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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well today I had my favourite "chapli kebab" with naan and "Alu channa chaat" I know a lot of calories... since I'm back home, I'm only having paki food but now I'm about to do some to get rid of my guilty feelings
  2. Congratulations to Imam-e-Zamana (ajf) and to the Shi'an-e-Haidar-e-Karrar and to everyone that has the love of Maula Ali AS within their hearts, May Allah grant us his ziyarah in this life and his shifa in the next, Ameen.

    :NH:Ya Ali!

  3. We should all need those qualities to become a supporter of Imam Mehdi AS...so his reappearance wouldn't take long. Because slowly slowly I'm loosing my faith in humanity... everywhere I look is mess, violence, war, poverty, selfishness...so the world's needs lies in you. Yes you can start to make a difference with showing tolerance, kindness, mercy, purity, spirituality, love and support.
  4. No not at all... I just mentioned what I used to watch sometimes as a child...of course I did other stuff as well...in our backyard back at home we had many pets and trees... I used to climb on the guava tree a lot because I loved their taste so much and the fouled ones I used to throw them at neighbours lol... I used to play Stapoo right in the middle of the street with kids of my neighborhood, skipping rope...tow people used to skip the rope and the person in the middle had to jump as fast as possible, and the most funniest part was to ring the doorbell and run away lol...that was so fun and
  5. So the first one is "Ainak wala Jin" it's a Pakistani drama ... quite an old one but it was so entertaining. The second one is an Indian serial... but somehow I was used to watch it lol even though it got boring sometimes but still it was my hobby... I couldn't upload ben 10... I think the uploading failed
  6. Every dream has it's own interpretation... you can't generalize them... there are some important factors you have to keep in mind to interpret your own dreams Read page 11 Carry on reading on this website...the references are given as well...if I'll find any dream interpretation of seeing holy place like Karbala with reference or any narration I'll let you know... I couldn't read the text till the end... but if I have time I'll read and let you know if I find something related to your dream... but I'm sure there is some spiritual connection between you and the holy place for sure
  7. I'll be going KARBALA this year if everything goes according to the plan and Coronavirus stays out of my way ... insha'Allah
  8. The return of a believer's heart Do you remember your first cries where celebrated? The day you were born and seen as someone's hope How can you not know the 17:70 worth and it's scope Then why are you hopeless and frustrated? Why is your existence still a question? Maybe you are not aware of your purpose Do you still think that life is a circus No wonder you have fallen in depression Darkness has overtaken your surrounding
  9. I ignored no one ...my post was only about you stereotyping middle eastern women... which I personally found disrespectful. Sister no one is ganged up on you... you are taking this too serious and personal
  10. Sister @Caroling you are exaggerating... I know what you trying to say but it doesn't apply to every middle eastern woman... you can't put everyone in the same pot... you sounds so clichéd
  11. So we will receive it by March/April ... so till then I have some more time to stay unvaccinated... hopefully it isn't that bad
  12. @Guest Hayat thanks for your kind words That's exactly what I think... Who am I to judge his faith but what can I say, action speaks louder than words And mine will be damaged more I don't think so, and if he is then I want him to be honest to his wife and at least accept his sin to her... but I'm not sure what's his relationship status. Honestly I'm waiting for his apology, I know this sounds stupid but what if he is regretting and is ashamed of his behaviour... I'll wait until lockdown is finished...after that I'll let my female classmates know what happened
  13. What is the definition of sexual assault according to you? Touching someone without their consent, causing physical injuries, threatening and causing fear...so how do you explain this? I don't know what his next step could have been ...if I hadn't dare to fight back
  14. I thought about this as well... that's why I won't open up in my community about this incident... I'm sure they might think that... that's what they do... blame only girls...no one ask the guy. I know ... I don't think every man is like him...but my experience with every male figure in my life was not the best. In my family my father and brother both have anger issues... sometimes it gets worse ... their behaviour is unpredictable. I never had male friends... I only knew those with whom I studied but I kept always a distance... some of them were respectful towards my religious beliefs.
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