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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why are we tip toeing around our religion, if she’s a believer in God and afterlife then it’s very simple suicide will put u in a place worse by a million than the current place which caused these thoughts , end of story if she is not a believer in God and afterlife then I suppose a different approach might be necessary
  2. That’s called an oxymoron and yes it is truthful and yes it is right next ur going to say homosexuality shouldn’t be criticised because it’s not in line with modern political correctness
  3. Suicide is punished as shirk Hadith say from the imams from the prophet and sometimes that’s the way to deal with these things ,u must be blunt about it , I’m not ashamed of what the imams and or prophet said
  4. Think about this , if u were to act on that (u do believe in an after life correct? )Well if so then u will go to hell a very low place of hell that is far worse than life here no matter how bad it gets here , suicide is punished by a very low low place in hell where shirk is punished , and shirk is considered worse than homosexuality ie losing hope in God’s mercy things won’t improve or end , they will get worse 1000000x worse and if u think that’s a better to solution anything, stop and think again until u realise it’s truth that it won’t get better but far worse than u can imagine and
  5. Yes , God is always there and the effect of your Amaal fasting prayer is matched by sincerity to be quiet frank I personally prefer to do these things when it’s done voluntarily, compulsory is of course good but doing prayers when there is no promise of reward or even acceptance so that by doing it purely out of love and worship toward God recognition of God’s greatness infinity ,not expecting anything in return ,is the best worship , in fact best form of worship and the reward should be that your doing it when others are not when ur not asked to out of your own true desire to worship to
  6. I hope u don’t mean the three ,all the problems u see today with muslims and Muslim world boils back down to the three and the ones who followed besides the imam , so we don’t pray for their mercy , u don’t have to curse them but don’t ask for mercy for them
  7. The Jews led the christians astray , they firstly never accepted jesus declared him a false prophet amongst other things far worse then they wrote books with their own hands gave it to the christians to control them and till this day believing Jesus as a god goes hand in hand with believing Jews are gods chosen people so they tricked the christians three times , one that they rejected Jesus, two that they created a religion control the christians and three that’s they brainwashed them and drummed into their heads how the Jews are chosen despite that they openly reject Jesus f
  8. Honestly will we enter Jannah? forget others ,we got enough problems of our own to think about
  9. It’s not me okay? I wasn’t saying that’s what I want but there is people who have their mind on something whatever it is eyes colour shape I don’t know height ? Weight ? Race? Whatever all I’m saying people just need to be honest with themselves about what they want so there is no misunderstanding, there is no shame for asking for these things, better than on wedding day running away cause u went along with it cause u couldn’t vocalise what ur needs or wants were and was ashamed to say no or what u want that was my point
  10. Ibn mujlim had a bad evil intention and for that earned his place in hell by matching his intention with his action imam ali that day was his day to depart , had ibn mujlim decided not to kill imam ali imam Ali still would have died by another cause , it’s not like ibn mujlim took away God’s intention to keep imam Ali alive or changed God’s intention he just participated in a game of free will and choose badly very badly God just matched them up and free will was carried out however the evil defined the action and set ibn mujlim place and state in soul and hell and also set the
  11. Aren’t u guys paying attention to anything I’m saying evil isn’t evil for God , if God takes a baby’s life it looks evil to the mother who can’t understand why God would cause her such pain but her understanding of evil comes from her lack of understanding of the grander picture , because she only knows what is vey near to her , whereas God is using life and world to cause some effect or carry out a plan and besides nothing dies to God , for example taking a baby’s life doesn’t mean the end of life for the baby it just means life continue elsewhere, to the mother she lost ability t
  12. Homosexuality is evil, if either of ur parents would have been homosexual you would not have been born , hence the act alone causes loss of life and is anti human , if everyone was gay and God let it play out, humanity would be wiped out in 2-3 generations it would be some cancerous quick end to humans hence homosexuality is wrong in mathematics we always test functions and or equations at their extremes to see what they would do, using the same abstract concept about homosexuality it’s clear humanity would be dead very quickly hence it’s evil and wrong besides if ur willing
  13. You guys ain’t going to figure this out this isn’t some simple thing ,it’s more complex than the universe and none of us have such knowledge to deal with such questions so stop ur just conjecturing from words u don’t understand and won’t understand
  14. Evil was evil for ibn mujlim he did what he did and for that he will be burned and cursed forever. So evil is relative, it’s not evil for God cause it doesn’t affect or take away or give anything to God ‘so evil and good is relative to individual the poison that entered imams body was only doing what God created it to do , does that’s mean poison will be punished from not refraining from killing Imam Ali , no it won’t, it’s actually being obedient to God by doing what He created it to do so evil is relative to person , the goal shouldn’t be the means rather the intentions and
  15. Beating women is never okay it has nothing to do with feminism or any of the nonsense excuses u guys r making here anyone that’s grew up with an aggressive father will tell u how horrible it’s made their life not to mention the poor woman who got the abuse be it physically or verbally , it’s never okay ,so don’t act like it’s some part of religion or especially Shia Islam or try to justify it with some anti ism rhetoric , it has nothing to do with anything , it’s just abuse and it’s wrong the prophet was kind and gentle with all his wives and so were all imams and their true compa
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