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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allah informed him and the Prophet mentioned this at ghadeer khum.
  2. It is obligatory for the husband to provide food. This does not mean that the wife can simply demand what she wants. As long as the husband gets a sufficient amount of food he has fulfilled his obligation. He is not required to cook or to get everything the wife asks for. In fact, it is recommended for the wife to be the one who cooks. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2062/ https://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2065/
  3. This is insufficient. The mahr is required to be a possession which has financial value, is possessable, definite and legitimate.
  4. I've read something in regards of this topic and would like to paste it here: All four Gospels record Jesus as saying, “Blessed are the peace-makers; they will be called sons of God.” The word ‘son’ cannot be accepted literally because in the Bible, God apparently addresses many of his chosen servants as ‘son’ and ‘sons.’ The Hebrews believed God is One, and had neither wife nor children in any literal sense. Therefore, it is obvious the expression ‘son of God’ merely meant ‘Servant of God’; one who, because of faithful service, was close and dear to God as a son is to
  5. Your sajda sahw is valid.
  6. Yes. Your point? I was speaking to the other person who said it was pure. There is a difference between something being pure and something being impure and dry. That person also said that if blood merely dries, it becomes pure and you can perform wudhu. This is false. Excess blood around a wound is impure whether dry or not, whether part of the scab or not.
  7. I heavily disagree with this namaz. I do not see how this is permissible.
  8. Look at dua tawassul. It is from authentic ahadith such as in bihar ul-anwar, volume 99, page 247, narrated by Allama Majlisi.
  9. Perhaps. Anyway, tawassul of the 14 Ma'sumeen would be preferred as they are the closest to Allah.
  10. Any of the Ma'sumeen. In the Quran [12:97-98], the sons of Prophet Ya'qub asked their father to ask Allah for their forgiveness and Prophet Ya'qub did so.
  11. If an impure liquid dries the surface remains ritually impure. Praying is the same matter. Purity is for obligatory acts and rituals, as well as eating and drinking.
  12. The other person said that if a liquid merely dries, it becomes pure. This is false. Yes it won't transfer impurity (unless made wet again) but it is still impure. You can not eat food or pray with clothes or a body that is impure.
  13. That is absolutely false. From where did you get this idea? @Hassan_S
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