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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA kid: I want a dog Arab dad: We already have you
  2. Sabrejet, wait Al zahra(عليه السلام) is played by a black actress? Can you tell by the film or do you have to search up the cast Isn't Alzahra portrayed in a white cloak?
  3. Your description fits the description of sleep paralysis Maybe you have the acute or moderate type i dont know the extent of the duration for severe sleep paralysis I can't diagnose you Akhi but maybe talk to an expert الله يوفقك
  4. Asalamu Alaikum Sister. I applaud your decision to settling at a women's refuge. If I were to give any advice it would be to not cut ties with people who retain potential assistance for you Sometimes it's not the safest to depend on the system alone. Also your family and relatives are the backbone of your rebound. Don't forget you are in our prayers. Good luck Wasalam
  5. Oof Allah yisam7ne. I was unaware about all the pessimism it came with. I didn't know the objective the people behind this movie had. *sigh* The enduring question is why is it 2020 and so far the only movie featuring Fatima Azahra' (عليه السلام) is getting backlash?
  6. Nah there are many movies about Abu Bakr and Omar.. Yet when it is about Fatima(sa) Its not okay because it creates division among sunnis and shias Come on! Whoever wants to watch it will watch it whoever doesn't then good for them.
  7. I do not understand whats wrong with the movie Seems like a good watch to me Can somebody explain why this movie about Sayedda Fatima (عليه السلام) and her calamities is being critisized?
  8. Yes, because Allah would still be able to take away my life in a heartbeat. Think about the angels? Even if lets say I have that privilege should I not show my gratitude to the one who bestowed that to me?
  9. Marrying as a second wife would be the last thing on my mind. But since you asked here is my answer; Firstly he should be able to provide Nafaqah to both parties He should be fair and honest His intention should be transparent to solely raising a family in the name of Allah Lastly he mustn't marry a second wife without preparing for any tension. Wa salam
  10. I would've done the same as you, sister. But if it had happened again by the same people I would take footage and post it on social media. Cancel culture should do the trick, maybe you'd even get an apology out of that twit. Stay strong sister
  11. Especially if you're attentively listening to the recitation. For instance my dad always has Quran being recited on the mp3 in the car and alot of surahs are reoccurring. So when you hear something repeatedly it gets jammed in your head.
  12. Who did he have kids with? He had only 7 kids The purpose of having wives was to broaden the Islam within numerous tribes Prophet Muhamad ,peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny married widows, captives, and divorcees etc. as well. David also had many wives and he is a great personality in the Christian's and our book His arabic name is Dawud
  13. I witness a momma bird overfeed her sole baby and he was rejecting her food. All she wanted to do was feed her baby <3 She looked very frustrated and troubled and spent like 10 minute poking his beak trying to get him to open.
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