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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The fast remains valid. As long as the food does not go down your throat intentionally, then there is no problem with using your tongue to remove the food.
  2. You just need to perform one sajdah immediately. The forehead, hands, knees and the two big toes must be on the ground. If you know where the qibla is and you can place your forehead on something that is valid to place your forehead on in the salah (the earth and things from the earth that cannot be worn nor consumed) then you must perform sajdah in the direction of the qibla and place your forehead on that object. Otherwise it is not necessary. Dhikr is not obligatory however it is mustahab as well as dua. To perform sajdat al-shukr: Go into sajdah with the intention of thanking Allah
  3. Yes, since you are staying there for less than 10 days.
  4. Islamic Laws are not created based on what is common in a society. Furthermore, all Islamic laws are based on the Quran and ahadith so the laws do not change just because society changes.
  5. If you have difficulty with doubts, then perform your religious duties to the extent that a normal person would perform them.
  6. The ghusl is valid and investigating is not necessary.
  7. Forget what I said previously. I found this ruling: Ruling 1372. If the eldest son knows that his father had qaḍāʾ prayers but doubts whether or not he performed them, then based on obligatory precaution it is obligatory on him to perform them. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2251/
  8. Chess was forbidden previously at the time of the Aimmah since it was commonly associated with gambling. Maraja' who say that chess is forbidden do so as there is no complete proof that chess is to be permitted nowadays. As-Sayyid Khamenei permits chess as long as chess is no longer commonly associated with gambling. Obviously this ruling is derived from logic. Other ahadith regrading chess: The tradition from the book, Tohafful Uqūl distinctly states that the articles employed in gambling cannot be used for any purpose whatsoever and it is Harām to do so. “All the tools and a
  9. Yes but to get married both the boy and girl must consent to the marriage. How can a baby consent to a marriage that it cannot comprehend?
  10. @Allah Seeker It is not possible for a baby to get married since the baby needs to give consent to the marriage (which obviously it can not do). And if the baby is not married, then how can sex with the baby be permitted? Furthermore, Al-Sayyid As-Sistani never said anything about having sex with babies. He just spoke of theoretical permissible forms of sex with those who are married and are not baligh yet. I have only seen Al-Sayyid Khomeini issue a fatwa about the permissibility of having sex with a suckling baby. However, since there is no possible way to get married to the
  11. Yes there are ahadith to back it up but for now I will show the fatwa of Al-Sayyid As-Sistani and Sheikh Wahid Khurasani. I also suggest that you should watch the video that @AStruggler put up. Ruling 2453. A woman must cover her hair and body, apart from her face and hands, from a non-maḥram man. And the obligatory precaution is that she must also cover her body and hair from a non-bāligh boy who understands good and bad if she deems it probable that him looking at the body of a woman would arouse lustful desires. However, a woman can keep her face and hands up to the wrists uncovered fr
  12. Actually, it depends on the situation which is what he is clearly referring to:
  13. Wa Alakum As-Salam, The three takbir is not a part of the salah. It is actually something mustahab to say after the completion of the prayer. The idea that these three takbir is part of the prayer is a common misconception. If someone has to perform a qadha' sajda or sajda sahw after the prayer they cannot say the three takbir before performing them. Question : Must I raise my hands at the end of the prayer three times after Tasleem? Answer : The prayer ends with Tasleem, and it is recommended to recite Takbeer three times after the prayer, raising the hands each tim
  14. No. Ever heard of one of the mutahhirat called istihalah? Isn't life supposed to be a multitude of tests and tribulations? Allah is testing you and seeing whether you will purify yourself after urinating and defecating or not.
  15. Mistakenly leaving out or forgetting to recite or perform something obligatory in a prayer does not make it invalid as long as it is not a rukn of salah. Since the dhikr is not a rukn, forgetting to recite it does not invalidate the prayer.
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