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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I read somewhere it was used as a social welfare tax, and the jizya money was used to protect the.minorities
  2. Which is the best and most accurate english translation of Quran?
  3. I heard a scholar describe her high status perfectly using hades e kisa. In hadeed e kisa, the punjetan are Introduced not as "the brother of the prophet, the daughter of the prophet, the grandchildren of the prophet" , nor as " the brother of ameer ul momineen, the wife of amirulmomineen, the sons of amir ul momineen" but they're introduced as "the father of lady Fatima(sa), the husband of lady Fatima(sa), the sons of bibi fatima (sa)". I found this very beautiful.
  4. Im my experience, your angelic force will grow with your piety, humility, and religiousness. The more of these things you're the more urge you get to do good things, the less and the opposite happens. The natural moral compass humans have in them is very basic and weak, and it can be easily effected and destroyed by the surrounding culture and society. A child born in a barbaric society will feel a little weird and sad when he sees the way his barbaric brothers treat people of other cultures, but that feelings gets quickly destroyed and he will start taking parts in those things too. No
  5. we all are special to Allah. If intereperating this as a sign from him brings us closer to him then we should do it.
  6. Hmm. And what about the prophet declaring that he was going to die a few weeks before he did?
  7. Doesn't the believe that god can have a manifestation render them completely unislamic? Also it would be great if you tell me more about what happened in the 2nd case it is unbelievable to me that someone who grew up in the house of infallibles would be capable of something like this.
  8. If your dream was real (actual message from god) then don't see it as a negative thing, on the contrary you're a very lucky Person. God loves you so much that he contacted you in such a direct way just so you don't end up commiting a mistake. As for people who do bad stuff in the name of religion, those people don't care about religion, for them religion is just a tool to achieve their means. Imam hussain(عليه السلام) has a very good quote regarding this "men are slaves of the world, religion and piety are on their lips as they help them get along smoothly in the world, but only a f
  9. Most people arent comfortable talking with people they meet online.
  10. What us meant by "more"? More in quantity? There is usually only 1 egg cell and billions of sperm cells.
  11. So he died and didn't rebel? My father told me he had rebelled and decleared himself imam, wonder where he heard this from
  12. Once an ex-atheist told me one of the reasons he left Islam was conflictions with history and Quran. For ex he told me the verse banning alcohol was only revealed after a where Muslim troops were so drunk they lost? He think the prophet made it up to avoid a defeat like that again
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