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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamun Alaykum brother. She is in my prayers in sha Allah. May Allah (azwj) grant her shifa very soon. Ameen.
  2. Salam. Not sure if this is a fiqhi question but, is there any difference in terms of reward whether you recite Zyiarat Ashura in English or Arabic? I don't know Arabic, but let's say I if I knew and would still recite it in English, would it be a problem? Thanks in advance. ^^
  3. I was good with languages and history, but awful with anything involving numbers. I flunked first year physics.
  4. Share your sources of inspiration. It doesn't necessarily mean anything deep and profound, althought it can be.
  5. Salam. Thank you for this post. I benefited from the answers. And I pray you find easy; may Allah azwj be your companion. Ameen.
  6. The reality of my mind. ;-; What was the happiest day of your life and why?
  7. Please, if you have ever gone astray, specially for a long period and/or systematically, or have just distanced yourself somehow from the deen, be it by missing prayers, dropping hijab or something else... ... how was the process back to God for you? What helped you and what would you tell a person in such a circumstance? May Allah grant you easy and success. <3
  8. Salamun alaykum wm wb.
    My name is Marcela, Islamic name Umm Ul Baneen. Please, I kindly request your duaas. Been going through a rough time spiritually and mentally as well. May Allah ta'ala be with all of you and your beloved ones. Ameen.

  9. Have you ever experienced life inertia, in that you found yourself completely stuck in life, zero motivation to do things etc? If yes, how did you move on? What helped you? Any advice? May Allah azwj bless you all.
  10. India or Iraq definitely! Specially if it could be in Karbala. <3
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