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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One thing is a harmonious family and another is a stock photo family, I've seen enough tragedies hidden by a tarp of smiles

  2. A family is destroyed when a member abuses another member. Domestic violence shouldn't be excused
  3. Well Guest Psychological, the answer may be in your own post
  4. Too much doctrine is quite bad but too little doctrine can do a lot of harm

  5. Also, it's a honor to be the fourth  popular contributor of the week

  6. And the sentence "Persian people has lost the religion of the forefathers" is debatable too but that's away of the scope of this sub-forum
  7. Being Shi'a and standing with the oppressed go both hand-in-hand

  8. The fact that ruler dynasties were Sunni reinforces what I am saying: The Party of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) has always been the party of the Iranian people
  9. From a very early time low- and middle class Iranians (not only Persians) have been alligned with the Shi'a (even if it were a Ghulat sect or some mix with Mazdeism) and the Safawi Order became Shi'a when they started to be politicized, when they began to be militant
  10. Yes, here and there, but it had multiple names and manners of worshiping
  11. What political capital can you gain from Israel? It's a quite isolated statelet with 0 geopolitical weight of its own, heavily backed and funded by superpowers. If you want to gain that capital, go for Niue or Dominica, at least there are safe beaches in those islands
  12. Well, I see the landscape of things and I will end up becoming something they label as Akhbari. If it is the fate, so be it. With no Infailibles around, it's all men and women. How do we know, how do I know? The only person I think who can now is in Occultation, so... Also, I'm closing my gates to Sunnis with all their wickedness and voluntary blindness. 

    And may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) be with us... 

  13. Salam my brothers and sisters

    I have tomorrow an appointment with a psychologist of public healthcare. I'll ask for 'chemical anaesthesia' to cope with this world-pain/weariness 

    Your thoughts? 

  14. I totally agree with @Caroling but that chip has been with me since my birth
  15. Because I feel more understood and comfy with women than with men. I don't have "romantic" feelings, so there is no prospect of "heated" conversations. And if she's "taken", less hassles for me.
  16. I do this post because I've reached the limit of reactions but I completely agree with @Sabrejet
  17. No, and it's because of our mentality. Our din is intimate, withdrawn, introvert. We have very particular feelings. If you don't get them, you wouldn't understand Ithna'ashariya and it would be a waste of time trying to explain and advertising
  18. ʾAllāhumma ṣalli ʿalā Muḥammadin wa ʿalā ʾāli Muḥammadin kamā ṣallayta ʿalā ʾIbrāhīma wa ʿalā ʾāli ʾIbrāhīma ʾinnaka Ḥamīdun Majīdun ʾAllāhumma bārik ʿalā Muḥammadin wa ʿalā ʾāli Muḥammadin kamā bārakta ʿalā ʾIbrāhīma wa ʿalā ʾāli ʾIbrāhīma ʾinnaka Ḥamīdun Majīdun
  19. My most sincere apologies if I sound overacting or melodramatic. It's like I'm fire or something

  20. InshaAllah, but there was a president of Indonesia some time ago who was open to debate the issue...
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