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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you know there is hadith and even in duas mentioned talking about the imams and mystics and those closes to God being carriers of God's secret knowledge almost reserve stations to knowledge , they know things God taught them not just for the sake of teaching them but to test that they can carry it and also to increase their faith however before you can earn this right you need to be able to prove you can carry the commands and be tested in them God says dont do evil, and if you prove yourself steady ie following the commands dont sin do good , then once you prove that then you become
  2. your asking very complex questions that arent easy to answer , you want the ilm ul ghayb? earn it, clearly God has decided none of us are fit to hold it hence why nobody can answer such things , if the Imam was around for questions you could have asked him but hes in occultation when Imam Mahdi returns and rids the world of the dajjal system the Zionist Jews and the sufyanis , he is going to reveal 72 new branches of knowledge and all branches of knowledge that we have now fall under 2 , so you can imagine how much new science and information he will teach the world, to the point that al
  3. and whats your right path? how much you can cheat and lie and steal and take and deceive other people for their land their houses their wealth and somehow outsmart them for a few extra crumbs that u cant take with u when u die anyway? that u dont even need ? right path is about knowing God and God alone nothing else matters in 50 years time me you and almost everyone on here will be dead, and then what? if u were the richest person int he world with trillion of dollars so what? did u get to know God and act upon this knowledge as He intended because where ur going and were going will
  4. you know what the right path is? the intention of trying your best to be on the right path a person can be externally a perfect Muslim, have a family appear good and on and on pray day and night fast give charity etc but if his intentions are to please the people around himself its all useless the right path is a pure heart that has understood the importance and magnanimity of God and intends to uphold that truth and to keep that truth and do the best they can to follow the truth, and this goes beyond religion, the correct thought we aint perfect we arent even protected to perfe
  5. thats because you cant your the one empowering the dajjal, firstly alot of hadith about dajjal is from sunni sources , second dajjal doesnt have anymore power than yazid had or muawiyah had ie can gather an army can use the science of the time to commit war but so can you and the opposing force, third the time when prophet talked about dajjal was when people didnt know biology, chemistry, physics , and alot of science we have today so to them that sounded amazing but really it was because the Prophet couldnt say "dajjal would use aerosol technology to cause rain" "the dajjal would store i
  6. again your assuming, prove anything you say , your very stubborn you think that dajjal is going to have amazing feats, your the one giving him power, God says in Quran that He doesnt reward evil, your saying opposite to that, your committing shirk again but keep going it seems to suit your narrative God doesnt loan power or give power to evil, your committing shirk cause you have some fantastical idea you probably got from tv and the illuminati narratives let me help you further since your devoid of reason, so apparently God is going to give or loan power to this dajjal person t
  7. U believe dajjal has power or miracles ? That God gave him ?or who gave him the devil? Consider what your saying a system ,a corrupt system the same way the caliphs took power and corrupted society , same way dajjal system corrupted the world namely the Jews used knowledge of right and wrong to corrupt society so that when when people are immoral and godless they’re easy to be ruled and controlled believing there is power in evil is inadvertently believing in two gods ,as if there is a god who gives power to extreme evil and a god who gives power to extreme good purification etc ,
  8. Dajjal is not a powerfull person with miracles, it is impossible unless you believe in shirk where does he get his power from? when God says there is no power in the path of evil, it just doesnt make sense il give you an example, prophet muhammad said that end of times the dajjal will have the ability to control the weather and cause rain or droughts, now to someone unaware of bio-enginerring or climate-engineering will think that some person will come along and steal the power of Suleyman((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) [as he was given by God DUE TO HIS MERIT and SELF PURIFICATION] to c
  9. there is people stil waiting for the Dajjal system to rise , when it already here same way there are still people waiting for the sufyani system to rise when its already here sufyani is the saudi system, they arent sunni heck they arent even muslim the jews today arent jews they are satanist they literalyl worship satan, they see God of good and God of evil and destruction as one God that has two personalities or characters and that the various people choose one of those to incline towards, they dont believe in a heaven or hell they believe this life is made to be heaven or hell
  10. worth watching the whole thing there is so much good information in it, almost like a compilation of things u know and have heard before with plenty of evidence and things u probably never heard before, just watch it an hour a time over a few days
  11. also would like to add : death to zionism most evil movement of the last 100 years, and i believe this is the dajjal system , the one eye system
  12. https://www.(bit)chute.com/video/cssXkCAPV3jY/ full documentary 6 hours remove brackets because the censor program is censoring bit-chute because bit-ch spells something else
  13. Just do a google search or YouTube search heaps of people have died from it
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