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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Calling upon ahlulbayt with the belief that they're god is shirk and kufr; happy? But calling upon the wasilah of God; the devinely appointed walis of God, isn't. This is NOT like the christians, because christians say 'oh jesus' believing jesus is god; but we don't believe ali is god when we say 'ya ali' I don't know why you think there's some sort of competition or tension between Allah and his messenger, that somehow calling upon the messenger isolates him, when in reality the messenger is ally of allah. You can't claim it's like idol worship, because Allah never divinely ap
  2. Allah can aid through people, and in the context of this verse, Allah’s aid is in reference to polytheists driving him out of Mecca, this is addressed in the beginning of the verse: “If you don’t aid him Allah already has when those polytheists who drove him out of Mecca...”
  3. So you’re saying that on top of the reassurance that Abu bakr received from the prophet he goes on to also receive tranquility and angels? Why would Abu bakr need to be reassured by the prophet first and then receive aid from Allah? Why is it important Abu bakr receives aid and that the fact that he was aided is so important to stress in the Quran? There’s no critical reason to ensue Abu bakr receives aid and survives, had he of died it wouldn’t have changed a thing, so long as the prophet was aided Islam was aided. 9:39 says companions don’t harm Allah and he can easily replace them w
  4. Regardless of who of the two receives sakinah, in either case the sakinah is still given AFTER the prophet states that god is with us, so why should it make sense for allah to give sakinah to abu bakr after saying allah is with abu bakr (god is with us) but wouldn't make sense to send sakinah to the prophet?
  5. What do you think about Abu Bakr's presence in the cave? Is his sole presence an aide to or a burden on the prophet? I'd think it'll be a burden considering Allah is condemning the companions who don't aide him in medina, claiming that if they don't aid him then allah will aide him alone without the aide of the companions, and then we're reminded by Allah of the incident of the cave that occurred 5+ years ago and we're left to believe that no one (not even abu bakr) aided the prophet in the cave, otherwise, what's the relevance of mentioning the cave now? And that the prophet was aided w
  6. shias always complain that imam ali (عليه السلام) narrates such little number of hadith compared to aisha and abu hurayrah; but imam ali (عليه السلام) narrates more hadith in muwatta malik than he does in all shi'i books combined! So should we stop accusing sunnis of barely giving him any importance since it seems they give him more than we do?
  7. absolutely! i don't believe how desperate the arguments are becoming, they're willing to insult their own intellect just to ensure abubakr remains on top; deaf, mute, blind...
  8. sakinah is imaan in shi'i books
  9. How do you prove that tranquility is given to the prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and not abu bakr? because sunnis argue that sakinah means iman and the prophet already had iman, and that allah can give invinsible soldiers to help the muslims just like he did in 3:124 "remember [oh prophet] when you said to the believers "is it not enough that your Lord will send down a reinforcement of 3k angels for your aid""?
  10. I suppose all of this is ultimately going back to their biggest argument of all; their attempt to declare umar's innocence for refusing the prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) to write his will that will prevent us from going astray given Umar was only looking out for the prophet's health and didn't want him to exert energy out of love and respect for him, which is supposedly no different to when imam ali (عليه السلام) refused to erase 'prophet' from the hudaybia treaty, also out of love and respect for him. I know this isn't the same, but what do you say to those who genuinely think of these
  11. Forgot to mention; they’re trying to say the imam’s sunnah is different to that of the prophet; thoughts?
  12. Sunnis refuse to hold khalid bin Walid accountable for killing Malik bin nuwayrah and having his wife on the same day; claiming he apostated and that means his wife doesn’t serve any iddah, as confirmed by our imam: is it true that female war captives don’t serve any iddah? Not even till her next menstrual cycle? What if she was pregnant?
  13. When pointing out umar’s hypocrisy being exposed on Thursday in the Hadith of the pen and paper, Sunnis clutch straws to show that imam Ali (عليه السلام) also “disobeyed” the prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) like with this: should this mean Shias also clutch straws when viewing such hadiths that view umar in a negative light in ways to suit our own narrative a fuel an agenda?
  14. not that it's haram, but many sheikhs discourage it and argue that positions such as surgery and law are occupied by men majority of the time thus are male professions, as for positions such as teaching and nursing; some sheikhs argue that despite it being halal, it may lead to unnecessary mixing with males and to abandoning the home and children thus leading to problems in marriage, most marjas deem it unacceptable for a woman to become a faqih or president, so there's different opinions out there about weather women should work in sensitive positions let alone at all, and there's more freedo
  15. um salama is also one of those exceptions, by no means is um salama deficient considering the prophet took her advise on how to act when his companions turned against him when he signed the hudaybiya treaty; she said to shave his head and see who follows and he did just that! So it takes living with someone and getting to know them to know weather such hadiths about 'not taking women's advise' applies to them or not
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