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  1. Mental diseases are like all other diseases and anyone can get them. Religion is not a vaccine for them. Many people who get schizophrenia become more religious than they were before because they often get delusions of djinns and black magic being done on them. I do not know the hadith youre referring to but it is not true. To be cured you need both quran and medicine.
  2. I have heard some people saying 6000-12000 years ago, and prior to that different kinds of humans existed on the earth. Is this true? Whay are the sources for the date of hz adams (عليه السلام) arrival on earth and the existence of other forms of humans?
  3. Hoors are the beautiful women (and presumably men too) who will be given to the inhabitants of jannah. The children of hazrath Adam(عليه السلام) also married hoors. Theyre, in scientific terms, likely a specie very closely related to humans since we will be attracted to them and even descend from them. I think they probably lack some spiritual aspects thats why theyre lesser than us despite being so similar.
  4. I have lost family members to this disease. Not fake, but something sinister could be behind it
  5. Yes it matters. First of all make sure you read a shia translation. Among shia translators there can be differences in translation of different verses, giving different meanings.
  6. Ali quli qurai and Mohammed sarver are my favourite
  7. Imam jafar as sadiq(عليه السلام) says, allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) will forgive our sins even if theyre as vast as the froth of the sea, but we must not become bold in out sinning (mistaking allahs mercy as weakness)
  8. I think he will continue to forgive us till we have fear and shame in our heart. Continuous and repetitive sinning drain out these two things, at that point if you still dont bring any change then...
  9. Thank god i thought this site closed down
  10. Its saying theres an error try again later
  11. Monogamy is superior to polygamy. But if god allowed polygamy to: 1) prevent man from sinning 2) support to widows
  12. I made a mistake here, many imams performed miracles. Imam Ali(عليه السلام) lifted a forts door which would've weighed many tons with his finger, other imams also have incidents I'm sure you already are aware of.
  13. They did not perform these miracles for the same reason rasool Allah(saws) also did not perform any miracles, are you going to claim he was also incapable of performing miracles?
  14. @El Cid why doesn't the imams being able to kill hundreds make sense but prophets being able to split the seas, raise the dead and survive being thrown in fires does?
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