himself to get fatter quick and cause heart disease quicker then this act is evil because it intentions were bad whereas normally sharingnfood with someone is an act of charity hence it depends on intentions and how it affects this person
  10. Beating women is never okay it has nothing to do with feminism or any of the nonsense excuses u guys r making here anyone that’s grew up with an aggressive father will tell u how horrible it’s made their life not to mention the poor woman who got the abuse be it physically or verbally , it’s never okay ,so don’t act like it’s some part of religion or especially Shia Islam or try to justify it with some anti ism rhetoric , it has nothing to do with anything , it’s just abuse and it’s wrong the prophet was kind and gentle with all his wives and so were all imams and their true companions and any decent Muslim weather Sunni shia or otherwise
  11. Seeing a prominent scholar or scholar in dream is actually seeing imam Mahdi according to our interpretation , so technically u seen imam Mahdi he was just still veiled from u so u seen him in a scholars form , I guess the message was he was pleased with u for whatever u did or were doing at the time or might have been some dua u did to meet him or see him got answered
  12. People’s sins are seen by a lot more than just the imams, there is even people whom attained high faith and closeness to God even amongst the other religions who can see people’s evil just by glancing in their direction they can smell rot in soul from various sins , they can see the marks of evil that people carry without even knowing it’s prevalent on them , to these people it’s visible like clothes some can even see further where evil takes forms that manifest as beings around them and they can see them this also goes for good actions too not to mention even angels and djinn can see a lot of this as a standard hence why a djinn is able to whisper to a person some weakness they have or inclination they have and finally in barzakh when we die we will be able to see the evil and good of all people past and present , everyone will have access to this and finally judgement day everyone will be aware of everyone actions , and even post judgement day everyone will be aware of everyone actions life states of soul etc , so this isn’t that special really in fact every person can attain levels of this , if u can purify your nafs so that’s you don’t judge people and u wouldn’t use such information to ur advantage so basically if u removed greed and desire to defeat others in whatever and if this wouldn’t make u gain pride so pride is removed from soul, God would allow even u access to this knowledge , it actually would be a test for u and a requirement to pass to go further into higher level of faith
  13. dajjal system is already here , nobody gets power to do miracles without purification and if he is purified he won’t be leading a dajjal system of evil here is what you and many people don’t realise there is people very close servants of God alive today that already can do things which would blow your mind can do bilocation can affect matter by will like turn stone into food, heal sick people, bring people with disabilities out of them like cure blindness and other things , can demonstrate things that stupid people would fall at their feet and claim shirk about them but they stay silent and in the shadows they don’t mess with God’s plan , if a person is suffering they don’t heal them cause that suffering for that person is a way out of hell they don’t help the oppressed so that the oppressors can find their freedom and faith and attain their purpose in life the rest of it heck even imam Mahdi already has been given enough power to defeat Israel single handily and even he Arab’s and end all the evil people today in power but they don’t he doesn’t because it’s not time for that God has a plan and the course must take place, the evil ones , must reach perdition the good must attain faith , they don’t want to interrupt God’s plan in fact if they did they who’d be challenging God and going against His wishes and would lose their faith levels , until God says it’s time to come out of the wood work and end evil these people watch as we watch oppression so it’s not about someone lacking in power or gaining power that’s required someone or something to happen , what is happening i s God’s plan and nobody can interfere with it
  14. Nothing is evil for God for example for a cat or dog it’s not haram to eat pork , for u and me pork is haram due to the harm it causes and other reasons death is evil for people isn’t it? Murdering is evil but God takes life through taking life away ie various means accident , war, cancer , body organs disfunction etc for God nothing is evil but relative to us certain things are evil depending how they effect us alcohol is evil etc sin etc but for God none of it harms Him or benefited Him ‘evil is relative to person being creation creature ‘ alcohol will be allowed in heaven , multiple partners probably too and whatever else I don’t know which in this life is all evil relative to humans
  15. There is a verse in the Quran which says “stay chaste and Allah will provide/send someone for you” staying chaste means don’t commit adultery or self adultery, observe this period and when u defeat and master this period ,u will have a choice of partners , they will come to you as God’s promise states
  16. I think we need to address something that comes before marriage if imams and prophet married and this is before we even discussed age questions, they never married out of lust or desire they didn’t follow some carnal desire for purpose of marriage most certainly they were instructed exactly who to marry , they had divine guidance for such calls , their marriages were presupposed in heaven ie arranged by God directly if God wanted them to marry a woman who was missing legs or arms due to war or whatever and were 30 years older than them they would have done it , their actions were not driven by desires let’s establish that fact to begin with
  17. Wel if ur going to be pedantic about nitpicking rules then how about u don’t play games at all? Out of precaution
  18. Jawshan kabeer , what better to recite and call than all the names of Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)
  19. The best way to understand this is like this imagine u wrote a computer coding program all the things ur program can do , all of its functions or functionality is predefined , a computer program can’t do anything it hasn’t been programmed to do ‘all of the operations functions returns procedure pathways algorithms it can do is already predefined in its body or internal functions a computer program can’t for example do anything outside of itself , if u never added the ability for the program to say add numbers or draw to a screen, it’s never going to do that no matter how many errors Symantec or syntax or random entropy or combination of functions within its range or boundaries ‘now in that program u might have put like a variable and what functions act upon that variables are depending on the type of variables they are, now in a program a variables is defined by types and they have their limits and what functions do to them in a computer a variable is a variable, not looking at the power of different programming languages , in fundamental computer science let’s assume a variable is predefined and doesn’t change its type from declaring to running to stopping , it stays what it is however let’s assume that based on what variable type it is , defines its operations and which functions effect or affect it in the program so in this life were like variables , if ur type is x then operations a b c act upon you , if ur type is y then operations a c d act upon you and only limited to those things more or less however since we have free will in this life using the analogy of computer program again we have a choice which variable type we are ie state of soul state of person state of belief faith etc so what happens is when ur state changes then certain operations and pathways are available for u and whoever else or whatever else u interact with so nobody is defined by name or family or race etc , rather if ur a Muslim then x y z is applicable to u if u are a believer then g h j becomes applicable to u so basically it’s not about a certain person with a name in specific time is made for u , rather a certain state is available for type of soul etc , because these things are not predetermined in terms of who becomes it rather it’s predetermined on state of being , doesn’t have to be a person of name x race y time z country a the only exception is time of death and place of death , where ur life ends cause that one Quran says is predetermined for everyone but the state is up to u and the state defines what’s available for that state but on a much higher complex degree compared to a computer program at God level intelligence and omniconsciousness of God
  20. Experience barzakh in this life and it’s not an ideology or abstraction it becomes real and the veils off dunya fall off but it’s a real punch in the gut u won’t be able to view life the same way anymore
  21. His conclusion is not well researched he said a government has the responsibility to issue money for a country when we know majority of world currency is not government issues rather reserve bank issues ie Rothschild so technically is privately owned and according to his conclusions that makes even most countries currency illegal since it isn’t issued by government rather private reserve bank , because he says bitcoin is haram because it isn’t issued by government which is a sloppy conclusion
  22. This lgbtq movement i feel is a cover for trying to sexualise kids and really push paedophile agendas , neither is right but even they are being used as scapegoats for the real agenda ie normalising paedophilia
  23. The imams dealt with many jurisprudential issues differently according to the situation for example during imam Ali caliphate era I read a Hadith where a prostitute was brought to him for punishment and he asked her why she was doing this , she said she had no money to eat and was poor to the point that she couldn’t eat so she traded what she could for money to buy food, so he didn’t punish her at all and I think he provided her a government type weekly fund or monthly to buy basic needs other case where a thief was brought to imam and even though Quran says to cut offf the hand the imam ordered his one finger to be cut off from one arm and he wasn’t someone who stole from necessity another case their again of somebody who stole because they didn’t have food and he wasn’t punish well rather given money to buy food so it was on a case by case and circumstances was considered of that person I mean remember that case where the prophet found out a person who worked in the mourge was practising necrophilia even he wasn’t punished in fact he was only sent away and he even asked to be burned alive if I remember cause of how disgusted he was with himself and wanted it to stop , he was forgiven no punishment and apparently changed his actions don’t remember how it ended but definitely forgiven and not punished, the prophet was even is shocked by that when he found out he was shaken and went away in his own for a while and hence that verse of no matter what humans do God can forgive it and His mercy is greater etc was revealed and what comforted the prophet after he heard that and was shaken by how evil humans can be so I suppose it depends on the situation, if a person was a raging homosexual pushing his way refusing to accept it as wrong or detesting it or denouncing it etc probably would receive the full punishment of death, but if a person was caught and was regretful hated it was looking for a way out trying to stop it then would be different how he is dealt with
  24. It’s recommended that u should not drink while eating and after u eat wait 1 hour before drinking again , sunnah of prophet Muhammad but I’ll be the first to tell u it’s not an easy thing to maintain, it’s almost like a small fast but to answer ur question about wether u should stand up while eating to drink during day , technically u shouldn’t drink at all during eating night or day and until 1 hour after eating only
  25. They don’t believe a Satan or devil character exists either
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