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  1. How can I contact a moderator or site owner? If my inquiries are still to be ignored then please ban my account. For several weeks all my inquiries have been ignored. Just remember the way you treat your muslim brother in faith. And I hope noone treats you the same.
  2. I am pretty sure we all have lost someone near us due to this pandemic. But that should't stop us from getting to know the truth of where the pandemic comes from and why. Why this sudden step to vaccinate everyone, give them different passports, restrictions etc. Something is definitely going on. Indeed there is a higher sinister plan in this whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not. What would be more harmful is to not have these types of discourse. Then we would be only blind followers. As shia, we should not be blind followers.
  3. These western governments had no issue killing millions of muslims all over the world like flies, and now suddenly they pity for our health and well-being. The amount of hypocrisy is absurd
  4. Bro/sis Just tell me what the point of taking the vaccine is if I still can get infected. No need to watch the video.
  5. Assuming that I wouldn't need to worry about the financial side, I believe it's doable. The hard part is finding wives that are willing to take the journey with you. With a faithful and God fearing husband & father, and wives that respect honour and are obedient to husband inshaAllah then it's doable.
  6. 4 permanent wives and lots of kids. Build an army and prepare for the imam.
  7. I know of few cases where this has occured yes.
  8. Getting the vaccine will not protect you from corona. I know people who got 2 doses and still got it weeks after. If you are meant to die, then you will die no matter if you get vaccine or not.
  9. That doesn't mean that it's supported by khamenei. Yes I would like to see the source were khamenei encourage people to take vaccine.
  10. Khamenei is not health minister. Where's the source that he encouraged people to get the vaccine. Being silent doesn't mean approval.
  11. Covid death rates can't be trusted. If the examination of a body shows that the patient has been covid infected then covid death rates will increase even though the death might not have been covid related.
  12. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/vivek-tamil-film-actor-dies-in-chennai-hospital/articleshow/82111036.cms actor who became indias health ambassador dies 1-2 days after covid vaccine. Urged others to take the vaccine. This is marketing techniques.
  13. exactly, glad to see some open minded and intellegent sisters.
  14. The brothers and some sisters in this thread and in other threads have discussed the issues with the vaccines. Some which include genetic engineering. The vaccine from cuba is being developed by Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB). Now, is this something you want to partake in? Changing your genes? into what? As for your question, conspiracy theory aside, just from the humanitarian perspective no I wouldn't trust something that's advertised by elites of the society that have their own agenda. If I get sick let it be so. Also there are other methods of prevention for covid as some of the brothers has mentioned. But somehow this doesn't reach out to the media or public, I wonder why....
  15. InshaAllah No offense to you dear brother but, silence could also be a sign of ignorance. I asked the brother @Ashvazdanghe in the other thread This was his response
  16. This is from the astrazeneca vaccine: ChAdOx1-S is a Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike (S) glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells. Apart from the mRNA issue, you sure?
  17. The reason for those threads is because both families and communities have failed on that matter. This is shaytan greater tool to control the slaves, by opening doors of haram and closing the doors of halal. Men are sex driven and if they can't control that energy they might end up in some trouble, that's why islam encourages early marriages. And that's also why we see these threads. Usually people with low libido or married or commiting haram acts secretly finds these topics irrelevant. NOTE, I am not accusing you to be one of the 3. Just saying that the youth of today are struggling with these issues and that's why we see these threads, they are constantly being brainwashed into thinking about innapropriate matters everywhere they turn, unless they chose to isolate themselves. So the questions is, how can one consider more important subjects when the mind is constantly being occupied by vile thoughts? The only advice I can give is to lower the gaze and be patient until married. Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts. (24:30) "Whenever the eye looks at something forbidden, a knot of desire is tied in the person's heart, and that knot will only be untied by one of two conditions: either by weeping out of grief and regret in true repentance, or by taking possession of what one desired and looked at. And if a person takes possession unjustly, without repentance, then that will take him to the Fire." From a book lantern of the path, free on al-islam.org
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