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  1. I went on the banned list to find out why, there was no update.

  2. One thing is a harmonious family and another is a stock photo family, I've seen enough tragedies hidden by a tarp of smiles

  3. A family is destroyed when a member abuses another member. Domestic violence shouldn't be excused
  4. Well Guest Psychological, the answer may be in your own post
  5. Too much doctrine is quite bad but too little doctrine can do a lot of harm

  6. Also, it's a honor to be the fourth  popular contributor of the week

  7. And the sentence "Persian people has lost the religion of the forefathers" is debatable too but that's away of the scope of this sub-forum
  8. Being Shi'a and standing with the oppressed go both hand-in-hand

  9. The fact that ruler dynasties were Sunni reinforces what I am saying: The Party of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) has always been the party of the Iranian people
  10. From a very early time low- and middle class Iranians (not only Persians) have been alligned with the Shi'a (even if it were a Ghulat sect or some mix with Mazdeism) and the Safawi Order became Shi'a when they started to be politicized, when they began to be militant
  11. Yes, here and there, but it had multiple names and manners of worshiping
  12. What political capital can you gain from Israel? It's a quite isolated statelet with 0 geopolitical weight of its own, heavily backed and funded by superpowers. If you want to gain that capital, go for Niue or Dominica, at least there are safe beaches in those islands
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