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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. Now you can actually help me in guidance, if you will. 

    1. frankfromthewest


      Thank you and of course I understand it, sister. I invoked you because you are a veteran

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  2. Salam my brothers and sisters

    I have tomorrow an appointment with a psychologist of public healthcare. I'll ask for 'chemical anaesthesia' to cope with this world-pain/weariness 

    Your thoughts? 

  3. Salam

    The Lady of Heaven - Yasir Habib's movie trailer comes out- thread got locked. (I'm not surprised at all... because that's nothing new ... when people try to give it an other direction and the thread turns into a conflict zone :rolleyes:)

    But now I know what I'll be doing after the film is released.... I'll watch it (you can't predict without watching it that it will cause Fitnah or not)...after that everyone can give their comments on it

    Every Film gets negative and positive feedbacks...so it depends on the audience's reviews...so before giving any statement...I recommend you to watch it we can't ban everything which might offend us.. instead the beauty of our faith is shown in the way how we tolerate and ignore these kind of negativity :)


    1. frankfromthewest


      Well, it's a topic so delicate and so important that it's not worth a fitna. But do what you will. I'm no one to compel anyone to do or undo. Just stay safe, sister

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  4. Today the Forums have technical problems. It happened to me, maybe others have these problems. I hope this issue will be fixed soon InshaAllah... 

  5. 23... I'm in the road to freedom

  6. I would thank @Laayla and @Ain-Al Hayatfor chatting with me today. I really appreciate that

  7. Peace and blessings be upon you. I would want to know more about how it works (chatroom, messages...) 

    Thanks beforehand and have a good day

    1. frankfromthewest


      Alaykum as salam

      I'm fine, alhamdulillah. I know the number of posts thing but I can't reach it because I reached a maximum

      The kidnapped child was Michaela Garecht. It's a famous case from Yankee Empire. There is even a Wikipedia article about that. It happened in the 80s and Michaela was 9yo

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