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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. انا لله و انا اليه راجعون May Allah have mercy on your father and grant him Jannatul Firdaus, ameen.
  2. Salaam brother, thank you very much for your kind comments. Yes, I only wanted to just imagine a modern alternate history. I didn't mention an alternate history concerning the Imams because then history would have been sooo much different. But I obviously wish your 4 possibilities were true ! As nice as this sounds, Adam and Eve (عليهما السلام) were destined to eat from the tree and be expelled from Jannah, since Allah promised that he was appointing a khalifah on Earth.
  3. Salaam, In this post I seek to explore some disturbing and eerie similarities between the 3 nations mentioned in the title. Of course, this may all be coincidence, but I still would like to show you what I've found: 1. These 3 nations have a government that follows a deviated, extremist and political form of the 3 Abrahamical religions. As we all know, Saudi Arabia is a Salafist state, Israel is a Zionist state, and while the USA is supposedly laic, it was originally founded and populated by pilgrims who were Protestant dissenters, and today Evangelicalism is rampant. 2. These 3
  4. Salaam, In this post, I do not intend to offend anyone, or cause any dispute/fitnah between Muslims. This is just a hypothetical view and discussion of how this Ummah would be different if Shias were the majority. Imagine if suddenly 90% of Muslims were Shia, and only 10% were non-Shia (Sunni, Salafi, Sufi, Ibadi, etc...), instead of it being the other way around like it is in the actual reality. How would this change the Ummah, and eventually the world ? Here are some points I think would happen (I repeat, I don't want to offend anyone!): 1. All the destroyed cemeteries in Saud
  5. Salaam, In the entire city I live in there's only one masjid, and it's a Sunni masjid. Well, I don't really like to call it a "Sunni" masjid, since mosques are for all Muslims, it just so happens that the sheikh of that masjid and every person that prays there are Sunnis, so yeah, it's a "Sunni masjid". I hardly ever go there, only during the two eids, or if there's a funeral, or another special occasion (so basically less than 3-4 times a year, and 0 times since COVID-19). Some of you may have already read my background, but for those that haven't: I am Shia while my father is Sunn
  6. Salaam, I'm no expert in this topic, but to me (and maybe to the rest of the Muslims) the idea that "death is defeated" just sounds weird. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have the impression that death is, and I don't know why, viewed negatively in Christianity. IMO death is something natural, just like life. That fact that Christians believe that Jesus died and then resurrected, therefore he somehow "defeated death" just really seems weird to me, since other personnalities have resurrected as well (not only Jesus). Why can't we say that they deafeated death ? Why is Jesus the exception ?
  7. He says: If the service or company is not solely engaged in providing and promoting unlawful movies, series, and programs (i.e., it is their only objective), then it is not forbidden to subscribe to it for viewing permissible content. A person who is not immune from the temptation to commit an unlawful act (e.g., viewing something impermissible) due to the content, or their family is not immune, then it is not permitted to subscribe. Allah knows best. We know the Netflix is not solely engaged in providing and promoting unlawful content, since we can find many good documentaries, come
  8. It's funny, I didn't intend to play chess, but there was this new series in Netflix called "The Queen's Gambit" centering around a girl that plays chess. My father began watching the serie, but I wasn't sure if I could watch it with him, since I've read all those hadiths condemning chess. So that's why I asked if it was allowed to see someone else play chess without me engaging in the act.
  9. O, Ramadan ! O, month of tranquility ! O, month of callings ! O, month of good deeds ! O, month of blessings ! O, month of goodness ! O, month of thankings ! O, oh my dear Ramadan ! Ramadan has reappeared with a smile, blessing the servant all the time, making him conscious of his Lord while, being forgiven from every crime ! Ramadan is the time of blessings ! Ramadan is the time of good deeds ! The best time for prayers, and the satisfaction of all the servants needs ! Truly a time of happiness, that purifies the servants soul and mind, Trul
  10. My God, how has this thread reached 5 pages in less than a day ???
  11. Oh damn, thank you so much for solving this 1000+ years of misguidance ! I'm leaving shiism right now, how could we Shias have been blind for so long ? Just to show you how ridiculous your statements are. You know, I'm getting really tired of hearing this "Quran doesn't prove Shiism!" or "The names of the Imams aren't in the Quran!". I've heard this joke about x times already. I don't think it's funny anymore. We don't "bash" the companions, we simply love the ones that loved and showed their support to Rasulallah and his Ahlulbayt during AND AFTER his death, and disassociate ours
  12. Well, as the saying goes: "Islam is the best religion, but it has the worst of followers"
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