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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam. We are of afghan-pakistani culture and my mother does not have any family in Norway. My father does, but they are no good people. They know about my fathers behaviour, but still stay quiet and behave simillarly to their wives. My mother is traditionalist and religious, but she does not want any help nor to divorce my father. My father is not that religious, but still wants us to wear our scarfs and pray, even though he himself does not. I am sure that my mother will not obey a scholar.
  2. Wasalam. I live in Norway where a lot of help lines are available and thank you so much for your advice. May Allah bless you
  3. Since i was younger my father has been extremely abusive to my mother, sister and me. He would hit us and verbally abuse us for small matters. Im pretty sure he has two personalities as he is so loving until he gets mad, which makes it so hard for me to leave. My mother does not want to leave him even though she is aware that he is capable of murdering us. A year and a half ago my father was in the verge of killing my mother ( not the first time ) so my and my older sister who was 18 at the time ( i am 16 now ) called the police on him and revealed all of what he had done to us. However, my mother does not want help and nor to leave him so she didnt reveal anything and made me and my sister change our statments. My father was released the next day and my sister took the entire blame of calling the police on him. His brother held him back, but if not he wouldve murdered my sister and mother. Since we were younger ive only gotten two beatings, while my sister and mother would almost lose their life for every mistake. After my father left, my older sister ran away the next day to reveal the truth fearing for her life. My father then «forgave» us and mother was left alone with me and him for the rest year and a half. He did not hit us for the next year and a half, but was still very verbally abusive at times to the point where he spat on my face. My mother really loves us, but would treaten to kill herself ( which i know she is very much capable of ) if i left to tell the police the truth making her very manipulative. My father was released a month ago with no punishment and we are now i contact with my sister. However, they are still very mentally abusive and i have found that my mother cares more about her husband and family honour than her childrens safety. She tells us that my fathers pshycotic behaviour is just a form of love. My sister has just received a letter from her lawyer to appeal the verdict, but im not sure what to do. If she appeals the verdict im am very sure my father will get time in jail and i cannot return home to my mother as she will manipulate me into changing my statment if ill tell the truth. I am so sure that my mother will kill herself if i tell the truth, but i do not want to live a life in constant fear. I just turned 16 and will therefore have to live in a fosterhome. The only Thing holding me back is my mother, but know that i cannot possibly change her mind. Should i tell the truth even if there is a huge possibility that my mother will commit suicide?
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