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  1. What do you mean? It's full of lessons. It taught me that you can't really control life or death and all you have is right now, so whatever right now is you gotta make the best of it., be the best you can and do the best you can. plus it showcases respect, trust and sacriice in a really beautiful way. you gotta give it a try. it's not the only anime I admire, I might have had depression as a kid and Akatsuki no Yona, one of the first anime I watched got me out of it so... yeah
  2. OK so everyone has really nice answers and first thing that came to my mind is....Anime... I watched Attack on titan recently and I learned arguably the biggest lesson of my life
  3. I'm just someone therefore Justsomeone
  4. Alright, but whatever you choose, choose rationally and choose what's best.
  5. I'm sorry to say it this way but, that's the problem. You're trusting your judgment too much and you're only cooperating for your parents sake only. You should trust more of what they think and comply because they may be right and this might actually be a great opportunity to heal yourself. Since it's therapy, if you do this half-heartedly, you won't be able to take full advantage of it. So you have to believe in your parents and actually make an effort to heal yourself for yourself not just to please them.
  6. @Ain-Al Hayat I am studying BBA and we have a subject called Organizational behaviour. it basically is about individual and group behaviours. One of the most important thing to know is that we don't have the ability to judge/see our own selves. we often tend to think more highly of ourselves and we tend to only believe what we like. That's why we often think we look and sound weird on videos. And that's also why self taken personality test are often wrong.in other words you can't rely or trust your own judgments about yourself What I'm saying is that , even if you think you're okay, and you don't need therapy or medications, your opinion can be completely biased and wrong. There must be a reason why your parents think you need to visit a professional and if thhe more knowledgeable decides you need to take medicines, there must be a reason for that. and if you avoid that it might do more harm than good and you'll end up regretting it later. So make the right choice.
  7. Why is he against Islam tho? most of his beliefs seem to align with Islam...
  8. What I am going to say might seem a bit harsh but... yeah. I was wondering the same thing after reading your post this morning and then I decided to watch Attack on Titan today(it's quite harsh so it's not wiseto watch it if you can't handle violenc), I was wondering, if that situation was real, wouldn't it be better to just give up? Why suffer through all those losses? Is it really worth it? and then I realized, we don't choose life or death. it's given to us and all we have to do is make the best of it. this might not even be true from an Islamic perspective but it is a goood way to think about it, even during suicide, you don't choose to die, you die because Allah makes you die. the reason why you go to hell is because you died in a state of ungratefulness or kufr. No matter what situation you're put in, everything around you is a creation of Allah. the world is not perfect so there is always going to be suffering but all you have to do is make the best out of yourself and the situation. All you can is try to be more perfect! and this isn't something to be achieved in the future or something, It is now and only now. You have to be better now! because now, or the present is the only period that's real. the future is not real yet! And if you don't know how to do that, then you can always look towards Islam for guidelines, after that's what it's here for. even if you know very little about it use it to better yourself. The best, and the easiest way is to have a relationship with Allah and to worship him. because he is your source and your creator, in fact that is what perfection is, like Imam Hussain said, "what has he lost the one who has found you and what has he gained the one who has lost you.
  9. Personnally I'd rather say that the intentions were right at the beginning of IRI, but with time decisions became more complex and sticking to the initial values become tough and Iran has failed to keep in check with them and is recently prioritizing political gains over the originl values upon which it was built. Although, I find the over glorification of Ayatullah Khamenei and Ayatullah Khomeini a bit...odd. I wonder if this is really their own tactic or someone else's as in someone else in Iran. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt but if it really is their tactic of keeping people united like that which may or may not result in blind following... Although it is quite effective, I wonder if that is Islamic... or if the Imams would do that...? how will the Imam unite everyone when he comes?
  10. A student who usually gets high marks in test, let's say above 90% on average will dread having 70% and treat it as if he got 50%. Same thing might happen here, a more perfect person will treat even small mistakes as sins like tark-e-awlas for prophets. Using the same analogy of test here, not many students get near perfect marks, only a few do. It's the same thing in life, only few people are near perfection, us laypeople should follow their example and try to reach perfection too.
  11. Regarding this film, though I don't mind the usual content of Syed AN I think he should have presented a more neutral view on this film... I mean it is quite amzing that a film surrounding our views is coming. We have been unknown for quite a while and finally we are being known. But everything can't be happy-go-lucky, can it? And because of all the problems he should have been more neutral but well... everyone can be wrong from time to time... though that doesn't make him any kind of agent lol.
  12. Yes but that doesn't mean the maulanas shouldn't do anything. The system of majliss was implemented by our Imams to specifically tackle these sorts of issues by reaching to people so that so that history and truth can be passed down more easily. And it's quite effective in reaching people more than anything. If the public is becoming less ignorant about some issues it is their duty to remind them of that. And that's what they do. IP who doesn't fave these issues inside Iran shouldn't blindly judge them like that. That's my point. But yeah, you're right we really should read more...
  13. I'm not talking about this movie specifically, I clearly said that the movie is another matter but I'm talking about the reason why some might might be openly speaking about these issues. Yes of course there are a lot of sources yet present. But we majorly rely on maulanas for our knowledge don't we? Not many people read, do they? And many people are starting to doubt those events and it's weakening their faith so it's the duty of maulanas to remind people. Overall I'm saying shias in Iran shouldn't judge western shias for openly talking about these things. Although the movie is a different issue and it might be too much but it seems that Iranians expect them to practice and preach the way they do when it's not possible.
  14. The thing is taqiyya (which is basically it) is not allowed if the truth or religion is endangered. The reason why some people on the pulpit may be talking about these things might be because they feel that people are starting to move away from certain truths which is a specific case in the west which does not really affect those in the east. So Iranian shias should not judge western shias based on their point of view and based on their context cause it's different. The film though is another matter. One could say it's way too much even in the western context but who knows... though it is still our narrative so should we really denounce it without a second thought? Personally I'm neutral on this matter...
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